“Alien Scientist” and His “Alien Science”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-10-12 13:14:22

Attachments : Here we go again, folks….   www.checktheevidence…   “Alien Scientist” and His “Alien Science”   Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) 11 Oct 2011   Alien Scientist is an anonymous YouTube poster whose channel was created on 7th August 2008. He has posted a number of very interesting videos – largely to do with topics such as UFO’s and related secret technologies and so on. His channel does seem to be quite popular, having garnered (at the date of writing of this article) 43,526 subscribers.   In January 2011, he did an interview on the Progressive Technology Hour with William Alek. The blurb for the interview is copied below:   The Alien Scientist is a man named Jeremy (approx 30) He prefers to have his last name/identity withheld due to the sensitive nature of his work and how that might affect his career goals as a young aspiring scientist and student of Physics. About 3-4 years ago Jeremy read “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper and became interested in the UFO/Alien phenomenon for scientific purposes. This lead him into researching other conspiracies, such as 9/11. After reviewing much of the available information found online and finding a lack of strong scientific arguments and evidence, he decided to start making and posting his own videos in an attempt to battle the disinformation and counter-intelligence out there using the only proven method for finding the real truth: The Scientific Method.   A question I then have at this point is “Why is he using this particular pseudonym, AlienScientist?”  The title on his channel says:   The Science of TRUTH   In the description it says:   Truth does not fear Investigation! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!   So, here is some research and investigation I have done relating to what Jeremy the Alien Scientist has said.   A Video from 23rd December 2008   In late December 2008, I had cause to point out some errors in one of Jeremy the Alien Scientist’s videos entitled ‘Proof by Stereo-Type The “Conspiracy Theory” method’, because it mentioned the research of Dr. Judy Wood – a common “target” for misquoting and “muddling up”, according to what I have been able to document since 2007.   This video was originally posted on AlienScientist’s own channel:   www.youtube.com/watc…   but soon after I posted the comments, listed below, the video above was deleted. (I made a video response to this and posted it on my own channel, but that channel got suspended in June 2011.)   Jeremy Alien Scientist’s ‘Proof by Stereo-Type The “Conspiracy Theory” method’ was reposted, on the same day by a YouTube user using the name “WarCrime911”, under the title of “How to Destroy the 9/11 Truth Movement”   Jeremy AlienScientist says in the above video “John Hutchison is a quack”. Funny, in another of his videos he mentions John Hutchison quite a bit, does but he not say he is a quack.   I posted some comments on AlienScientist’s (reproduced below).     They are not insulting and they are factually correct. Why did he then delete them, then block me from commenting on his channel? Did he feel my comments would “expose” him too much? The first 3½  minutes of his video are fine – but then he starts being rude about Dr. Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds – and making false or inaccurate statements. These are two people who have actually tried to prosecute those helping to cover up what happened on 9/11.   So where’s AlienScientist’s or Gage’s or Jones’ Thermite-based court case? (And I ask this of anyone who thinks “thermite dunnit”). Why did Steve Jones suggest “paint-on-thermite” was used?   www.checktheevidence…   Is this credible? Or is it meant to lead well-intentioned truth-seekers into a blind alley? (See other videos I have made regarding Steven E Jones.)   Also, some of Jeremy AlienScientist’s other videos talk about things like Cold Fusion, yet do not discuss thesimilar roles that Steven E Jones seems to have played in both areas of research.   Judging by the content of his videos, and the way they have been put together (it takes quite a long time to do some of these), Jeremy AlienScientist is not stupid – quite the reverse, it seems. As far as people like Jeremy AlienScientist go, I would say this:   “IF YOU CAN’T COVER IT UP – then just MUDDLE IT UP!!”   Though Jeremy AlienScientist talks about “The Science of Truth”, the comments and observations on the video above prove that Jeremy AlienScientist has lied, so why is it, then, that he has built up something of an apparent following on YouTube? (More on this later). AlienScientist’s – Sept 2011 Video “9/11 Collapse Hypotheses”   More recently, Jeremy AlienScientist made another video called “9/11 Collapse Hypotheses” (now deleted) and he lied again – several times. I pointed out a couple of these lies / omissions (mainly about Hurricane Erin) in a comment   Well-seems AS has stopped saying “Judy Wood’s Space Laser” theory!   watch?v=awy8cmcuBlk @ 4:28   And also,if thermite is “proved” why wasn’t it in the RFC? 8:55 “violent opponent”? How so? Did you mean “vociferous”? I guess you’re struggling with your diction! “Alienscientist?” It’s amazing people even take you seriously when noone even knows who u are! Where’s your 911 legal case?13 minutes & u didn’t even mention Hurricane Erin. The questions you ask are answered in the book! Snapshot taken.   