From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-04-27 10:58:58

Someone sent me a link to Brian Desborough’s site – www.briansbetterworl… and particularly the article below from 2008. I am not sure I agree with / believe all of it – but there are some interesting bits and pieces here…   Nothing I’d call “conclusive”, but some bits were interesting enough that I decided to send the link on. www.briansbetterworl…   THE PHOENIX LIGHTS & BEYOND A brief analysis of the event By Brian Desborough © Introduction: It’s an odd quirk of human nature that true perception of a witnessed event is frequently distorted by the percipient so that it is in compliance with the belief structure of the observer. Patagonian natives, for instance, were unable to see Charles Darwin’s vessel, even though it was anchored quite near them. This aberrant occurrence was due to the natives’ belief that a ship of such large dimensions could never be constructed by humankind. Therefore, it never existed in their conception of reality. A somewhat similar situation occurred on the evening of March 13th, 1997, when numerous persons observed a cluster of lights in the sky over the American city of Phoenix. Despite claims made of military spokespersons and the controlled mainstream media that the lights were merely military flares, the claims were patently false since military flares display a white light and meander during their descent, in contrast to the statements made by eyewitnesses that the lights were amber colored and maintained a fixed triangular orientation to one another. Moreover, the lights were observed by some eyewitnesses to hover, and then silently travel at approximately 30 mph prior to accelerating at a phenomenal velocity. Some eyewitnesses claimed to see stars between adjacent lights, while others believed they saw a very fuzzy structure linking adjacent lights. A consensus of the eyewitnesses suggests that what they saw was a gigantic triangularly shaped aerial craft. Some observers felt that they were in telepathic attunement with beings within the craft. Even though published eyewitness accounts agreed that the craft was very large, individual assessments of its physical dimensions varied greatly, some claiming it was more than a mile in length, while others held a more conservative view. A lucid account of the event was published in the book “The Phoenix Lights.” 1. The percipient in this instance was a psychiatrist who was traveling on Interstate 10 toward Phoenix. He claimed that the triangular craft silently passed overhead at an approximate altitude of 1500 feet. He estimated the distance between the leading and trailing lights to be some 900 feet. Eyewitnesses and purported UFO “experts” all appear to believe that the craft had to be of extraterrestrial origin because humans lack the technological expertise to have constructed such an advanced vehicle. Such a myopic viewpoint forces one to draw a parallel with the limited belief structure of the aforesaid Patagonian natives, for the flight characteristics and also the physical dimensions of the Phoenix Lights craft as described by the psychiatrist observer are certainly within the technological capabilities of human endeavor. Sadly, despite the study of UFO’s being a very complex scientific subject, the UFO lecture circuit is infested with members of the US government disinformation organization known as the Aviary, while others simply lack the scientific background to ascertain the advanced level of covert terrestrial technology. Consequently, such UFO “experts” are abysmally ignorant of the fact that existing advanced covert terrestrial technology encompasses: 1. Superluminal antigravitic craft. 2. Ships and discoid flying craft possessing teleportation capabilities. 3. The ability for humans to appear invisible under daylight conditions. 4. The manufacture of small levitating orbs that exhibit an amber glow. 5. The regeneration of severed human and other mammalian limbs without recourse to stem cell therapy (US Patent 4,455,302). 6. Ambient energy powered non polluting highway vehicles. 7. Subliminal control of a victim’s mind (thought implantation) at a distance by means of psychoacoustic devices. 8. A means of instantaneous telecommunication regardless of distance without the creation of electromagnetic radiation. 9. The capability of flash freezing the inhabitants of an entire city by means of longitudinally pulsed waves. 10. The symbiotic flight control of aircraft. 11. The ability to make physical objects disappear into an engineered black hole. 12. The cross breeding of dissimilar species, e.g. mammals and reptiles through electronic manipulation of their Meissner fields. 13. The rapid creation of complex crop circles. 