Fukushima “False Flag”?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-06-05 19:40:19

Some of the recent information that has been circulating around. I am not really sure what to make of it, though the Israeli link at the bottom is interesting…   (And more aggression, it seems, in the Golan Heights from Israel)     From Anon:   I read this article two days ago www.jimstonefreelanc… and this guy has some very powerful evidence that the entire Fukushima disaster including the tsunami were manmade and the likely perpetrator was Mossad. Why? Because Japan was in negotiations with Iran to sell them some processed uranium. Thus, as Stone says, anyone that helps the Great Satan of Iran is the enemy of Israel. You can hear his interview with the Feet to the Fire host here. innersites.com/feet2… Scroll down to the bottom and download Pt.2, which are the last two hours of the program. If you decide to listen to this interview, which I believe is extremely important, you should also use this link so that you can follow the evidence trail that he’s discovered. The link is here. www.jimstonefreelanc…   Also:   www.youtube.com/watc… Part 2 here. www.youtube.com/watc… Arnie Gunderson is saying it was a detonation in Unit 3, but explains it as possibly caused by a natural event. Who can say? Clearly, he’s telling us that it was a detonation. That much is now confirmed by a scientist that has expertise in this field.   And finally:   This is an article on the Fukushima disaster and Jim Stone’s article, and it mentions an interesting piece of information. The only foreign medical teams the Japanese government allowed into their country were Israeli. www.tokyofreepress.c… There were two false flag attacks in Argentina in the ’90s. One on the Israeli embassy and one on a private Jewish organization’s building. Argentine president at the time, Carlos Menem, after the second attack, invited Israeli and American experts in to examine the blast site. Why? This was not the Israeli embassy? It was private property and would be the jurisdiction of the government investigators of Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar…   Even more interesting is the Argentine investigators and Supreme Court judges investigating the embassy blast concluded that it occurred inside the building rather than outside The Israeli government was claiming it was a car bomb outside the building. No smoking gun in Argentina, and no smoking gun in Fukushima, but still, little things like the Tokyo Free Press article’s information are intriguing and beg the question: Why was a medical team from Israel allowed to practice medicine in Japan and medical teams from other countries were not allowed to help?

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