YouTube, Copyright And Censorship – The Truth About “Free Energy” Technology

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19 June 2011


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My YouTube channel "adjuk" was terminated  on 06 June 2011 of weeks ago. This article "tells the story". 

 I had about 270 videos – posted over a period of 5 years – all that content is now inaccessible –  a free repository of research on topics such as chemtrails, Mars, ET/UFOs, Health and so on.


YouTube – A Wonderful Invention!


Since its inception in about 2006, YouTube has become a truly incredible resource for sharing information. When you’re feeling nostalgic, you can search and find almost any memorable clip from any TV show from the last 50 years, along with old TV commercials, tunes, cartoons. And, of course there are millions of “video blog entries” about all kinds of subjects. I am sometimes given to wonder how any company can afford to run a service like this which must require a vast system of disk and computer storage – running into Petabytes (millions of gigabytes – 10^15 bytes) per year. It sometimes amazes me that we get to upload and view all these videos – for free!


I started my own channel in 2006 under the rather unimaginative name “adjuk” (my initials along with my country of residence). However, there is one issue that we uploaders have to contend with…

Copyright? Copy-wrong?


On 06 June 2011, I was notified (presumably by some automatic system) that my YouTube channel/account had been terminated. There was no immediate warning about this (i.e. in this scenario, there does not seem to be any action or alternatives one can take to avoid this from happening).


However, there was some “history” to the occurrence of termination, which I perhaps had not paid close enough attention to.


I set up my YouTube channel in about 2006 and I did receive a copyright violation notices for one of the earlier videos I posted – either it was one of David Icke appearing on the Wogan show in 2007, or it was one of a researcher called David Boyle appearing on BBC Question Time in 2006. At the links I have included here, you can still find both these videos online.


So this meant that by about 2007, I had one copyright violation notification against my channel (but I don’t think, at the time, the video was deleted or disabled). Also in 2007, one of my videos was disabled as being “inappropriate content” – which was rather curious at the time. (I reposted the clip elsewhere.)


Next, in 2008, I posted an edited video clip of John Bedini discussing his motor technology. I had used a clip from the film “Energy From the Vacuum Part 2” (a trailer for his film is available. Oddly, the YouTube trailer does not contain a link to the website where the DVD of the film can be purchased). It was for this video clip that I was later notified there was a “copyright violation by Energetic Productions LLC”. At that time, I thought if I deleted the video clip, it would essentially mean that the “violation notice count” would be reduced back to what it was before (i.e. I hadn’t considered the “consequences” and I did not realise a “3-strikes-and-you’re-out” rule that seems to apply).


Later in 2008, I posted another clip – it was from a 1985 video called “Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America” which feature Tom Bearden giving a lecture, I think at a McDonnell Douglas event (as he refers to Jack Houck as one of their engineers). You may still be able to find a copy of this video online if you google for it. The clip I posted was a 7 minute segment from this video – where Bearden talks about a “Tesla Death Ray” and “Interfering beams”, whilst showing a diagram of 2 “projectors”. I was struck by Bearden’s description (try and watch this clip if you can), because of my involvement with and knowledge of Dr. Judy Wood’s research about how interference effects were seen in the evidence from the destruction of the World Trade Centre on Sept. 11th 2001. It seemed “too close for comfort”. I therefore, as with most if not all of the other clips on my defunct channel, had posted the clip for educational purposes. Therefore, if given the chance (which I was not), I would have argued that “fair use” applies – especially for material such as this, which seems pertinent to exploring areas of what must be hidden knowledge. (Again, this 7 minute clip can probably also be found if you look for it.)


So, this clip had been posted on my channel for almost 3 years at the time I received a second “copyright violation by Energetic Productions LLC”. This meant I now had 3 copyright violations “lodged” against my channel – 2 of which were from Energetic Productions LLC – and so, immediately, all my channel became inaccessible – videos, messages, comments etc all “gone”.


I took a brief look at trying to “file a counter claim”, but this looked much too troublesome to go through, when I could repost all the other videos if I really needed to, even though it would take a long time.


Energetic Productions LLC?