14. The image simulation of large flying saucers by means of clear atomic light projection. It should be self evident from the above that humankind is in possession of very advanced covert technology, most of which was developed without the assistance of Extraterrestrials, regardless of claims to the contrary made by professional disinformers such as the late Col. Corso. 2. The reader may wonder why we are still using fossil fuels as an energy source if we possess the advanced technologies outlined above. The reason is that for millennia, the world has been ruled by thirteen interrelated, yet ethnically diverse families who maintain their political and financial clout through their perpetration of cycles of war and peace. These Luciferic families own the bulk of the world’s natural resources, including precious metals and consequently are able to exercise their authority over governments. Since the 19th century, independent energy researchers such as that towering intellect Nikola Tesla have been aware that the Cosmos is pervaded by an energy and intelligence continuum that can be harnessed by means of resonant circuitry in order to provide unlimited amounts of very inexpensive pollution free electricity. An overview of such technology is provided in my book “A Blueprint for a Better World.” 3. This limitless cosmic energy is one energy source that can’t be owned by the thirteen families. In consequence, inventors who successfully develop devices that harness this energy source invariably find that their inventions are classified if they attempt to patent or commercialize them. With few exceptions (e.g. the hydrogen burning German Fleissner saucer that successfully flew during WWII) most terrestrially constructed antigravitic craft are powered by over unity systems. Obviously, if the public became aware that terrestrially built flying saucers don’t require fossil fuel, the public would demand over unity created electrical power for residences and automobiles, a situation that would render fossil fuels redundant other than for petrochemical production, thus causing the thirteen families to lose their dominance over the global populace. To counter this threat, Federal agencies and professional UFO disinformers have claimed that if UFO’s exist, they must be of extraterrestrial origin. Fortunately a wind of change is blowing. A great deal of meaningful constructive information regarding over unity electrical systems has been disseminated over the internet, resulting in numerous persons around the world covertly powering vehicles and devices by such means. Moreover, even though one of the ruling families is China’s Li family (Li Ka Shing is the military overlord of 50,000 manufacturing facilities) the extreme pollution in China’s major cities created by the consumption of fossil fuel has forced the PRC government to seek over unity technology for use in their proposed Green Cities project. In addition, an over unity D’Arsonval electrical power plant developed by my friend and research associate Donald Smith, has been incorporated in a pollution free motor constructed by General Electric as a propulsion system for twin engine aircraft built in China. Since the majority of the UFO community is abysmally ill informed concerning the various technologies mentioned above, the following is a brief overview of some of them. Crop circles: It is generally claimed by ufologists on the lecture circuit that humans lack the technology to create genuine crop circles, which is utter nonsense. The principal characteristics of a crop circle are: a) The stalks are bent at a node point. b) The nodal cells are greatly expanded as though moisture has been superheated. c) A residual clicking or whistling noise is perceived in newly formed circles. d) Plasma orbs have been observed over the circle while the circle is being formed. e) A light beam has been observed impacting the circle during its formation. f) A carbonized porcupine was discovered in a new crop circle. g) Magnetite particles are found adhering to the individual stalks. h) Radioactive isotopes Bismuth 105 and Yttrium 88 are evident in crop circle soil. i) Seeds gathered from crop circles exhibit DNA modification. j) Crop circles emit microwave energy. The above characteristics are totally consistent with the crop circles being created by means of Mossbauer beam technology. Named after a Cal Tech physicist who discovered that a coherent gamma ray beam occurs when doped radioactive materials are subjected to specific sound frequencies, Mossbauer technology has spawned various weapons called Grasers (e.g. US Patent 3,557,370). Such devices can carbonize the inhabitants of an entire city while leaving buildings intact. At low power settings, satellite mounted Mossbauer systems can detect underground cavities (Tomography) or provide static free telecommunications. Adjacent to many crop circles are several small swirl patterns, presumably made while