WTC 7-A Classic Controlled Demolition, Right?

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Now that Dr Judy Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?” is out, and some copies are in circulation, I have had one or 2 questions about World Trade Centre building number 7. People sometimes seem to think that Dr Wood has sort of “ignored” this. Of course, this is not really true. For a start, it is at least mentioned and discussed in Chapters 6 and 16.

It is true that the primary focus of research has been on Towers 1 and 2, but Dr. Wood has also gleaned and posted important information about WTC 7 as well.  She also submitted comments to NIST’s draft WTC 7 report. Her comments are in  a 50-page document.
This is posted in sections here:
Some of this information was also posted here some time earlier:
You can see NIST’s “response” to comments on their fraudulent WTC7 report here:
UPDATE: NIST have re-ogranised their website – the comments are all combined here:
It is interesting to compare the posting by Kevin Ryan –… – to the one by Dr Judy Wood.
Originally, the PDF copy of Dr Wood’s comments document that they posted is black and white and 115 megabytes in size and the original (electronically submitted) PDF is colour and just 3.85 MBs in size. This means someone must’ve printed out the document in black and white then re-scanned every page – in fairly poor quality and it is also not “text searchable”. Do we wonder why it is not text searchable (when other postings of comments on the same page are?)
Also see an excellent video by Betsy McGee
Also, Edward Current who made the fake video admitted as much, and why he did it: 

However, Betsy McGee’s video illustrates that he did spend quite a bit of time making it… so again we see the insidious nature of the cover up.
This video also proves WTC 7 could not have been a standard explosive controlled demolition (no explosive sounds)
Update for reference, Sept 2018
Here’s a video I edited a while ago;

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