Results of “Scientific Test” Carried out on AE911 “Truth”


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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-06-21 17:52:02


Results of “Scientific Test” Carried out on AE911 Truth

It was recently brought to my attention that a second AE911 Truth petition signer – Scott Krajca – had remarks relating to the research of Dr. Judy Wood into the destruction of the WTC deleted from the “biography” section of his profile. When he saw that this had happened, he asked for his profile to be deleted. Therefore, it seems to be clear that they are attempting to censor the study of available evidence. I have included Mr Krajca’s correspondence below, and the response he was sent by AE911 – and I thank him for allowing us to post this. It now seems to be the case that the behaviour of the AE911 group has been “tested” and the results are “repeatable”. A previous “test” by Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez who also mentioned the research of Dr. Judy Wood – to Richard Gage – resulted in his name being deleted from the petition – initially without his knowledge.   Thanks to Abe Rodriguez for this video… Part 2 –… Similar Results for We Are Change Oshkosh –… No It should be pointed out that Dr. Judy Wood is the only person to initiate court action based on the scientific evidence pertaining to the destruction of the WTC. She is also the only person to complete and publish a comprehensive and independent forensic investigation into the destruction of the WTC. It seems that the conclusions of this forensic investigation are so important that whole organisations, who claim to be oriented around truthful, open investigations have been tasked with covering up, muddling up and attempting to discredit this research. Some of this activity is being done on a kind of “world tour”. Of “Nut Jobs” and “Witchcraft” On 08 May 2011, Ralph Winterrowd, on his RBN show, asked Mr Richard Gage – leader of AE911 “truth” – about the evidence referenced above. (The link here is for the full show, about which there was doubt if he would be able to do the broadcast.) Mr Gage’s response was interesting. www.checktheevidence… Above, I have edited together 3 clips – separated by several minutes – from the 08 May 2011 broadcast (available here – along with many others). It is somewhat amusing to hear Mr Gage fall short of calling Dr. Judy Wood a “nut”, but he then later, without apparent reservation, accuses her of practicing “witchcraft” (which would imply he thinks she is “a witch”…?) Clearly, AE911 is not practicing “witchcraft”. However, it does seem, following these tests, to be involved in what might be termed an “intellectual witch hunt”. The way to find the truth is to look at the evidence. Finding the truth it is not achieved by censoring, ridiculing and insulting those that are presenting the evidence. This is discussed in detail in my free e-book “911 Finding the Truth”. In the audio clip above, and the “rebuttal” (it isn’t really a “rebuttal”) article AE911 have posted about Dr. Judy Wood’s research, there is only an attempt to address the missing steel evidence and what is known as “the spire”. Both assertions can be seen, by studying the available evidence, to be incorrect and the rebuttal itself is therefore both incorrect and incomplete. Correspondence from Scott Kralj From: Scott Krajca < scott@wideawakemedia…> Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 05:36:06 -0700 To: < ccleveland@ae911trut…> Conversation: Scott Krajca — AE follow up Subject: Re: Scott Krajca — AE follow up Dear AE 911 Truth,I just recently checked your website and saw that my profile has been added to the degreed engineer petition list:… I also see that my supporting statements about Dr. Judy Wood’s work have been removed from my bio section despite the disclaimer at the bottom of the user profile pages: Disclaimer: The personal views expressed by Supporters in their Bio’s, Personal 9/11 Statements, and/or other locations on our website, are not necessarily those of, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Inc., its Board Members, employees, volunteers, other supporters, or any other people officially or unofficially associated or affiliated with AE911Truth. I remember during my verification interview that this may happen, but the more I sit with it, I no longer wish to be a supporter of your organization. Please remove me from the petition. I hope that someday your organization can be more open-minded about the evidence and occurrences on that tragic day. I for one do not know for sure what happened on that day, but in the interest of truth and evidence I believe we should consider insightful evidence that your organization is looking at as well as the evidence Dr. Wood has presented in detail and in a very professional manner. I have also read your “about us” page many times to see if I had missed something before signing the petition and I find it ironic that your first bullet under “our organization is devoted to” is “dispelling misinformation with scientific facts and forensic evidence”.… From what I have read in Dr. Wood’s book she has done just that, but I also see that your organization has taken a strong stance and have decided her work is “disinformation”. Because of this, again, please remove me from your petition. I wish us all well as we move forward towards truth and hope that one day we can meet up again as one voice. As someone I look up to says often, “be skeptical, but don’t close your mind”… that is my wish for us all.     Sincerely,Scott Krajca     www.wideawakemediagr…… www.revolutionmovie…. == From: brian romanoff < bromanoff@ae911truth…> Date: June 10, 2011 7:28:01 AM PDT To: scott@wideawakemedia… Subject: Sorry to see you go Scott, In short we reserve the right to edit or alter statements, which is mentioned as well. We do this anytime Judy Woods is mentioned among other distracting topics. More to the point, we stay open-minded to science. That is why we don’t stay open-minded to the “science” of Judy Woods presentations which have changed immensely since her rising to the scene. From radiowaves to mini-nukes; whatever catches a readers attention with wild photos and claims. Please feel free to continue your investigations into the events of 9/11 and remember that we will welcome you back anytime. The story of Judy Woods is a long one, but here is some reading for you:… Regards, Brian Romanoff

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