checktheevidence 1 day ago   and someone (I did not save their name, but it wasn’t AlienScientist in this case) responded:   @checktheevidence, Have you even taken the time to check AlienScientist’s 911 website? Just look at all the REAL evidence he has compiled!!! and you want to talk about a fucking Hurricane? Who the fuck cares? What the hell does a hurricane have to do with anything related to 9/11?   When it comes time for 9/11 Federal Grand Juries, you and Judy Wood will have no case, no evidence, and no suspects. Meanwhile AlienScientist has done excellent work bringing all that and more out into the light.   That’s a fairly extreme reaction to me pointing out that Jeremy AlienScientist – who states that “truth does not fear investigation” – had not mentioned Hurricane Erin in his latest video about 9/11.   On our behalves, a friend of myself and Dr. Judy Wood decided to file a copyright violation notification with YouTube, because several images of Dr. Wood and an image which is on the cover of my book were misused, without permission. In the submission about the copyright violations made in “9/11 Collapse Hypotheses”, he included these notes:   8:54 The narrator makes an oral utterance that  Dr. Judy Wood, “who insists that the towers were vaporized to dust…”. Dr. Judy Wood specifically says that the process was not vaporization as vaporization requires high heat. Vaporization is ruled out because it contradicts the evidence that there was no high heat.  It discredits Dr. Judy Wood to say she is promoting mutually contradictory descriptions. Therefore, to claim Dr. Judy Wood said the buildings were vaporized is slander.   The narrator makes an oral utterance that  Dr. Judy Wood, “who insists that the towers were vaporized to dust by an unknown, undocumented, unproven effect, which has never been reproduced in a laboratory, and has no scientific credibility to substantiate it.” It has been documented (see Where did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11  wheredidthetowersgo…. ).  The technology has been proven; it has been patented (see Chapter 17 of the book).  And it has been reproduced in a lab (see Chapter 17 of the book) as well as the provided references and documentation.  And it has credibility.  Dr. Judy Wood believes that Nikola Tesla has “credibility.”   b.) 9:12 The narrator makes an oral utterance that  “One of Dr. Wood’s hypotheses is a space-based weapon powered by…” Dr. Judy Wood has never said this was a “space-based weapon” so to claim that she has is slander.   c.) 9:23 The narrator goes on to show a satellite-tracking map and proposes to debunk the false story he claimed Dr. Judy Wood had put forth.  Again, this is slanderous.   d.) 9:34 The narrator shows a cartoon of a ray beam from space, implying that is what Dr. Judy Wood has been hypothesizing.  Again, this is another count of slander. Presenting this slander while showing the cover of Dr. Judy Wood’s book makes this defamatory behavior more damaging.   e.) 9:55 The narrator states, “Even if the Hutchison Effect turns out to be a proven technology, which I don’t deny…” which contradicts what he said at 8:54.  It appears the  narrator has contradicted himself to attempt to confuse those who know of this technology and convince them that it can’t do what he is proposing…which is baseless.   This is why the video was removed by YouTube. Over the years, I have certainly grown weary of people like Jeremy AlienScientist either lying outright, or repeatedly getting things wrong – however many times they are corrected or statements clarified for them. This is completely different to “having an opinion” or “feeling a certain way” about something. Some people appear to have trouble distinguishing “an opinion” from “a lie” or “a feeling” and what real, physical evidence shows and proves, it seems.   Jeremy AlienScientist and Edgar Fouché   Separately to this, I came across a channel called efearfull – and this person claimed to be Edgar Fouché. Edgar Fouché appeared in 1998 as a whistle-blower regarding the TR3B Advanced/Antigravity Craft that he seemed to have detailed knowledge of (he was even featured in a 1999 UK documentary about UFOs). A couple of years later, Fouché became inactive and had seemingly “disappeared”. However, in Jan 2010, the efearfull channel appeared. On efearfull’s channel, he stated (in September 2011): Hey, finally I’m going to be a Special Guest on the Alienscientist.com Forum. We’re great friends and you can join for free and talk about anything you want including ask us questions. I’ve been a Special Guest on Open Minds Forum and still am.   Oddly, in Sept 2010, Jeremy AlienScientist posted a 1998 video of Fouché at a UFO conference. So what exactly is the connection between these two people?   You will see in the correspondence I had with “efearfull” around the same time, that he is apparently not open to evidence regarding 9/11 – preferring instead to (essentially) defend Jeremy AlienScientist when I pointed out that he had deleted my comments from his channel – and lied  (i.e. efearfull did not say “Oh – I did not realise that – I will look into it”).   Jeremy AlienScientist and Eugene Podkletnov and American Antigravity   Another researcher into antigravity/gravity effects is Eugene Podkletnov. On 12 December 2010, Jeremy AlienScientist posted a full length interview with Eugene Podkletnov from 2004. How did AlienScientist get this video, and why was it posted approximately 6 years after it was recorded? These are questions I find interesting to ask, but for which I do not have an answer.   