FW: Travis Walton Case – Phil Klass bribe of $10,000 to Steve Pierce

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-02-05 12:25:28

I received this from researcher Giuliano Marinkovic.   Someone has also posted the broadcast as a YouTube video.   www.youtube.com/watc…   The audio links don’t appear to work at the moment.   Here is a synopsis of the show.   www.coasttocoastam.c…     =================   Dear Colleagues.   This audio set could be useful in the future for any kind of public debate where arguments versus pseudoskepticism will be needed. In this release I’ve made 2 versions of audios (one version for Broadband users and another for Dial up users):   Audios Download Link (high quality version for broadband users): tinyurl.com/7xtbqr8 (25mb)   Audios Download link (version for dial up users): tinyurl.com/7a39qnu (4mb)   Excellent companion piece by Don Ecker with audio too: tinyurl.com/82nok8n   AUDIO GUIDE IS AT THE END OF THIS POST.   DESCRIPTION OF THE AUDIO SET: As you start to think that there couldn’t be anything new within history of pseudoskepticism (I equally respect skepticism as any other objective research but pseudoskepticsm is a completely separate beast), uninvited demons of the past arrived again.   On January 29, 2012, Travis Walton was a guest on Coast to Coast, and the host was George Knapp. I was reading some comments over the internet, but I still couldn’t found that anyone has mentioned the most important part of the show from my perspective. The most exclusive part of the interview was rare appearance of Steve Pierce and John Goulette, Travis’ companions who witnessed UFO incident in 1975. Mostly, in the past, Travis was interviewed together with Mike Rogers, so it was refreshing to hear statements from other participants.   During the 4-hour interview, Pierce produced a bombshell. He stated that Philip Klass offered him $10,000 bribe to say that the event was a hoax (check audio number 4 from the download link on the top of this post).   Recap of the show is available here: tinyurl.com/7karbhg   Has this info about the bribe been in the public domain so far?   There is no need for a special introduction of infamous Phil Klass, one of the founders of CSICOP. CSICOP is now active with a new name – CFI – which is a legal successor. I still remember “Strange Days Indeed” – episode of the radio show back in September 2005, when Richard Dolan talked about the discovery of the Phil Klass letter (check audio number 3 from the download link at the top of this post). More on it here: tinyurl.com/3w4bp7y   At the time, I was shocked with the specific style of the letter, although I’ve been aware about methods that Klass used. Just to mention other problems that he caused to Dr. James McDonald and Professor Robert Jacobs. (More on it here: tinyurl.com/67ppqpp Reference about an interesting connection between Phil Klass and admiral Bobby Inman is available here: tinyurl.com/7propxw   Because of Klass letters, professor Robert Jacobs even get fired from University of Maine (check audio clip number 2 from the download link at the top of this post).   Anyway, implication about Klass’ bribe of $10000 is obvious. This latest revelation should be noted as additional argument versus the integrity of institutional continuity of CFI. I hope that you will find it useful. If a similar affair was discovered about some first-class UFO researcher, the field would be dragged through the mud for years.   GUIDE FOR THE AUDIO FILES THAT YOU WILL GET AFTER THE DOWNLOAD:   1. INTRO – PHIL KLASS INTERVIEWED ON VOICE OF AMERICA – January 01, 1978 (Good introduction to his philosophy of debunking – credits to Faded Discs – my extraction from the 30-minute show)   2. STRANGE DAYS INDEED – INTERVIEW WITH PROFESSOR ROBERT JACOBS – May 4th, 2002 – source here: tinyurl.com/78fvph5 Jacobs recalls how he lost his job at University of Maine because of Klass.   3. STRANGE DAYS INDEED – INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD DOLAN – September 24, 2005 – source here: tinyurl.com/84g34qf Richard Dolan comments the discovery of Phil Klass Letter   4. COAST TO COAST – INTERVIEW WITH STEVE PIERCE – January 29, 2012 Steve Pierce recalls how Phil Klass offered him $10000 to proclaim a Travis Walton case as a hoax.   5. COAST TO COAST – INTERVIEW WITH TRAVIS WALTON – January 29, 2012 Travis Walton recounts aftermath of the case, disinformation and Phil Klass’ attacks.   Compiled & Edited by: Giuliano Marinkovic    

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