FW: Lloyd Pye: Trip to South Africa was a great learning experience!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-12-14 10:33:27

A very interesting read from Lloyd   From: Starchild Project [mailto:contact@starchildpro…] Sent: 14 December 2011 06:51 To: ad.johnson@ntlworld…. Subject: Trip to South Africa was a great learning experience!     My trip to South Africa was remarkable in many ways……   First, I was able to spend time with an old friend there, Duncan Roads, editor of Nexus Magazine in Australia , who had flown to Johannesburg to attend the conference and to scout new talent for his own excellent conferences in Oz. However, he was also there to interview a pair of whistleblowers who were giving him inside scoop about nefarious doings that he will no doubt reveal soon in the pages of Nexus. Duncan ‘s diligence at what he does keeps him at the forefront of nearly every new development in all aspects of alternative knowledge.   Next, I met several new friends whom I hope to keep in touch with as time goes by and our paths cross again. One of the best parts of attending such conferences is having the time and freedom to meet and get to know various speakers and attendees. I always learn something new and valuable at every conference, and this one was no different in teaching me things from small in scale to quite large. And sometimes there is out-and-out adventure to boot!   This one’s best adventure, by far, would have to be sneaking into Adam’s Calendar in the very early morning, drenched in fog, hiding from South African government officials who, a few days before the conference, declared the ancient stone monument to be “off limits” to any tourists. This was done specifically to disrupt Michael Tellinger’s plans to take his conference speakers there to let us see it and judge its importance with our own eyes. Michael is a famous man in South Africa , and he is also a critic of certain aspects of the government, so they tried to play hardball with him by declaring “his” site off-limits at the last possible minute.   When I asked Michael what we were going to do about the government’s declaration, he said, “We’re going in anyway. All they can do is fine us, so we will pay the fine.” I found out later it might have been a bit worse for him, but I admired him immensely for his spirited, combative attitude about it.   Rather than having to flagrantly scoff the law, once our group arrived in the area where Adam’s Calendar is, we found out the guard who had been posted there to keep us out would not arrive at the locked gates until 8:00 am. So all we had to do was get up at 5:30 am, drive an hour to get there, and have our hour on the site before having to leave. Of course, we had to approach the site from its backside, along an old and very poorly maintained logging road, but our four-wheeled vehicles carried us all safely to the site.      Looming out of very heavy early-morning mist…….   ….was a group of ancient stones placed in what could have been viewed as haphazard fashion, but that was very far from the case. Adam’s Calendar is actually Africa’s equivalent of Stonehenge in England . It is a calendar made up of large, misshapen stones that have been precisely positioned to the cardinal points of north, south, east, and west. Like Stonehenge , those stones permit those who know how to read them to follow the yearly progression of the sun and moon and stars across the heavens. It is a giant “clock” of sorts.   What makes Adam’s Calendar important is that Zecharia Sitchin wrote about it in only an abstract sense in his books, relating how it was described in the Sumerian tablets of 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. For those who don’t know the story, when the Anunnaki came to Earth around 400,000 years ago, they were under the leadership of two brothers, Enlil and Enki. These two brothers were rivals and did not get along well, so the Earth was divided into two halves. The “Upper” world, the E.Din, which became ” Eden ” in the Bible, was under the leadership of Enlil, who was also the overall commander of the Anunnaki while they were on Earth.   The other brother was Enki, and he was given the “Lower” world, Ab.Zu, the Abzu, which was what is now all of southern Africa, and specifically the country of South Africa . Enki had a capital city in the Abzu, which seems to have been the ruin that is now known as Great Zimbabwe. The Sumerian texts also talk about his “special place,” where he made complex calculations that were not greatly specified. Zecharia described it as being high on a plateau overlooking a wide, fertile valley. And that was it.   Only within the past couple of years……   ….have Michael Tellinger and his pilot friend, Johan Heine, realized that the scattering of large stones on the high bluff we stood on that foggy morning was in fact the “special place” of Enki, one half of the ruling tandem of Anunnaki on Earth. The cold and damp were not the only things giving us chills that morning. We knew we were standing on what had once been one of the most important sites on the planet. Knowing that gave us all quite a pause.   