FW: Here comes Free Energy!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-09-16 20:39:35

Attachments : The size of this thing is interesting – is it legit though? Well, we’ll have to wait and see… From: WoodySent: 16 September 2011 16:49To: 1-Got 9-11 Truth?Subject: Here comes Free Energy! News Link  •  Energy Rossi’s One MegaWatt power Plant – Comes to the U.S.09-15-2011  Ny Teknik got a look at the plant last week in Bologna, where it had been assembled from parts supposedly manufactured in Rossis’s factory in Miami, Florida. The plant consists of 52 ‘E-cats’ of a new model that Rossi says he developed this spring, partly through discussions with the Swedish physicists Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen, mainly regarding research done by Hidetsugu Ikegami, a professor emeritus at Osaka University in Japan. The plant was supposed originally to consist of 100 units of an early model, rated at a power output of ten kilowatts. When manufacturing started Rossi stated that he instead chose a smaller, more stable model with a power of about three kilowatts, and that 300 such units would then be used. In July, Rossi changed his mind after claiming to have reached 27 kilowatts of power output with the latest model, then discarded the previously manufactured units. The 52 units were mounted in four rows along both sides of a 20-foot container. On the front of each unit is a valve for filling hydrogen, as well as electrical connections to the electric resistance used to ‘ignite’ the reaction. Steam outlet hoses are connected to a single isolated thick tube that runs along both sides and ends on the outside of the container’s short side. On the outside is a water pump for water intake. The plant was initially scheduled to be transported to Greece for the opening in October, in co-operation with the Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies. After Rossi’s breach of contract with Defkalion in August and after Rossi had established contacts with an American customer, the container is now instead being shipped to the United States. According to Rossi, the launch is scheduled as planned in October, and will be controlled by a “very important entity” in the U.S. At the launch a complementary part will be included to attain a power-output rating of one megawatt, as the 52 units will be operated at reduced power levels to ensure stability even at intervals with self-sustained operation. Ny Teknik assisted at a recent test of the new model running in self-sustained mode –read our report here.  Read Full Story

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