Clearly, it seemed worth digging a little deeper here, because they had filed 2 of the 3 copyright violations against me/my channel…


Energetic Productions LLC is a company selling DVD’s and books primarily about the research and experiments of 2 people. The first is Colonel Tom Bearden (Retired) – a figure who is regularly quoted in relation to “scalar weapons”. Bearden is clearly a person of some knowledge and intelligence, yet in his 2004 Book (reprinted in 2006) on page 23, still maintains that Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden were responsible for the events of 9/11. (A notion which is patently ridiculous when the evidence is studied for more than about 10 minutes.) Tom Bearden also has spoken about weather modification and John Hutchison’s research, yet has not commented on the presence of Hurricane Erin on 9/11 nor the strong similarity of the phenomena John Hutchison produced in his experiments to those catalogued by Dr. Judy Wood in the evidence she collected pertaining to the destruction of the WTC. Strange…


The second person that Energetic Productions LLC sell DVD’s about is John Bedini. He has invented a type of motor which captures some of the “back EMF” which is normally filtered out of a circuit when the motor is slowing down or stopping. Bedini’s circuit allows some of the back EMF – apparently a “radiant pulse”, as Tesla may have called it, to be “captured” – and used to charge a battery. Various people have posted YouTube videos of their own reproductions of this technology – and it does, indeed, appear to do something unusual. One or two YouTube posters seem to have built systems that are self-running (i.e. the motor runs from one battery and charges another, then the batteries are switched – in some examples, electronically, and the system continues to run).


The Bedini technology also seems to have been developed into a commercial product – the Renaissance Charger. It does appear to be obtaining small amounts of “energy from the vacuum”.


But what is the goal of Energetic Productions LLC? Perhaps it is just to “make money” from its products and DVDs? Does it feel that me reposting clips from its videos is a real threat to its revenue streams? Or could it be argued that my videos would be free advertising for them? Why would they suddenly file a copyright violation for a 25-year-old video? (Remember, these violations are not filed “accidentally”).


Free Energy Is Real – So are “Limited Hangouts”


Perhaps my goal is different to theirs – I want people to know that free energy technology is real. I want them also to know that it has already been weaponised. I also want them to know that powerful interests are working to keep the true knowledge about free energy technologies covered up. I want them to know that there are some people who are encouraging a “limited hangout” – along the lines of “well, there may be some way to get a little energy from the vacuum, but not in really useful amounts and we’re years and years away from any useful technologies”. This is essentially the thrust of what people like Steven E. Jones have said – and now he seems to be being forced to do something similar again.


Perhaps releasing information about a technology that can be used to charge a battery is a good “limited hangout” option for those vested interests that are in control of what we get access to. After all, charging a battery is not a particularly efficient way to obtain free energy – it is slow, and the energy comes in fairly small amounts.


“So Who Are Energetic Productions LLC?”


So, we are now ready to look at little deeper at this. In doing so, I viewed the Page HTML source at…. This was so I could find a contact e-mail address for them – as I knew an e-mail address has to be associated with a PayPal button. This e-mail address lead me to another website: . A click on this page reveals that it is an engineering/consulting company – for the Oil Industry. Glancing at this page:… reveals this company has done work for B.P. EXPLORATION, INC., BRUNEI SHELL PETROLEUM (B.S.P.), CHEVRON U.S.A., INC. and a whole raft of others.


This page states that “Founder, President and CEO Anthony J. (Tony) Craddock has forty years experience in the international petroleum industry”.


So we can now see that Energetic Productions LLC which filed 2 copyright violations against my YouTube channel, takes PayPal donations to an e-mail address associated with an Oil Industry Consulting/Engineering company. Perhaps things are becoming clearer…?


As is often the case with these things which seem to be revelatory, I was not the first to discover them. A. J. Craddock is already listed on PESN (Sterling Allen’s site). This page notes the “Craddock Oil Industry Connection” and posts a rebuttal to the inference I am essentially making in what I have written – i.e. it says


“Tony has been Tom’s webmaster for years. That someone from the oil industry is interested in renewable solutions can be a reason for hope.” [Edit: See “Chilling Out” about 9/11 With Sterling D Allan and Steven E Jones for more information about the person who runs the site which holds that "rebuttal"]


A Reason for Hope?


It was obvious to me that other users had had their channels suspended and so I wondered if there was an easier method (not involving lawyers) for getting a channel reinstated. I did find one user who appeared to have had his/her channel reinstated when the party responsible for a copyright violation notice withdrew it, after he/she contacted the party that filed the notice.


With these two “reasons for hope” in mind, I found an e-mail address for Anthony J. Craddock and wrote him the e-mail included below, appealing that Energetic Productions LLC remove the violation notice(s).