So there we all were, standing and gazing around a place the Sumerians wrote about 4,000 years ago, and that Zecharia Sitchin first wrote about 35 years ago, but which he didn’t actually know about because he died just as Michael Tellinger and Johan Heine were figuring out what it meant and putting it out to the world for evaluation and analysis.   This is my message today to all of you. Find some time to visit Michael’s website at www.michaeltellinger…. His book that deals with Adam’s Calendar and—I’m not exaggerating here—tens of thousands of other stone “structures,” for lack of a better term, that are circular in design (many of them circles within larger circles) and scattered all across the width and breadth of all of southern Africa. These stone structures are not homes or dwellings because they have no doors or openings of any kind. And they are connected by “roads” that are not really roads at all. What are they? You won’t believe it when you first hear it.   Michael has come to think they were for generating “free” energy, the kind Nikola Tesla was working to harness until large corporate entities found out they couldn’t put a meter on what he was creating, so they squashed him and his work and now we pay for power that could and should be free. Michael is confident that the prior civilization that lived all across southern Africa was sophisticated enough to know how to harness free energy, and nothing else I’ve heard as an explanation makes nearly as much sense as that.   Lastly, guess the size of the population of the civilization that once lived across southern Africa . Try to imagine how many people it would take to create stone edifices using billions—that’s billions with a “b”—of stones. Michael estimates in the range of 200 million, which is a staggering number until you read Michael’s book, “Temples of the African Gods” and see a hundred or so of those edifices that represent tens of thousands of them.   I realize it’s been a while since I did my last Byte like this….   ….and I hope you are tolerating the wordiness of it, but I want you all to know that Michael Tellinger’s work in South Africa is very, very important, and what I consider to be among the most important things going on in the world of alternative knowledge. Don’t miss making yourself at least aware of it, and if you have the time and inclination, learn more about it.   As for the Starchild Skull, we’ve made no new progress with genetic testing. We’re really done more than enough at this point to have an acceptable “proof of concept.” Now it comes down to getting the investment money we need, and I’m working on that steadily, as are others in our behalf.   Sooner or later we will find the right person and finally kick off the genetic testing. And as soon as we do that, it will only be a matter of time before we can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the Starchild was genetically so far away form humans that it can only be termed an alien.   More to come soon….   _________________________   NEW INTERVENTION THEORY WEBSITE: www.LloydPye.com/Intervention. _________________________   The free.pdf sample below is 20 pages, and takes an average reader 8-10 minutes to finish. Those few minutes teach an important truth about origins that very few people know about. I’m actually getting “Thank You” notes for the free sample! If you take the time to read it, you’ll find out why…..   FREE SAMPLE (Web – no download) FREE SAMPLE (PDF – download) _______ Or Buy Now for $9.95 When you click on your chosen format below you will be taken to our secure payment site, and upon completion of checkout you will be taken to the secure download page.     MOBI / PRC for Kindle™ (5MB)     PDF Small File Size for Smaller Screens (7MB)     PDF High Resolution for Large Screens (18MB)       If you do read INTERVENTION THEORY ESSENTIALS, the experience will be memorable. For most readers it requires 3 hours to read, and those 3 hours will change your worldview forever.   Visit www.LloydPye.com/Int… for more information.     Your donations allow us to continue providing free public information about the Starchild Skull, maintain the StarchildProject.com website, and fund ongoing work with the Skull. Thank you for your support!   Books From Lloyd Pye Starchild eBook: www.starchildproject.com/Starchild_eBook.htm Starchild paperback book: www.starchildproject.com/Starchild_paperback.htm Everything You Know Is Wrong: www.lloydpye.com/eykiw.htm Mismatch (hi-tech spy thriller): www.lloydpye.com/fiction.htm A Darker Shade Of Red (football novel): www.lloydpye.com/fiction.htm       This message was sent to ad.johnson@ntlworld…. from: Lloyd Pye

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