focusing the beam. A Mossbauer system mounted in a satellite or a terrestrially created saucer could create a sophisticated circle pattern in a few seconds. Some crop circle lecturers have claimed the circles must be E.T. created because they have been part of a group of watchers who observed a circle being formed after one of the party thought of a particular circle pattern. In each case I’ve found the same person was present and is a known Rockefeller hack. At the conclusion of WWII, Laurance Rockefeller headed up an American team who were dispatched to Germany to retrieve German saucer technology. He subsequently covertly oversaw the activities of the UFO organizations for the purpose of smoking out persons who violated their secrecy oaths and also to locate persons who may have been genuine abductees. Most supposed abductees are unwitting victims of theOperation Green Star mind control program. Crop circles are an easy way to misdirect gullible ufologists away from current terrestrial saucer programs. Teleportation: In 1899, Nikola Tesla conducted teleportation experiments involving the Schumann Resonance of planet Earth. As he lay dying in late 1942, Tesla summoned Dr. Edward Teller and disclosed technical details of his 1899 experiments. Tesla died in January, 1943 and later that year, Teller and a scientist named Dr. Horton oversaw a continuation of Tesla’s teleportation system aboard the commandeered yacht Martha’s Vineyard, which had been given the navy designation IX97 and was moored at the New York Navy Yard. The same year, the IX97, under the command of Lt. Wm. Boyton, USNR, teleported back in time two weeks in Long Island Sound. After shipyard workers leaked details of the experiment, the Philadelphia experiment fable was concocted as a cover story, the Eldridge merely being a navy ship that had been equipped with degaussing equipment for mine sweeping duties. Shortly after the crash of the wedge shaped E.T. craft at Roswell, Tesla protégé Otis Carr successfully constructed a privately funded flying saucer in Southern California. A unique feature of the craft was the incorporation of revolving capacitors he named “Utrons”. The saucer subsequently teleported during a demonstration flight for the military while piloted by Mr. Ralph Ring, who currently resides in Nevada. Orbs: This is too lengthy a subject to be dealt with in its entirety in this paper. Photographs of orbs were quite rare until the advent of digital flash photography. Suddenly everyone seemed to be taking photos of orbs. In actuality, specular reflection from dust particles or pollen presents itself as an image of an orb when photographed with digital flash equipment. This can be demonstrated by digital flash photographing cornstarch thrown in the air. The professional way to photograph orbs is to use infra red film and a filter that excludes the visible light spectrum. Genuine orbs occur in several different forms. When seismic activity occurs in a granitic fault line, the quartz crystals in the granite become compressed, resulting in the generation of tens of thousands of volts of piezo electricity, which causes the air in the fault to become ionized. When the ionized air reaches the surface, it forms glowing colored orbs. The ionized air in the orb is encapsulated by a water canopy. This creates the impression of a metallic sphere when seen in sunlight. Even though most such orbs are less than one hundred feet in diameter, some seismically generated objects known as Gorgons are cigar shaped and can attain lengths of about a half mile. This type of phenomena is attracted to aetheric energy sources such as water towers (water contains high levels of aetheric energy). Even though such earth lights are created by high voltage piezo electricity, the earthlights themselves contain no voltage, only amperage and plasma. Any material object entrapped by these plasmids implodes and dematerializes, presumably due to a warping of the space time continuum. The powerful radiation emitted by such plasmids alters the brain chemistry of anyone foolish enough to approach one. This low frequency emission entrains both the plasmoid and the percipient in a consciousness field, thereby imbuing the plasmoid with a quasi intelligence. During the encounter, the plasmid’s radiation field desensitizes the conscious mind, allowing the unconscious mind of the percipient to assume a dominant role and actually construct a humanoid from the components of the electromagnetic spectrum. Humanoid figures have been seen emerging from such plasmids and telepathically communicating with the percipient before dematerializing. This anomaly illustrates the awesome power of the human unconscious when not under the constraints normally imposed upon it by the human conscious mind. The unconscious mind tends to create such humanoids in a