T. Mark Hightower’s Nanothermite Challenge

I received a message and a couple of documents from T Mark Hightower. He is now challenging the story about Nanothermite in relation to the destruction of the WTC. Thanks mainly to Dr Judy Wood, I have known for about 3.5 years or more that the thermite story was bogus – so my focus has shifted to showing what "DID do it", not "what didn’t". However, it’s encouraging to see others now challenging the bogosity of this story – which legions of people seemed to have been "trained" to repeat since 2005.

From: T Mark Hightower 
Sent: 21 June 2011 16:39
To: Andrew Johnson <ad.johnson@ntlworld….>
Subject: No entries received for The Nanothermite Challenge

 I especially want to keep those who posted my May 1 paper on their web sites informed. The deadline of June 20 for The Nanothermite Challenge passed with not even one entry. 

Mark reported that he attended a conference recently.

I was passing out copies of my paper, as well as a two page handout seeking Architects & Engineers for Nanothermite Truth and providing an update since the release of the paper. I have attached that document for your information. … On June 12 I created a Facebook group Architects & Engineers for Nanothermite Truth in order to help get the word out about The Nanothermite Challenge. I have also attached a document that is what I posted as the Information for that group. I then posted as widely as I could on relevant Facebook walls entries like this. 

Daring to question nanothermite orthodoxy Architects & Engineers for Nanothermite Truth (aeNtruth). Home of The Nanothermite Challenge Only x day(s) left for The Nanothermite Challenge, an opportunity to win a donation of up to $1000 to AE911Truth if it can be documented through peer reviewed science that nanothermite can be formulated as a high explosive as claimed by AE911Truth in April 2009. The link for the Facebook group is 

 If you think any of this information is worthy of being reported on your web site, please feel free to do so in any manner that you see fit. I consider all of this in the public domain. Thank you again so much for what you did to help spread this information.




aeNtruthFacebookGroup110612.pdf (40 KB) (Modified: Jun 22 2011 10:14:56 AM)

aeNtruthMissionStatement.pdf (87 KB) (Modified: Jun 22 2011 10:14:56 AM)

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