Latest UK Aliens/UFO Media Flap

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-02-15 22:59:44

There has been a “flap” in the UK media in the last couple of days and several people have sent me things.   First up is the Eisenhower Meeting the Aliens Story in the Daily Mail:…   This story is centred on a seemingly rehearsed or “agreed” segment on Frank Skinner’s audience-participatory chat show “opinionated” which UK viewers can see here for 2 or 3 days more:…   The segment starts around 11 minutes in, with a story about the latest Mars probe about which a guy from the audience adds some info. Skinner then asks “are you a space enthusiast?” And the guy basically says he was until he found out that men didn’t walk on the moon. The “eye-rolling” is not as pronounced as usual – but that is probably because it is almost certainly a “setup” as a couple of minutes later, the Buzz Aldrin/Bart Sibrel “punch up” commentary is played (so they must have had this cued-up) and then some laughter ensues. Later, Tim Good relates his story of “meeting an alien” (my description) in New York , as well as a brief outline of the Eisenhower meeting(s) in 1955. There is a sort of jolly approach to it all, but nothing is really discussed. Is this some kind of disclosure?   Also, a couple of days ago, alleged abductee Brigitte Barclay and Detective Gary Heseltine were featured on “This Morning” with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. It’s a very typical appearance, with Chris French slotted in to make sure no real evidence is discussed or analysed in the 10-minute slot.…   Back to the Eisenhower  story, it was also covered in the Huffington Post – with the (almost) 2-year old declaration by Rep. Rep. Henry Mcelroy jr   www.huffingtonpost.c…   Here is the short video:…   (which I mentioned a short time after it was posted)…   And it was in an aussie paper too:   www.dailytelegraph.c…   Of course, it stands to reason that neither McElroy’s statements – or anything similar were covered – either in the BBC or ITV segments (though they would claim they have covered stuff in documentaries, of course…)  

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