FW: Article by local Aberdeen newspaper on potential Olympic Terrori

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-03-23 19:36:17

If we keep an eye on these stories, it could be useful! From: Sent: 23 March 2012 18:34To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Article by local Aberdeen newspaper on potential Olympic Terrorism Hi Andrew   Heading:     North-east pilots on Olympic terror alert – Flying clubs in Aberdeen area drafted in to help fight terrorism“. Here’s the link (although brief) in the hard copy it talks about Armed Police drills at Aberdeen (Dyce) Airport and that flying club members are very willing to help the fight against terrorism: www.eveningexpress.c…   I wonder if there are other UK local papers from cities/towns which have major airports that are spinning this story today! Is this just another fear mongering scenario being pushed to justify ‘terrorism’ or are these drills getting folks ready for an Olympic false-flag version of 911. I hope not!   Perhaps it might be worth posting on Cognoscence as other members may know of similar cities and their newsspeak media whores peddling the same stories.   Talking of the Cognoscence group…there’s been some interesting posts lately – especially the video of the mass arrests of 10 000 cabal members…although I feel it could be a ploy to give those govts and people who are protesting against the NWO a false sense of security in order to make them think it’s all in the hands of reponsible others so no need to worry, therefore do nothing.  I used to follow Benjamim Fulford, but I feel that as he is charging quite a bit for subscription on his blog he could just be a sensationalist blogger needing an income with new info and projects to keep the money rolling in. I hope I’m wrong however and I also hope I’m wrong about Alex Jones.   Thanks and Bye for now  

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