As some readers may know, I have had some involvement with things like Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project, so it is also worth noting at this point that Mr Craddock has also apparently been involved with Dr. Steven Greer’s work – acting, for a time, as a Webmaster for one of Steven Greer’s Mr. Craddock has also been involved in “The UFO Scene” for some years. One would think, therefore, we had enough common interests for him to e-mail me, or use YouTube messaging to ask me to remove any clips he was not happy that I had posted (and, remember, my goal is to share information and increase awareness and understanding of these topics. My goal is not to make money.) I must also, at this point, draw attention to an earlier posting I made raising some questions about Steven Greer’s own “free energy” initiatives – which seem to have yielded nothing.


However, no response of any kind was received to any of the e-mails I sent to any of the 3 e-mail addresses, so my original channel is still “dead”. I have, however, created a new channel… and I will be slowly uploading most of the original videos I had onto that channel over the next few weeks and months.



Unfortunately, due to my efforts to contact the person at Energetic Productions LLC by sending them 3 different e-mails and their failure to contact me separately to ask me to delete any “offending clips”, and my fairly clear agenda of trying to educate and inform people regarding the truth about the “limited hangout” that most people and groups are adopting when it comes to a discussion of free energy technology, I can only assume that the party behind filing 2 copyright violation notifications against my channel wanted my channel to be closed – so that the information which was present in/on it would become inaccessible. Bearing in mind the clear connections of the main person behind Energetic Productions LLC, I do not find this too surprising.


Perhaps some people really do want useful knowledge about free energy technology and the knowledge of its weaponisation to be covered up. Perhaps they don’t really care what effect this has had and is having on the world. Perhaps they’re happy to keep up a pretence that they are trying to reveal some of this information – but in actuality they are helping to keep the most important aspects of this knowledge covered up. However, there is a chance I could be wrong, so each reader must come to their own conclusion – by studying and considering the available evidence.




YouTube Channel Termination Notice


From: YouTube []
Sent: 06 June 2011 23:21
To: adjuk
Subject: adjuk – Video removed – Copyright Infringement

Help Centre | email options

Dear adjuk,

We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from Energetic Productions LLC, claiming that this material is infringing:

Weather Modification – Energy Weapons – Bearden 1985…

This is the third notification that we have received alleging copyright infringement in one of your postings. Consequently, your account has been terminated.

If one of your postings has been misidentified as infringing, you may submit a counter-notification. Information about this process is in our Help Centre.

Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material was disabled due to mistake or misidentification may be liable for damages.

Yours sincerely,

– The YouTube Team

© 2011 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Email 1 to Tony Craddock

From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….]

Sent: 07 June 2011 21:57 / 09 June 2011 12:27

To: [3 e-mail addresses]

Subject: FW: adjuk – Video removed – Copyright Infringement



Dear Sir,


Today, I received the notification below and I am sorry that I seem to have infringed some of your copyright by posting a segment of a 1985 video. I did not realise you owned the copyright. Also, my channel is not one for profit and is meant to be educational, I was therefore hoping that copyright would not be a troublesome issue in this case.


I am of course happy to delete video clip if that is what you wish.


Sadly, my entire channel has been deleted – and it contains many other research videos (I think over 200) that I have developed over the last few years – on various subjects and topics. These are now inaccessible to everyone – including me.


I have read elsewhere that YouTube can re-instate channels if the copyright infringement notice is withdrawn. I therefore am asking if you will consider withdrawing this notices.


I hope I have written to the right e-mail address as I had a little trouble finding an address for Energetic Productions LLC.


Hoping this can be resolved.


Yours in apology and in hope,


Andrew Johnson


Email 2 to Tony Craddock


—–Original Message—–

From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….]

Sent: 11 June 2011 23:06

To: [3 e-mail addresses]

Subject: FW: adjuk – YouTube Channel – Copyright Infringement


Dear Sir,


Sorry to trouble you again. However, I am still wondering if I can get this sorted out with you. Several people have written to me regarding the channel and have expressed some regret that it has been suspended. As I would need to spend a great deal of time re-uploading many videos to restore what research I have posted on YT, I am keen to spend a little time attempting to resolve the issue.


Can this be sorted out at all? Thanks for your time – I understand you must be busy – so even a very brief response would be appreciated.


Please understand my need to document the outcome of this.




Andrew Johnson


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