Did Obama Fumble the UFO Cover-up?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-03-25 14:29:46

Attachments : www.presidentialufo….   Did Obama Fumble the UFO Cover-up? Written by Grant Cameron    Sunday, 25 March 2012 01:20 Grant Cameron will appear on radio station KKNW 1150 Seattle on Monday March 26th from 9:00 – 10:00 AM Eastern to discuss UFOs. Part of the discussion will center on the recent mention of the Roswell UFO crash by President Barack Obama in a recent trip to New Mexico. The statement made by Obama is more significant than many researchers might think. During the trip to Roswell, New Mexico on March 21st President Barack Obama came out with the following opening remarks to his speech. We had landed in Roswell. I announced to people when I landed that I had come in peace. (Laughter) Let me tell you – there are more nine and ten year old boys around the country when I meet them – they ask me, “Have you been to Roswell and is it true what they say? And I tell them, ‘If I told you I would have to kill you.’ So their eyes get all big…so…we’re going to keep our secrets here. Did Obama let out the secret that an alien presence is being covered up? This would be a complete reversal of an official statement put out by the office of his science director’s office last November that there is “no evidence” for ET visitation? What does it mean when the President goes to New Mexico and says “we are going to keep our secrets here?” Did he say too much about what has been rumored to be the most highly classified secret in the United States government? Is it true what they say? According to President Obama he often gets the a particular question about a 1947 crash in Roswell, New Mexico – “is it true what they say?”The little boys who usually ask the question want the President is to tell them the truth about whether aliens have crashed on earth. They think the President knows, so they ask the President if he can tell them the truth. On March 21 President Obama gave the boys an answer while on a trip to the place where the aliens were rumored to have crashed 65 years ago. He gave the answer within a joke. Although the Obama statement might seem like no more than a small joke to open the a speech on rising gas prices in the United States the following key points should be considered. When these points are all taken into consideration what Obama said takes on much more significant meaning. A real close look at what Obama said actually shows that the President might have gone too far with the joke, and he may actually have confirmed that the United States government that he heads is covering up an ET presence. Here’s exactly what President Obama said to the New Mexico audience who had gathered to hear him speak., We had landed in Roswell. I announced to people when I landed that I had come in peace. (Laughter) Let me tell you – there are more nine and ten year old boys around the country when I meet them – they ask me, “Have you been to Roswell and is it true what they say? And I tell them, ‘If I told you I would have to kill you.’ So their eyes get all big…so…we’re going to keep our secrets here. Here’s a careful analysis of what it might mean, and the context in which it was said. Roswell is a key place in election years. Although New Mexico only has 5 electoral votes it is considered a swing state and most campaigns visit it near the end of a presidential election. Moreover, everyone (except Palin and Cheney) seems to have a joke in their speech about UFOs for the Roswell crowds. This started as early as 1982 when Ronald Reagan visited the old Roswell Air Field campaigning for Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt late in the midterm campaign. Cheney visited in the dying days of the 2000 election to be greeted by signs ‘Space Aliens Love Cheney.’” In the dying days of the 2002 midterm election Cheney showed up again in Roswell and this time made a speech in Hanger 32 just yards away from the infamous Hanger 84 at Roswell Air Field where the alien bodies were rumored to have been kept. Just two days before the 2004 election, and the day before he made a campaign trip to Roswell for John Kerry, 4-star General Clark replied to a question of whether or not he had been briefed on the UFO subject stated, “I heard a bit. In fact, I’m going to be in Roswell, New Mexico tonight. There are things going on. But we will have to work out our own mathematics.” Lastly, the night before the 2008 election Republican candidate John McCain appeared for a campaign stop in Roswell, and declared that he had received the alien invasion endorsement from P’Lod, an alien that appeared every four years in the Weekly World News to predict the winner of the presidential race. It was in light of this New Mexico political history that Obama showed up in New Mexico to talk about oil, and crack his version of the Roswell UFO joke. The opening “I come in peace” was a preplanned part of the reading copy repaired for Obama. Its appearance in the speech is important because it took some research on someone’s part to know they would set up a joke by paraphrasing the 1951 UFO movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, in which the enlightened alien, Klaatu, tells the people of Earth: “We have come to visit you in peace and with good will.” Even I did not realize the significance of the line until