Information about Eugene Podkletnov seems scanty – he did a couple of podcasts – for example originally on the American Antigravity Website, then he seemed to “disappear”. I have archived 2 Podkletnov Interviews here.   www.checktheevidence…   www.checktheevidence…   Curiously, if you look in the audio archives on the American Antigravity Website or search for “podlkletnov” (as of the date of writing/posting this article), no results are returned. A trip to the Internet Archive also allows access to a Podkletnov interview from a snapshot of the American Antigravity Website. (Go to the very bottom of the linked page.)   However, as of 11 Oct 2011, the site prominently features John Searle’s research, which I do not have a very high regard for. (I think it is worth comparing the way John Searle talks with the way Podkletnov talks). The American Antigravity Website also features an interview with John Hutchison about his research, which I do have a very high regard for.   AlienScientist “Fan” Encourages “Debate”   In March 2010, I was contacted by someone (whose name I have withheld – even though I am doubtful the name he used was genuine) who seemed either to be a “fan” of Jeremy AlienScientist or was associated with him in some way. He seemed very keen for either myself or Dr. Wood to “debate” AlienScientist either in an interview or on his forum as regards “theories” about what happened on 911. I pointed out to him that AlienScientist had lied and I saw no point in debating with someone who was a proven liar. As you will see in Appendix 3, this person did not say “Oh yes, he has lied!” he decided to criticise me for pointing out that he had lied and then suggested that he himself had been attacked (he had not – I merely asked if he thought debating with proven liar AlienScientist would be fruitful).   I include this correspondence as evidence of something strange going on. This “fan” of AlienScientist thought such a lot of him that he could not see or take in the evidence laid out here and got “upset”. (Let’s face it, Jeremy AlienScientist is not a politician, recognised academic, popular artist or any of those things – he is an anonymous YouTube poster.) Why did it matter so much to this “fan” that we should “debate” with his “friend” – when I had pointed him at court submitted documents and so on – to which he responded:   Using your litmus test of “initiating a legal action” to judge if somebody is worth anything. I thought this was about evidence … apparently not (or only when it suits you)   Well, when it comes to something as important as 911 crimes, and their cover up, I think my “litmus test” is a pretty good one – and has been useful in sorting the “AlienScientists” from “the wheat”, so to speak.   I have not sorted all the correspondence into the correct order – glancing through it gives you an idea of the sort of nonsense that Dr. Judy Wood and, to a lesser extent, myself, have to deal with – often on a daily basis. Summary and Conclusion   From the evidence linked and discussed above, I conclude that anonymous Jeremy Alien Scientist is involved in managing the disclosure of information relating to antigravity technology – and he is willing to lie whilst doing this. Again it illustrates the fundamental importance of Dr. Judy Wood’s research – apparently, this is an “unsafe” type of disclosure. Whereas, the disclosures of Edgar Fouché and Eugene Podkletnov are “safe” – possibly because what they have said is harder to prove – in Fouché’s case, we mainly have his word to go on (although there are certain other pieces of evidence which, to me, suggest that what Fouché has been saying is probably true). In Podkletnov’s case, he also sounds legitimate, but we cannot personally verify his experiments and there do not seem to  be any easily viewable / accessible reproductions of them.     Appendix 1 – Comments on AlienScientists ‘Proof by Stereo-Type The “Conspiracy Theory” method’   3:48 – “Legitimate Scientific reseaearch and investigations into 9/11 done by Steven E Jones and Richard Gage”. Oh? If they are legitimate then why was neither thermite nor molten metal included in their NIST RFC?   4:28 “We also have Judy Wood” with her theory that a ‘space laser’ destroyed the world trade center”… ooops this is not correct. *DR.* Wood never said this – find the quote please.   5:05 “Obvious problems” such as.. you don’t say?   5:14 “by trying to say that this space laser weapon caused all of the phenomenon that one would usually associate with thermite” – would that be the Upside down cars and the thermite that burns metal and leaves paper unburned? Would that be the thermite that levitates people?   5:22 “It’s a completely laughable idea…” just like the “laughable idea of 9/11 being a conspiracy theory” that you describe the mainstream media using?   6:30 Odd – how can aluminium wing struts cut through steel girders? How come only 20% of 117 people with in 1/2 mile of the WTC reported seeing or hearing the 2nd “plane”. How come only 8% of that 117 reported seing *and* hearing the plane?   For those reading this, please see my YouTube videos for an analysis some very important evidence this video misses out. e.g. Google 9/11 and Hurricane Erin   Appendix 2 – Correspondence With Efearfull / Edgar Fouché   efearfull Edgar Fouché – Flying Triangle I’m on OMF (Open Minds Forum) almost daily. Edgar Fouché – Special Guest. You will find a lot of answers to your questions there. Also Alienscientist.com >Area 51 > Edgar Fouché /// And Alienscientist.com videos on antigravity and UFOs. Sent to: adjuk  Re: Edgar Fouché – Flying Triangle Thanks – I had to make a video about AlienScientist a year ago.   