Circling Planes – USA Local News Bulletins / Update on “sounds aroun

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-01-19 08:33:19

Attachments : The tone of these bulletins is slightly different to earlier ones. And they are recent   Unidentified Aircraft Leaves ‘Contrails’; Raising Concerns in Colorado – Jan. 2, 2012 – YouTube…   Unidentified Aircraft Circling South Of Colorado Springs – Jan. 2, 2012 – YouTube……   The photo below was apparently a NATO plane from Belgium – presumably, Lincolnshire was chosen as it has a particular property/characteristic that “circles show up well” (i.e. why didn’t they do it over the sea?) Dunno about you, but I’ve never seen this kind of trail before.…   A few people have responded regarding the weird sounds. The compilation video may not have been all recent ones – some seem to have re-used soundtracks, changed dates etc – it seems to have been increasing in frequency over the last 18 months, looking at various YouTube postings

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