A BBC “911 Conspiracy Road Trip” (Based on no evidence)

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-07-05 19:30:34

Attachments : Regarding BBC “Conspiracy Road Trip” – Programme – I have posted a short article here, including the information I have and associated thoughts and conclusions.   www.checktheevidence…   A BBC “911 Conspiracy Road Trip” (Based on no evidence) I thought, for information and background purposes, that I would make a short posting about this upcoming programme/documentary. I think it is likely to be a significant hit piece and psychological operation – for the viewing public as well as those who were directly involved in the “exercise”. As most people reading this will now, since participating in the programme, popular speaker and activist Charlie Veitch seems to have made a peculiar “U-turn” with regard to ignoring 9/11 evidence. Mind you, based on what he was shown, I am perhaps not as surprised as some people are by this outcome. People can read about and hear some of Mr Veitch’s experiences on this page and additional informationhas also been posted here, it seems. I especially liked this analysis by CTAgenda, although he omitted the point that it is easy to show thermite had nothing to do with the destruction of the WTC (and, indeed, those promoting this theory essentiallyfailed to include it in their formal “data quality” challenge to NIST in 2007. The linked video I made even prompted a whole response from Lee Woudberg who pointed out that I forgot to click 1 box in PDF reader. However, Mr Woudberg failed to point out how thermite turns things into dust. He also failed to point out the disclaimer on the first page of the “scientific” paper to which he refers and appears to eulogise.) However, I digress from what I wanted to posted. Regarding the afore-mentioned “road trip” programme, I spoke to 1 of the producers for about 30 minutes and explained to her in some detail about the evidence that I was aware of and, for example, Dr Judy Wood’s 911 Court Case. I did this so that I could state that the producers HAD been told about the evidence. In common with most people from the BBC, she showed little or no interest and was keen only that I pass her “fishing” message on to other people. I kept my end of the bargain, as I sent the message below to several people (see below), but I was not so cavalier as to pass any of their names or contact details on to the documentary producer – I left it for the people I knew to contact her. The reason I did not pass on any contact details was because I no longer trust anyone connected with mainstream journalism. Another thing the producer was apparently not interested in was the correspondence I had with Conspiracy Files producer Mike Rudin in 2008 – who apparently also had no interest at all in evidence – he merely had an agenda to get an interview… Then. of course, we can remind ourselves of the “efforts” made in 2007 by Duncan Gardham of the Daily Telegraph to present an “accurate” report about groups of people collecting evidence to counter government-issued propaganda. So, it’s pretty easy to see how consistent the pattern is – after a few years.   I have anonymised the correspondence below.   Anyway, “Get with the programme folks! You know it makes sense!”   ===============   Hi there,   I am e-mailing several of you to honour a promise I made to xxxx , who is producing a 9/11 “Road Trip” documentary. They are wanting people in the 18-27 age group – and whilst you may not be in that age group yourself, you may know someone who is. I did explain to her that people may be reluctant to get involved (see the attached flyer) and may not even respond. I did speak to her for about for about 20 minutes and went through a thumbnail of “what really happened on 911” (using bits of Dr Judy Wood’s page http://www.drjudywood.com/wtc) – she did listen, but still wanted to get people involved in her documentary. You can read the correspondence I had with her – feel free to respond to her (or me) – or not1 Thanks Andrew   From: Andrew Johnson [mailto: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Sent: 09 May 2011 15:59To: Subject: Re: 9/11 Evidence xxx,   Thanks for phonig me back and for listening – I wanted to give you a “thumbnail” of some of the last 7 years of research I’ve been involved in (and I even got something published in an[Contact Me Ref-2]magazine in 2007!). If you study this much further yourself, you will eventually have to deal with the “thermite crew” and the “nuke crew” (I’ve written article about this!) Just forewarning you!   I will definitely forward this to at least 3 people I know. Hopefully they will respond, but apologies in advance if they don’t (they may feel similar to me that the censorship is too problematic).   With all good wishes   Andrew On 9 May 2011 15:42, < .@renegadepictures.co.uk> wrote: Hi Andrew,Thanks again for your time on the phone just now, I appreciate you takingthe time to talk to me.Like I said I am looking for young people aged between 18-27 to go to NYC toinvestigate what happened on 9/11 and it would be great if there was someonein that age group that supported your viewpoint.Please find attached a press release of how people can get in touch with me.Any leads are much appreciated.Many thanks, xxxx —–Original Message—–From: Andrew Johnson [mailto: ad.johnson@ntlworld.com]Sent: 06 May 2011 19:58To: .@renegadepictures.co.ukSubject: RE: 9/11 EvidenceDear xxx,Just a quick follow up to our telephone conversation. The link I mentioned -which I would like to spend some time with you going through is this one:http://www.drjudywood.com/wtc/I have been researching 9/11 evidence for about 7 years (along with a numberof related matters) and some of my initial conclusions have changed. I havecompiled certain aspects of the information into a free book (a paperbackcan be obtained at cost price).My friend, Dr Wood, has made a number of legal challenges to NIST’scontractors. Sadly, all of this information has been completely censoredand/or covered up – in ways that are not immediately obvious.I hope we can discuss this more, so that you at least get a handle on whatyou’re dealing with.As I said, my background is in Software Engineering (a very analyticalpractice). I currently tutor, part time, in an IT subject, for the OpenUniversity (I even got an article about 9/11 published in 2007!). I haveeven given 3 talks in  Liverpool and was on the City Talk FM programme 2 or 3years ago!!RegardsAndrew Johnson > —–Original Message—–> From: class=Apple-converted-space> .@renegadepictures.co.uk > [mailto: .@renegadepictures.co.uk] > Sent: 06 May 2011 16:20 > To: class=Apple-converted-space> info@checktheevidence.com > Subject: Contact from CheckEv >> Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted > by ( style=”COLOR: rgb(129,157,38); TEXT-DECORATION: none” title=”mailto:

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