thanks for the book, received today

From: paul21714

Date: 2011-05-04 23:46:50

hi andrew, just to say a big thankyou for a very speedy dispatch of wdttg, received today… i had ordered from the website, as this seemed convenient at the time, but noticed that the parcel came from your location… anyway, very glad to receive the book so promptly… and thankyou so much for your brilliant, tireless work, articles, interviews, presentations etc etc on this and other subjects, …check the evidence / cognoscence are my main daily news-fix points of reference these days! and your recent apollo presentation was fantastic! i have a question bugging me regards john hutchison: apologies if this has been asked… he has been interviewed numerous times on coast to coast, and i have just listened to a north-east-truth show from late last year, he never mentions judy wood at all , even when the host comes to the subject of weoponisation in connection with the hutchison effect? he just gets quite vague and seems to talk about something else, i find this very frustating…compared to, say, the seattle presentation from 2008, where judy and john both gave highly enlightening comparisons of their work…or in the ‘we ourselves’ radio interview where you were all on together….? anyway, thanks again, looking forward to your next starship interview at the end of may!… kind regards, paul

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