Forwarding a request to sign a petition re Apollo

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-03-09 20:33:11   This as sent to me by Adrian – I don’t think Obama would ever do such a thing, but it was pointed out that those who do actually read this will therefore be exposed to the concerns of people – a long shot, perhaps, but sign if you want to, though you have to register with the site.   If anyone wants to check out the 2-hour presentation I compiled about Apollo, please have a look here:   www.checktheevidence…   ================== Start an investigation into the Apollo moon landings. During the sixties and seventies NASA claims to have sent men to the moon. Today more and more people start to doubt this claim by NASA.   Your cell phone has more computing power than the computers used during the Apollo era. NASA states this on their own website. Did a mission of this complexity not require more computing power?   How did NASA protect the batteries against exposure to extreme temperatures in space and on the moon?   Risk management. High energy particles, radiation in space and solar flares. “They took risks and got away with it” as stated on the ESA website. Is this true?   Did Apollo land a man on the moon and return them safely back to Earth? We don’t know but we hope you will support this petition for an investigation by the US government into the Apollo moon landings .

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