Re: How should the moon look like?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-07-04 10:38:21

Can you please not post Sorcha Faal stuff here UNLESS corroborated by a reliable source. I grow weary of scare-mongering stuff about the Moon, the Sun, Comet Elenin and so on – which, when studied, have so far turned out to be nothing but vague anomalies with little or no substance behind them (see recent post about Planet X and comets I made as an example). — In, post2wm@… wrote: > > > I’m just listening to > > “The Red Devil Planet” (courtesy of Sorcha Faal > > who brought me there) > > > at the end of Part 4 there’s talk about the moon > > tumbling around recently – anybody there who can confirm this with > moon photo’s? > > and the strange caller to the Freedomslips show gets disconnected > shortly after telling that the Illuminati have found the place in > heaven where god himself lives and are going to attack it. >

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