simplistic manner, omitting fine detail and invariably clothing them in one piece jumpsuits. The world is increasingly becoming bathed in a sea of powerful electromagnetic radiation emanating from microwave towers, electrical transmission lines etc. Occasionally such various electromagnetic waveforms interact, resulting in “hotspots” consisting of powerful standing waves, particularly if a seismically active fault zone is in the vicinity. It is in these zones of geopathic stress that orbs and other paranormal events occur, particularly during periods of high humidity. Some readers may have seen an old BBC series called “The Prisoner,” in which an intelligence operative who knew too much was confined to a village that was guarded by orbs. 4. Similar orbs purportedly have been seen at various covert facilities. There’s no magic in it. Tripolar magnets can be wound possessing similar poles at either end and an opposite pole in the center, created by joining the coil ends together to form a common conductor. Mount three of these tripolar coils on XYZ axes and charge them to a million volts or more and you have an antigravitic device. Place them inside of a plastic sphere and power them with a self sustaining over unity power source and install a remote control system and the glowing orb will travel at supersonic speed. It’s been done. Another type of orb was the German “Foo Fighter” of WWII. Italian aviation authority Renato Vesco has written detailed accounts of this jet powered remote controlled craft that was enveloped in a glowing cloud of ionized gas. Vesco’s account was corroborated in the US military report entitled “An Evaluation of German Military Capabilities in 1945.” The report referred to the craft as “Phoo Bombs,” stating that the craft had an estimated speed of 525 mph and possessed a steel nose for ramming allied aircraft. “Critters”: This is the name given by my good friend, aviation historian and weather engineer, Trevor James Constable, to large biological plasmids who inhabit our atmosphere and deep space. Usually invisible to the naked eye, their image can be captured by means of infrared or ultraviolet photography, something Mr. Constable has done since the 1950’s. Examples of his images were published in his out of print book published in 1976 entitled “The Cosmic Pulse of Life.” Interestingly, his book depicted infrared images of a number of large plasmids equispaced in tandem. These were taken by a scientific team of Italian critter observers under the direction of the late Luciano Boecone, who used a Geiger counter to determine the presence of the invisible creatures. These frequently were more than a mile in diameter. They were sometimes photographed flying in formation. Shortly prior to his death, Kenneth Arnold, the person who coined the term “flying saucers,” confided to Mr. Constable that he felt the formation he saw near Mt. Rainier probably were plasmids because he could look through them and see trees below. These shape shifting pulsating creatures appear attracted to electromagnetic energy, which may be the reason they have been viewed near nuclear power facilities. Discussion: Wilhelm Reich M.D. coined the term “Emotional Plague” to describe persons whose belief system is so rigid that they ignore relevant factual data and become enraged if anyone challenges their belief. When I made the suggestion to a crop circle lecturer that crop circle characteristics are consistent with them having been made by means of Mossbauer beam technology, he became speechless with fury. Similarly, I attended a lecture on the Phoenix Lights given by one of the best known ufologists. When he claimed that the Phoenix Lights had to be of extraterrestrial origin, I made the suggestion that the craft’s configuration and size are consistent with it possibly being a Waverider surveillance vehicle. He immediately launched into a tirade against me which shocked audience members who were aware of my aerospace research background. The emotional plague syndrome occurs when people allow others to do their thinking for them. A classic example of persons not conducting their own research is the indulging in worship by Hassidic Jews at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall in the mistaken belief that the wall is part of the old Temple. Had they conducted their own research they would have discovered that the Wailing Wall was constructed during the reign of the Monarch and High Priest Jananeus as part of a new military garrison. This was later enlarged by Herod the Great and named Fort Antonnia. The Temples of Solomon and Herod were located a third of a mile south of the so-called Temple Mount, adjacent to the Gihon spring. People who have never penetrated the highest levels of the Illuminati are unaware that the new Temple was recently completed and is deep underground