Robbie Graham, the UFO movie expert from the U.K., pointed it out in an article. This would have been the work of the speech writing team but it would have to be approved by Obama and many other White House staffers. The Roswell Joke was also written into the speech. This is important to consider because it shows that on some level, no matter how circumstantial the discussion, the Roswell UFO crash was discussed by the President and his staff. This would mean one of two things. The President got a briefing on the subject of Roswell and there is secrecy and there is constitutionally backed presidential control over the Roswell evidence. If there was no briefing the mention of the Roswell crash in the speech at least means that the White House is aware that the Roswell UFO subject is one that requires a carefully orchestrated reply to deal with all the 9 and 10 year old kids who will pop the question from time to time. It also goes again some recent discussion inside the UFO community that the government doesn’t care about the issue, or that they are much too busy cleaning up George Bush’s mess to give UFOs any thought. It appears that when young boys ask “is what they say is true” (ie. Was the Roswell crash an extraterrestrial event?) the Obama administration policy appears to be to deal with the public disbelief in the official government Roswell explanation by using humor. This ‘laugh it off” approach is backed up by the fact that this is the third time Obama has used humor to deal with UFO type issues and the second time that he has used the exact line, “If I told you, I would have to kill you.”[1] It is also an approach that has allowed the media an easy out to not cover the UFO story seriously. One of the most important things about Obama’s Roswell joke is the fact that he even brought it up. It was not necessary. He could have used a less threatening joke such as the one that George Bush used during his Roswell visit when he said, “I understand you have reports this morning of an unfamiliar aircraft. Don’t worry — it was just me.” The most important thing about the Roswell part of Obama’s speech is the final line – “we’re going to keep our secrets here”. If you listen very carefully to the line you will find compelling evidence that 1) It was not part of the speech. Obama ad libbed it. 2) It is not part of the joke. Obama is dead serious. If this is true President Obama may have actually slipped in confirming some sort of Top Secret Special Access research or technology program on UFOs. Such high level programs are so secret that they must be denied. Even an acknowledgement of its Top Secret existence (as it appears Obama did) jeopardizes the program security. In a speech to the CIA following the killing of Bin Laden President Obama stated that the government kept what they knew secret and that “this is a good thing.” There was a huge applause. Like Jimmy Carter before him who leaked the fact that America was working on Stealth, Obama stating “we are going to keep our secrets” about the Roswell UFO crash may be bring huge gasps from the people in charge of the secrecy rather than applause. Fortunately, however, the media will sleep through this leak as they have in the past. The situation is best described by Debra Orin, the former New York Post reporter who broke the story that Bill Clinton had asked his former Attorney General Webster Hubbell to investigate UFOs. When Orin stood up to ask President Clinton’s press secretary if the story of being sent on a UFO cover-up search by the President was true, as Hubbell had spelled it out in his book “Friends in High Places” the White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry walked around the question. Orin came back with a follow-up question – “Did he ask Hubbell to find out about those two issues?” Again the McCurry walked around the question saying, “I have no idea and I’m not going to respond to specific things in books that are written.” Years later Orin was interviewed. She recalled what happened next.  She explained that she waited for another reporter to follow up with another question and “they all rolled over and played dead.” The White House correspondents, according to author Howard Kurtz, did not defend Orin as they would then “risk losing whatever little access they had.” That was it for the Hubbell story and this Obama Roswell story will probably face the same grim death, like a staring child in a third world country waiting for someone in the west to save them. Someday this will change, but not today, and probably not tomorrow. [1]In a conversation with Michael Smerconish, American radio and television personality, newspaper columnist, author and MSNBC political analyst Obama was asked about the rumored book of secrets referenced in the movie “American Treasure. As to whether or not there was such a book for the President Obama replied, “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liLqI_BEQFQ) In a conversation with ahicago TV reporter prior to being elected Obama was asked whether or not he would tell the people if he discovered after being elcted that there were aliens visiting the earth. Obama replied with humor, ‘Well it depends what these aliens are like – if they are Democrats or Republicans.Obama on Aliens Last Updated on Sunday, 25 March 2012 02:45

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