FW: Weather? Energy? Unsafe – Jesse Ventura and TruTV

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-06-10 08:22:41

adjuk – Video removed – Copyright Infringement I think Kathy is probably right here… And Jesse now realises what he’s up against. From: Kathy Roberts [mailto:weerkhr@pacbell.net] Sent: 10 June 2011 07:54To: undisclosed-recipients:Subject: Weather? Energy? Unsafe Topics! Hmmm. Regarding the message below, not just the topic of weather is unsafe, but energy weapons. I wonder why?  It’s like when Jesse Ventura mentioned to Alex Jones at 11:44 in this video www.youtube.com/watc… that TruTV has not renewed his contract for the Conspiracy Theory series, though they’re planning another season. Think about this: This was TruTV’s biggest ever hit show (see below) and was titled Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura because he was the whole draw! I knew this show was just a disinformation vehicle for them and hoped Ventura innocently didn’t know that. Now suddenly their biggest star is persona non grata. What changed? Ventura now enthusiastically promotes Judy Wood’s new book Where Did the Towers Go?, realizing he was duped. Ergo, Dump Ventura so no one thinks to look him up online and find out he no longer supports the bogus 9/11 bullcrap they made him spout on the show last season! Think how much easier everything will be for TPTB when we all have a more secure internet after all these completely bogus (to use a Ventura term) computer hacking episodes of late. We’ll call it SmartNet!en.wikipedia.org/wik… The premiere episode was watched by 1.635 million viewers, TruTV’s biggest audience for a new series launch.[2] The next two episodes were watched by 1.586 million[3] and 1.301 million[4] viewers. Over the first three episodes the series averaged 1.5 million viewers, up 60% from the same time slot a year prior.[5] During the month of January the show averaged 1.6 million viewers helping truTV deliver its biggest month ever in primetime–Kathy

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