beneath Jerusalem. I don’t expect many of the current crop of UFO buffs to accept any of the aforementioned material, but hopefully it will encourage future generations of teenagers to think and research for themselves instead of accepting the dogma of “experts.” Have we received intelligent communication from the Cosmos? No intelligent race of beings would attempt interplanetary telecommunication by means of electromagnetic Hertzian transverse waves because they travel at subluminal velocity. The SETI program primarily has been a front for the dissemination of black ops funds. In 1972, a Los Angeles scientist tested a transducer for a missile guidance system in the high desert country east of Temecula, California. The transducer contained living plant cells doped with a chemical and was attached to an audio amplifier. An electric shock was applied to a tree located a mile from the transducer, which immediately recorded the event. Leaving the transducer oriented skywards while the crew took a break, they were astounded to hear the equipment receiving data from the Cosmos. Attaching a video unit to the device, the incoming data were not sequential, but were found to be of an eidetic nature, i.e. all data arrived simultaneous. The experiment was later replicated successfully by the Borderland Sciences Group. This experiment has very profound overtones, for it suggests that all living cells receive intelligent data from the Cosmos. But what is the cosmic source of this intelligence? A clue to the source is to be found in Tesla’s comment debunking Einstein’s work where he stated correctly that there only is one energy source in the Universe and that the Sun and a lump of coal are merely energy converters, not the primary energy source. The mystery was solved after scientists working covertly under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences spent several decades studying the density of time and the interrelationship of all living things in the Universe. The entire data collection was handed to the brilliant German physicist Dr. Hartmuth Muller. He determined that the only energy source in the Cosmos is a logarithmic scalar standing wave. All substances and living cells in the Cosmos derive their energy and data through being in resonance with various portions of the wave. Thus DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms by resonantly receiving data in a ternary mode at superluminal velocities from the logarithmic scalar wave. This is why artificially generated electromagnetic waves that are not in resonance with the appropriate portion of the wave disrupts protein synthesis and embryo genesis even at very low power levels. The Universe functions in a ternary mode. Some Russian universities still use experimental computers constructed prior to 1970 that incorporate ternary logic and are smaller and faster than the fastest present day personal computers and never crash. Only the marketing clout of Microsoft prevented their commercialization. Are there extraterrestrial beings? I saw my first evidence of the existence of E.T.’s about 25 years ago when I was shown the Roswell autopsy report that clearly indicated that the craft’s occupants were humanoids. My esteemed friend Mr. Credo Mutwa, the Sanusi (head shaman and official historian) of the Zulu nation has described several saucer crashes in Africa and that he personally cut open the body of a dead reptilian crash victim. Amazingly, the UFO community has totally ignored hard evidence of humanoid visitors who arrived on earth more than 5000 years ago. Unlike human skulls, the front and rear halves of their skulls never knitted together. Consequently, as their brains grew in infancy, the rear half of their head was pushed rearwards, pulling their facial skin taut and giving them the appearance of a serpent (a Dead Sea scroll mentions a similar being). Their skeletons have been found in Sumer, the Giza Plateau, Malta and Yucatan and at the Mayan pyramids. Superstitious Mayans later bound their infants’ heads between two boards in an attempt to simulate the skulls. So much misinformation has been published concerning the Sumerian culture that it’s advisable to learn the language and study Sumerian texts oneself. According to the texts, these great civilizers known variously as the El (shining ones) Annana, Annunaki and in the pre dynastic Egyptian texts as the Shemsu Hor (followers of Horus) descended upon the summit of Mount Hermon as the waters of the global flood began to reside and created a community on the upper slopes of the mountain in a grassy plain they named Edin. After a long period of time they migrated to Mesopotamia and created a civilization there. