AE911 – Another Supporter’s Profile Edited (in Relation to Dr Judy Wood’s research)

Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) – Nov 2011

I was recently contacted by AE911 Supporter Andy Roseby. We had had previous discussions about Dr Judy Wood’s research following him attending a talk I gave in 2011.

Andy Roseby had decided to add some notes in his profile saying that he had been reading Dr Wood’s book "Where Did The Towers Go?". These comments were edited by someone on the AE911 site. An email he sent regarding this issue, around the same time, went unanswered.
I have included Screenshots  that Andy sent me at the bottom of this posting. He can be contacted at andy@t-roseby.freese….
See also:
Hear Andy Roseby, Scott Krajca and Abraham Hafeez Rodriguez describe their own thoughts and experiences on Ralph Winterrowd’s show on 13 Nov 2011:
Related: Matthew Naus describes his experiences with Richard Gage (AE911 Truth) 28 Aug 2011:
Hopefully with this information available, you can decide if this exposes this group’s agenda or not.
Video By Abraham Hafeez Rodriguez (April 2011):…

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