FW: Alien Matter in the Solar System: A Galactic Mismatch

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-02-10 17:43:04

Odd language in this message. And why is it only now that NASA seems to be addressing this, when in the past, they have been so reluctant to talk about what is called the “LISM – Local Interstellar Medium”   ae-www.usc.edu/bio/d…   From: NASA Science News [mailto:snglist@snglist.msfc…] Sent: 10 February 2012 16:29 To: NASA Science News Subject: Alien Matter in the Solar System: A Galactic Mismatch   NASA Science News for Feb. 10, 2012 “Alien matter” detected by a NASA spacecraft orbiting Earth shows that the chemical make-up of our solar system differs from that of the surrounding galaxy. Researchers discuss the possible meaning of this mismatch in today’s story from Science@NASA. FULL STORY at science.nasa.gov/sci… A video version of this story is available at www.youtube.com/watc… You are currently subscribed to snglist as: ad.johnson@ntlworld….. This is a free service.

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