I personally think he’s leading people away from the truth on certain issues. He started deleting my comments when I asked tough questions about his YouTube video. Then he deleted the video I was criticising.   www.youtube.com/watc…   I have found forums are too polluted now for useful discussion – too much anonymity which prevents open, honest clear discussion.   I had to write a book about my experience with researching into what happened on 9/11 – which intimately involves black technology – and we know (roughly) how it works too. AlienScientist didn’t want to talk about this, it seems.   www.lulu.com/product… (also available free on my website, when the fault has cleared)   You can find the research of my friend Dr. Judy Wood here: www.drjudywood.com/   My website is currently experiencing technical difficulties 9:59 Added to queue 911 – The Key Evidence – 1/2     efearfull AlienScientist – Edgar Fouché My name is Edgar Fouché, Author (Alien Rapture) and Guest on OMF (Open Minds Forum). You can find my book free on Scribd.com   lucianarchy.proboard…   I’m not going to get into a long debate, but AlienScientist is a long time friend. He’s smart, articulate, and a scientist. He has theories about many different things, just as you do. He makes videos about his opinions and posts them just as you do.   It’s his YouTube Channel and he has the right to pull or delete anyone’s comments. The same right you have. Some of his stuff is far out, just as some of your videos are.   A real scientist would NOT use their real name while they have a career without bringing harsh peer judgment down upon themselves. Live and let live. You, AlienScientist, and I will never know the real truth about many things.   God Bless, Ed Fouché Sent to: adjuk efearfull Re: Re: Re: Edgar Fouché – Flying Triangle Edgar,   Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply! I will try to read your book at some point. Thanks for telling us who you are.   There is no need to debate. As we know, night follows day. Here are some facts:   1) The WTC towers turned to dust in 10 seconds each – thermite does not turn steel to dust – nano, super, thermate, spray on – whatever. 2) Hurricane Erin was closest to NYC on 9/11 at about 8am 3) Dr. Judy Wood, former professor of mechanical engineering has posted a forensic study of 9/11 evidence which shows characteristics of the Hutchison Effect in the evidence – here is part of it:   www.drjudywood.com/a…   This is essentially proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, an undisclosed technology was used to destroy the WTC – perhaps it is related to the technology which powers the TR-3B.   We also know that John Hutchison was visited in 1983 by a team from Los Alamos National Labs – headed up by Colonel John Alexander (I have audio and documents which prove this).   AlienScientist (whatever his real name is), will not discuss this evidence – instead, he promotes thermite – which does not explain the evidence. AlienScientist does not seem keen, as I am, to expose the link between Steven E Jones, Energy and 9/11. Steven E Jones coined the term “cold fusion” and Dr. Eugene Mallove (now dead) mentioned him on 100 pages of his book about Cold Fusion “Fire From Ice”   It strikes me as odd that someone like AlienScientist (and at least one of his supporters who declared himself an “enemy of mine” – whatever that means – when I said I didn’t see any point in debating with someone who was covering up evidence – as was proved by the video I sent you) does not want to talk about the weapon system that was used on 9/11 – as it is important to global security and understanding who is truly “running the planet”.   We certainly will NOT find out much we:   1) Ignore evidence 2) Do not take others to task, who should know better, when they are helping to ignore or cover up evidence.   So, yes, we can live and let live – absolutely – as long as we are aware of each other’s behaviour and who is ignoring and mis-representing evidence and who isn’t.   I suppose I am in a much different position than you and AS – as I have never worked for the military and have no connections to them or the intelligence services. So this means I can do different things maybe.   With best wishes and regards   Andrew Johnson UK   Appendix 3 – Correspondence With an AlienScientist Fan (Name Withheld)   Notice the lack of discussion of actual points of evidence here.   Andrew Johnson   From:                                  xxx@rocketmail.com Sent:                                   13 February 2010 03:35 To:                                       info@checktheevidenc… Subject:                              Contact from CheckEv     Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by (xxx@rocketmail.com) on Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 03:24:40 —————————————————————————   message_text: Hi Andrew,   I contacted Judy Wood because I challenged AlienScientist to a debate and he accepted. I would very much like Judy Wood to accept to debate him too as it could clear up a lot of things. But I get mixed impressions of her responses. She seems irritated and responds with somehow dismissive statements. I would copy our exchange but character limit wouldn’t allow me to.   Ah, my whole message does not fit here, please contact me if you can for more details. Thanks char_count: 24 ————————————————————————— No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG – www.avg.com Version: 9.0.733 / Virus Database: 271.1.1/2678 – Release Date: 02/12/10 19:35:00   ===================================   (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

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