From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-09-06 19:13:18

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From: Penny Pullen [mailto:penelope.pullen@sky….] Sent: 06 September 2011 09:29To: Penny PullenSubject: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – UK STATE SANCTIONED TORTURE OF ELDERLY WAR HERO – TRIAL ONGOING, LONDON, UK (Sept. 9th. )Importance: High   Please share and put out the clarion call for people to go along if they are able to support Norman.   I see this message originated in Canada – that is interesting especially as Kevin Annett (Vancouver Island) is blowing the whistle re Jesuit created residential schools for native children who were responsible for abusing and murdering thousands of them… www.hiddenfromhistor…    Also, Dean Clifford who has studied the law system for years and is putting out films on Youtube, is Canadian …. www.freemanitoba.com…lifting-the-veil-8311_1017.html   Also, Ghislaine Lanctot (Ex MD) who wrote the book ‘Medical Mafia’ is Canadian.  www.healthtruthrevea…   Pen x     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   JUSTICE FOR NORMAN SCARTH CAMPAIGN justicefornormanscar…   British Columbia, Canada September 5, 2011 22.10 hrs.       SCARTH v HM PRISON LEEDS & SECRETARY OF STATE FOR JUSTICE   Appeal hearing 10.30 a.m. September 9, 2011, Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London, Court Room 5.       In the ongoing case of British injustice, “Justice” Wyn Williams of the Royal Courts of Justice, London, UK, has twice denied 85 year old Norman Scarth his common law right to bail, and twice refused to order that he receive his prescription pain medications which are deliberately being denied him by all prison and health officials, and relevant regulatory authorities. Complicit are all officials, from the Health Officer of Leeds Prison, PALS NHS Leeds,  Leeds Prison Governor, Paul Baker,  HM Inspector of Prisons, Nick Hardwick, Dr. Peter Selby of the Independent Monitoring Board, Michael Spurr of N.O.M.S, and Crispin Blunt, Prisons Minister, and more. In addition, all members of the British parliament have been advised of this situation, including the Secretary of State for Justice and the Prime Minister – several times.   Despite his requests, frail Norman Scarth has also been denied access to a qualified physician since his incarceration on July 26, 2011.   The public is demanding a Public Inquiry, as it is felt that this is a conspiracy to torture an 85 year old man with intent to cause premature death, as Mr. Scarth has been outspoken about the judiciary and British legal system in the past. There would appear to be no freedom of speech in the United Kingdom, despite the government’s claims to the contrary. Supporters of Mr. Scarth have put all those in government on notice regarding corporate homicide and their personal roles in failure in duty of care and wilful blindness.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/aug/28/corporate-homicide-law-prison-police   Mr. Scarth was sentenced to six months in prison for attempting to turn on his phone to record a court hearing because he is partially deaf, and audio loops were not provided in the public gallery at Bradford Crown Court before proceedings started in a public hearing on July 25, 2011. According to an eye witness, Judge Jonathan Rose, a controversial figure connected with the Yorkshire Ripper Case, sentenced Norman Scarth to six months in prison, in anger. He is spending it IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in Leeds Prison – a prison for serious offenders. He is  a CIVIL prisoner, and is being denied certain of his rights, including his prescription medication. Since his incarceration, Mr. Scarth is still being denied his right to see  a Legal Officer in the prison in order to obtain blank  legal documents and forms for his appeal. Friends have mailed documents into him, but prison officers had been  stealing his postage stamps and documents. Justice Wyn Williams had to issue a court order to the prison, commanding them to give him access to his personal legal counsel, as the avenues of communication were being blocked to him by the prison. This is against his legal rights, and a court order should never have been necessary.   The public is wondering who is pulling the prison’s strings.   However, the appeal is going ahead this Friday, with the obstacle having been overcome by Mr. Scarth’s ardent supporters.   Nick Hardwick, HM Inspector of Prisons and Dr. Peter Selby, Chairman of the Independent Monitoring Board insist that they do not have the authority to intervene in the matter of prison abuses, despite their positions, and the public is questioning their existence, as it would appear that not one person in public office in the UK feels they have any accountability to the public or any higher authority, and that nor they do not feel the need for transparency or duty of care.     Watch video: RUSSIA TODAY     rt.com/news/british-… VIDEO RUSSIA TODAY.   Russia       Radio About us Login

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