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Date: 2011-06-10 11:30:25

Attachments : Dr. Boylan 1992:… “Since I could not enter even the main lobby area of DOE or SNL headquarters, I travelled a quarter-mile farther to the National Atomic Museum (NAM). The nuclear physicists and military at Los Alamos and Sandia Labs are so proud of their history of nuclear “achievements” that they proudly display information I had presumed was classified (and may still be, elsewhere). For example, The U.S. now has hydrogen bombs downsized as small as a RV propane tank, and which could easily fit in an Army duffel bag. Or, as Abu Nidal knows, in a bus terminal storage locker. Even more amazing, in view of Lawrence Livermore Laboratories’ continuing disinformation campaign that “we’re still working on containing nuclear fusion”, was NAM’s revelation that the U.S. since 1987 been producing controlled nuclear fusion, and that it is self-sustaining(!) and contained by a hyperstrong magnetic field. They use lasers to implode fissile material and produce fusion. This is an inexhaustible and rather compact energy source, and may be the powerplant for the gravity-defying craft I saw at Area 51. Another NAM revelation with Star Wars weapons implications (and applications) is that SNL has achieved advanced particle acceleration energy capabilities that can deliver a 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) volt burst of ions using a lithium diode one inch thick. ” At 08:41 10.06.2011, you wrote: But not half as angry as when they realise similar tech. has been weaponised…. From: Sent: 10 June 2011 02:57 To: 1-Got 9-11 Truth? Subject: The world is going to be angry when they realize,,, The population of the world is going to be angry when they realize that we could have had practical cold fusion many years ago, if not for those who put their own interests ahead of the good of mankind! Finally, if something as “impossible” as Cold Fusion becomes a reality, then it raises the question anew about what other technologies the scientific community deemed “impossible” might actually be possible after all. Anti-gravity, free energy, and faster than light space travel are all considered by the mainstream to be science fiction, but in the post cold fusion world that paradigm would be shattered (for political reasons more than scientific). By not using the term “Cold Fusion”, it may be easier for the scientific community to down play the significance of this technology actually existing when they previously said it was impossible, claim that they never were involved in suppressing it, and convince the masses it does not represent damning proof of the failure of mainstream science on something so fundamental.… w What about this? The steel columns dustified! The concrete was pulverized! One must suspend logic to believe the official version!

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