New Alex Jones Interview with First Responder Whistle Blower OKC Bom

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-12-26 09:53:10

Attachments : A couple of people have written to me to tell me that Alex Jones has recently posted an interview with him First Responder/Dog Handler Don Browning, who worked in the aftermath of the OKC APM building “bombing”.   wp.alexjonespodcasts…   I have clipped out the relevant part(s) here (40 minutes long):   Alex.Jones 22 Dec 2011 Don Browning OKC Bombing First Responder Interview.mp3 (9.1 MB) (Modified: Dec 26 2011 09:45:55 AM)   www.checktheevidence…   (on this page: www.checktheevidence…)   In it, Browning discusses what happened when he was involved in the rescue operation (some weird events as with 9/11). Again “bombs in the building” and things like “cutter charges” are mentioned later on.   I listened to most of the A Jones clip – I think that there is a lot of diversion here (as usual with Jones). I am sure the dog handler guy is genuine, but he – like the film maker – has no idea what he is dealing with (unlike A Jones, whom I bet knows exactly what happened to the APM building). Why am I saying this? Here’s a clue for you:…   History Repeats. One picture of the inside of WTC6 and the other is the Murrah Building in OKC. 
Can you tell which is which? (Hint: one of them has a wheatchex at the bottom.)
  And, as a “certain person” (easy to guess who – as I linker her site above), there were also cars with trunks popped open –   momof2girlygirlz.blo……     Hmmm – what does this look like?   topusa-news.blogspot……     and stories of electrical discharges in the building before “the bomb” went off. Oh and in case you hadn’t seen it:   www.checktheevidence…   And of course, there is more evidence here of folks like Alex Jones probably know here:   Andrew    

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