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of dining with the erudite physicist and Sumerian scholar, the late George Merkl, Ph.D. when we both lectured at a Global Sciences symposium and found it refreshing to hear him refer to popular books on Sumerian history as a “fairy story.” The reason much data appertaining to these remarkable people has been obscured is because Dr. Merkl discovered that many Sumerian texts contain advanced data concerning protein synthesis and endoplasmic reticulii. He also decoded a Sumerian text providing details on the manufacture of an amazing elixir. He replicated the elixir, which contained microscopic crystals that had remarkable healing qualities. When a powerful light beam was projected on the base of a glass Petrie dish containing the elixir, the dish levitated. Dr. Merkl, the recipient of some 400 patents, also developed very advanced optical equipment which enabled him to view planets with incredible clarity. According to the earliest Egyptian texts, it was the Shemsu Hor who created the Great Pyramid. Carbon dating using the tree ring calibration method dates the Pyramid at 3000 BCE, not 2500 BCE as is commonly believed. Evidence of the Shemsu Hor’s advanced technology is to be found in the Great Pyramid’s stone blocks, which were cast in geopolymer stone, not quarried (the blocks contain chemically bound water, not found in natural limestone). For a number of years I served in a support function for high level survivors of Illuminati mind control and Satanic ritual abuse. Some of these unfortunate individuals had served in a dual capacity as highly trained powerful psychics who had the ability to invoke hideous entities from other astral realms at ritual gatherings and also acted as telepathic intermediaries between E.T.’s and scientists at various covert facilities such as Area 51 and China Lake Naval Weapons Depot. What I learned from these individuals is that the 13 ruling families of shape shifters receive their global planning strategies from a reptilian dragon like race who reside off planet. What were the Phoenix Lights? Hopefully, dear reader, my aforementioned semi lucid mutterings will convey to you that mysterious lights in the sky presents a very complex scenario that may, or may not, have paranormal overtones. Was this an extraterrestrial craft? Frankly I don’t know. However, Phoenix resident Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., filmed the event and her excellent DVD and her book can be purchased from her website www.thephoenixlights…. I suspect that the event was a psyops situation. It’s no secret that the 13 ruling families are intent on creating a totalitarian global government. One of the eyewitnesses quoted by the Doctor in her book entitled “The Phoenix Lights,” was a former war correspondent who intimated that the sighting had a profound effect upon her and stated that we should be citizens of the world with no boundaries. This is exactly the mindset desired of the gullible public by the overlord families. Unless the reader has been sleeping, she or he will be aware that the North American Union has become a done deal. Boundaries between Canada, America and Mexico are to be abolished and Asian goods will be offloaded at a Mexican port then transported to a distribution facility in Kansas City, thus virtually eliminating the livelihood of American truckers. The US dollar is to be abolished and replaced by a common currency called the Amero. If this was a psyops operation, what type of craft was used? To comprehend the background of its development, we must take a quick look at the history of American surveillance craft. The first modern American surveillance aircraft was the U2. Its high aspect ratio wing and mono wheel landing gear made it difficult to land. It relied on its high ceiling altitude of 100,000 feet to evade enemy missiles, rather than its low speed. It was generally replaced by the SR 71 Blackbird, although the U2 is still used for off shore surveillance operations. Even though the Blackbird had a power plant capable of accidentally taking the titanium aircraft into orbit, what was really needed was a stealth aircraft that lacked the high thermal signature of the Blackbird, had very high speed for evasive tactics, but could float silently for long periods of surveillance over enemy territory. Such an aircraft is the Waverider. I know very little about this surveillance craft except that it is a very large flying wing with dimensions similar to those described by the previously mentioned psychiatrist. Some of them became operational in Britain in 1980. The craft’s name suggests that it incorporates Waverider aerodynamics. This is an aerodynamic configuration originally developed in Britain during the 1950’s for aircraft capable of flying at hypersonic speeds. It therefore behooves us to conjecture how a Waverider could fly at hypersonic speed yet also float silently over a target area without displaying an electromagnetic envelope