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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-05-24 22:56:41

There is a link at the end to some photos of a city/set of buildings like Macchu Picchu, but it’s elsewhere…. From: Lloyd Pye Updates [mailto:lloyd@lloydpye.com] Sent: 23 May 2011 21:10To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Update and some fun links   For those who have had sales training in the past, you’ve heard homilies about how selling works. Top salesmen insist that you can’t let the word “no” trouble you. Hearing “no” is part of the journey of moving to “yes.” They insist that each “no” brings you one step closer to the ultimate “yes.” With that in mind, the past two weeks have seen good progress moving toward the “yes” we must hear in order to secure the investment that will allow us to move forward recovering the Starchild’s nuclear and mitochondrial DNA genomes.   Also, keep in mind that if we were mainstream researchers, we could go public with our mtDNA results right now. You might recall that when the human genome was announced as “completed,” it turned out they had completed only 60% of it. But they felt comfortable announcing the “final” result because 60% was more than enough to establish the pattern and confirm what the final result would be. And they were right. The final 30% unfolded exactly like the preceding 60% because DNA is so predictable; it is the mathematics of biology.   The same will hold true for the Starchild Skull’s mitochondrial genome. We have recovered 10% of it, and because it is so highly conserved, so rigidly precise, all we need is 1% to have the level of certainty we would need to announce that it is definitely not human. Unfortunately, because we are not mainstream we are held to Carl Sagan’s famous double standard for all alternative researchers:   “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Thus, we have to recover the entire genomes, down to the last base pair, before we will be allowed to publicly make our claims regarding the Starchild. If we try to make them before we have our “extraordianry evidence” fully in hand, every last mote of it, we will be dismissed as hucksters who did not carry out our task to the exacting standards of those we oppose.   We are in a game where the other side feels they can’t afford to lose, so they play for keeps. They make everything as hard on us as they can, and we live with it because we know we’ll win in the end. The going has been tough every step of the way, and it will continue to be tough, mentally and emotionally, because we’re so close to the end. Each “no” brings us that much closer.     Now, for fun, here are some recent links that caught my eye, so I think at least some of them will be of interest to you.   1) Here is a fabulous balancing act with stripped palm fronds. Enjoy!   www.youtube.com/watc…   2) This one is hard to believe, but does seem to be legitimate.  http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/viewnews.php?id=205269   3) This shows a new form of wind power but without blades. Brilliant!   news.discovery.com/t…   4) This is some interesting news about a new cancer treatment.   hubpages.com/hub/Sci… 5) This is a documentary about an old but well-established alternative cancer treatment. If my life were at stake I think this, or something like this, is how I’d go about dealing with it. I wouldn’t use the mainstream. This is long, 120 minutes, but important for anyone facing cancer now, or worried about facing it in the future (which includes all of us).   Cancer is something we can’t know too much about, so log this in if you don’t have time to watch all of it. And if you don’t have time to watch it to the end, as many of you won’t, let me spoil it for you: Dr. Max Gerson is ultimately poisoned to death. Who do we imagine might have done it?   topdocumentaryfilms….   6) Last but not least, someone sent me this link which blew me away. It is about an ancient city in Peru called Choquequirao, which I had never heard of. It is on a par with Machu Picchu, but it has no easy access and therefore is much less known. The photos are stunning, as you’ll see.   www.google.com/searc…       Lloyd Pye   www.LloydPye.com
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