while floating. Such a hypothetical craft would presumably derive its stealth capability by coating the craft with a magneto restrictive coating, the best of this type being a crystalline substance known as Terfenol D. The antigravity capability may well be provided by the system invented by former US Office of Naval Research member Townsend Brown, PhD, who was a close friend of my late research associate Gordon Allen, PhD. Dr. Allen produced the movie “Overlords of the UFO.” The movie, shot in the 1970’s, included footage of a flying saucer that buzzed an airfield at low level during daylight. A very basic form of Brown’s system was incorporated in the B2 Bomber, utilizing high voltage electrodes located in the exhaust gasses of conventional turbines to generate ions. A Waverider type of craft may use Brown’s capacitor system with energy supplied by a very small nuclear reactor. Such a combination powered an electrogravitic craft in the form of a truncated cone. This craft was observed in a hangar at the now defunct Norton AFB in California and also seen in flight over San Diego by two of my friends. Alternatively, the power plant may be an advanced form of the Coler/Schumann unit that powered the large German Haunabu saucers in WWII. Our hypothetical craft has the capability to float noiselessly. To understand how this could be accomplished, let us return to the U2 aircraft. When over enemy territory, the U2 attained its very high altitude through the simple expedient of filling its wings with helium or hydrogen, thus making it a quasi airship, something not generally known. When the U2 piloted by Gary Powers was shot down over Russia, the phony Cold War wasn’t working well, so our13 overlord families decided to create an international incident by sabotaging a U2 so that it would crash on Soviet territory. CIA agent E. Howard Hunt, whose case officer is the head of the Janus mind control group, was dispatched to an airbase on Okinawa, where Power’s U2 was based, in order to sabotage the helium unit on the aircraft. The U2 was supposed to have been flown that day by a pilot whose initials are D.W. He was delayed, so Powers took his place. Power’s helium unit failed over Russia and the U2 lost altitude and was shot down. I suspect the Phoenix craft also used helium in its wing, thereby enabling it to float noiselessly, hence its necessarily immense size. Some of our terrestrial antigravitic craft are equipped with miniature TV cameras on the upper surface and small TV monitors on the underside of the craft. This enables the craft to film the overhead stars and display them on the monitors in real time, thereby rendering the craft invisible to observers on the ground, who only would see a starscape. I suspect the Phoenix craft was equipped with a direct energy system. Present systems can implant data directly into a person’s subconscious from a distance in order to evoke a specific emotion such as a need for a global government. The disparate size of the Phoenix Lights phenomenon, ranging from that given by the aforementioned psychiatrist, to others who claimed it was a craft more than a mile in width and length, presents a problem if all the sightings that evening were of the same entity. Moreover, some eyewitnesses saw lights moving in a straight line. If the phenomenon lacked structure between the adjacent orbs, it presumably wasn’t a nuts and bolts craft. In that case, consider the possibility that it could have been large spheres possibly 20 feet in diameter or more, with the previously referred to tri polar electromagnetic levitation system inside. Such glowing orbs, remotely controlled, could be uniformly spaced apart by means of tractor beams. If you think tractor beams are a flight of fancy, think again, dear reader. In the 1930’s, the Nazi government sent a team of miners and scientists to the Pacific Northwest to mine pitchblende for their nuclear energy program (a German nuclear powered prototype fighter flew before the cessation of hostilities). The scientists in the team created one or more over unity devices while residing in Seattle and also constructed a tractor beam system. I’ve interviewed two persons who witnessed a replica of the tractor beam unit in operation. One of the witnesses was a University of Washington professor, the other a person who made tubular capacitors for the device. Both independently of each other told me that they were handed a baseball bat and were unable to move a baseball suspended in mid air by the device. I never saw the complete device, but did see the disassembled components. With such a technical approach, the glowing orbs could span a total distance of a mile or more and travel at high speed if necessary. Extraterrestrial craft flown by benevolent aliens are invariably destroyed by order of the National Reconnaissance Office if they approach planet Earth. Only aliens who are prepared to divulge advanced weapons technology are permitted into our air space (e.g. the Orions, also known as the “Unholy Six” at Area 51). Even though ET craft may be from another dimension or universe, in this universe their technology is subject to normal laws of physics appertaining to this particular universe. Therefore, force fields surrounding their UFO’s are susceptible to our advanced weapons systems. For instance, our satellite mounted Mossbauer weapons emit a beam possessing a neutral charge and accordingly penetrate force fields without attenuation. Several years ago, a weapons system specifically designed for destroying ET craft was successfully tested at the Port Hueneme naval facility and later implemented on US naval vessels. Known as Project Sea Light, this particular beam weapon emits a longitudinally pulsed scalar wave. As Tesla discovered, these waves even penetrate Faraday cages. In addition, the US secret government has a fleet of wedge shaped interceptor craft who venture into deep space in order to destroy ET craft deemed unacceptable to the powers that be. It is therefore ludicrous to believe that an ET craft flown by benevolent aliens could hover above Phoenix without being destroyed. Many UFO buffs are expecting spiritually advanced E.T’s, possibly from another dimension or universe to be an uplifting force on planet Earth, but why should they? The Shemsu Hor restarted civilization for us after the global flood and ice age, which I believe simultaneously occurred 6,800 years ago, yet humankind soon degenerated once more and followed the whims of the dragon. At the present time, a great deal of depleted uranium dust is falling on Europe and North America, which is poetic justice. Some scientists have predicted that the radioactive dust (the best population elimination method yet devised) will cause the extinction of 50% of the world’s species. Possibly the outcome may be a mutated human species with enhanced spiritual qualities and the ability to think for themselves. One can only hope. References 1. Keitei, Lynne D, M.D. The Phoenix Lights. Charlottesville, VA. Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Ltd., 2,000. 2. Several weeks prior to the Pearl Harbor raid, the Honolulu Register newspaper reported a leak from US Secretary of State Cordell Hull stating that a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would occur on Dec. 7th, 1941. Following the attack, the Japanese fleet passed near the Philippines, where half the US bomber fleet was stationed under the command of General Macarthur, thus affording the opportunity for the bombers to destroy the Japanese fleet. Macarthur’s air commander, General Brereton, wanted to do just that, but Macarthur purportedly locked himself in his room and refused to talk to him. Instead, aircraft from the Japanese fleet were sent to destroy the airfield. Macarthur’s intelligence chief, “Major Charles Willoughby,” ordered the bomber fleet to remain grounded. In consequence the bomber fleet was destroyed, a far greater military disaster that the sinking of aging rust buckets at Pearl. In actuality, “Willoughby” was the high ranking Nazi spy and Knight of Malta, Adolph Wiedenbach, who hailed from Heidelberg. Wiedenbach’s senior aide was Lt. Colonel Corso. After the war, both Weidenbach and Corso joined an organization that was a front for the Nazi Internationale. Corso later claimed that the transistor and fiber optics were reverse engineered from the Roswell craft. This is blatant misinformation. The solid state gemanium doped transistor was invented in 1922 by Dr. Henry Moray and used in his 50,000 watt over unity system. Moray’s patent application was denied and his patent data later mysteriously found its way into Bell Labs. The signature of the patent attorney used by Moray also was on the transistor patent application later submitted by Bell Labs! Alexander Graham Bell was experimenting with glass fiber optics in the late 1800’s. 3. Desborough, Brian. A Blueprint for a Better World. Hidden Mysteries Press. 2003. 4. I was told by an informant who had attained the exalted Illuminati rank of Mother of Darkness that the mortally wounded President, John F. Kennedy, was taken to an Illuminati retreat in the Azores, where he died the following year. Her father, himself a very high Illuminist, told her that he saw the President there in the company of the First Lady. I was told by a member of the JFK Air Force One aircraft that the wounded president was covertly flown to Bethesda Naval Hospital. His supposed autopsy was performed on slain cop J.D. Tippet, who was murdered (not by Oswald) because he bore an uncanny facial resemblance to the President.   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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