New BBC Funded 7/7 Propaganda Piece in the Works

Andrew Johnson ad.johnson@ntlworld…. – 03 Apr 2012
(Updated 20 Apr 2012)

In May 2011 I was contacted by someone at Renegade Pictures in relation to their film "911 Conspiracy Road Trip" – in which Charlie Veich became involved and was "converted" back to believing the official story of 911 (and quite a bit of weirdness went with that).

Today, I was contacted about what seems to be a similar "project" regarding the 7/7 bombings. I have anonymised the message below, but am posting this as "notice" of an upcoming BBC propaganda piece. I tried to summarise how I view these folks now.

It was submitted by *** at 11:06:25  03-Apr-2012
Message text: Hi Andrew, 
Im contacting you from a TV company called Renegade Pictures. I am working on a doc about people who think that the 7/7 bombings cannot be explained by the official report, which suggests that it was a terrorist attack committed in the name of Islam. We are currently in the process of casting for the prog, so are interested in looking for people who are between the ages of 18-35yrs who doubt the official account of events. Is there anyone who think might be keen to take part? Cheers

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From: Andrew Johnson [
Sent: 03 April 2012 18:52
To: ‘***’
Subject: RE: 7/7 Programme

Hi there,

I was contacted by your company last year re the 911 "road trip" film you made – and it is now clear what happened.

In your message you wrote:

> We are currently in the process of casting for the prog, so are
> interested in looking for people who are between the ages of 18-35yrs
> who doubt the official account of events.

Well, we have been in the process of pointing out that the government’s (revised) narrative of the events of 7/7 cannot be true. This is the definitely the case (no "doubts" or "beliefs" are involved) – because the available evidence proves that the 4 alleged bombers cannot have committed the alleged crimes – someone else is responsible.

I would like to point you in the direction of John Anthony Hill’s (JAH) film "7/7 Ripple Effect" which summarises the evidence which proves the official narrative of 7/7 is false.…

You could also cover that JAH was detained without trial (accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice) for 140 days and finally brought to trial after that period had elapsed (and after the so-called 7/7 inquest had finished) and he was acquitted by a jury (they were shown the afore-mentioned film).…

All the people I know are familiar with above story and, as far as I can tell, know that the BBC, news media and those production companies making films and documentaries NOT addressing this evidence are effectively (at best) then paid propaganda agents or (at worst) accomplices to a criminal cover up – being, as they are, complicit in attempts to pervert the course of justice.

History will record this – and the dishonesty of those unable to report on and investigate these matters appropriately and accurately when they "should know better". (A production brief given by a director or other person will not be seen as an valid excuse.)

History will also record others, like JAH, who have studied the details and the evidence and presented it fairly and accurately to those willing to listen:……

I will be advising my contacts that a new BBC propaganda piece is in the works and they can then also "log" this as another attempt at smear, ridicule, distortion and so on in what is tantamount to fraud and conspiracy.

You, as a researcher, have a choice: continue to be paid money to help pervert the course of justice – or perform research openly and honestly and refuse to contribute to the project in any meaningful way. (All persons working on this programme have the same choice – perhaps once you have done the research, you can present this choice to them.)

I will be posting this on my website, deleting your name – so that you can privately make the choice above.


Andrew Johnson


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 From: ***

 Sent: 04 April 2012 12:13

 To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….

 Subject: RE: 7/7 Programme


 Hi Andrew,


 Thanks for your email. I fully appreciate your concerns, but wanted to

 let you know that we are not trying to make a one sided propaganda

 piece with this documentary.  This is a programme which will allow

 five people the chance to tell the viewing public what they think

 really happened on 7/7. It is not a one sided programme, instead we

 wish to promote a genuine debate on the issue, which will enable five

 people who think the official account is false, to put forward their

 views, and present their case.


 It sounds like you know a lot on the topic, and it would be really

 helpful to talk to you about your views; materials that can help us in

 our research; and any points that you feel we should raise in the

 documentary,. If this is something you would be up for doing, you can

 reach me on ——.


 Many Thanks,


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From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….

Sent: 04 April 2012 14:59

To: ****

Subject: RE: 7/7 Programme

Dear —-,

Thanks for your message and offering an opportunity to participate in a "debate". It’s a bit like saying "should we debate whether 2+2 = 5". The government story of 7/7 is FALSE and the establishment has acted to PREVENT this being properly shown to the public. That is true. I don’t want to discuss "a view" I want to discuss evidence – which won’t be possible in a programme like that.

If your programme was to be called "7/7 – How the Government the UK Media lied and covered up crimes" and that title was going to be shown on air, then I MIGHT consider participating in some way. In any case, you won’t retain editorial control yourself – and even if you did, a fair presentation of the evidence would either removed or compromised by including "experts" such as Chris French or Karen Douglas or someone else.

Other reasons for me not being interested in participating are:

1) Previous experience with your company, documented here:


2) Previous experience with the BBC – documented here:


3) Minor, but based on your criteria, I am too old (47 years old)

4) Reaction I’ve had to my posting (some from Facebook and some by e-mail) – see below.

So why would people react this way?

All the information you need is "out there" – what I’ve given you is a starting point. Presumably, you get paid to do research – I do not (except for when I am researching into the nature of Student’s health conditions for my student assessment work).


Andrew Johnson


N R – Brilliant work, Andrew
19 hours ago · Like

SB – Well done Andrew
19 hours ago · Like

FA – Thanks for making the time to expose the crimes!
18 hours ago · Like · 1

MM – Thought the same Andrew received the "invite" this morning, but I’m to old, lol!!

PA – Contacting you about this was a bit of an own goal me thinks Andrew? haha!
18 hours ago

DW – Go to top of the class Andrew. Very well done. I have sent this off to JAH as I know he’ll love it.
11 hours ago · Like
From: NB
Sent: 03 April 2012 19:15
To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….
Subject: RE: New BBC Funded 7/7 Propaganda Piece in the Works

Brilliant Andrew!

Your reply is very well put.

I appreciate you keeping me up to date. I shall let all ‘my folks’ know.

Keep on keepin’ on!
Sent: 03 April 2012 23:32
To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….
Subject: RE: New BBC Funded 7/7 Propaganda Piece in the Works

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the alert to this yet another sick and low reaching so called documentary about 7/7. Just like all the other BBC Conspiracy (RUBBISH) programmes, I shall make sure I will tell and inform everybody NOT to waste there time watching sick brainwashing rubbish like this. Believe me people are really turning away from the BBC and mainstream media in general, as they simply can’t be trusted to present programmes with any real truth or quality. I mean just look at there main programme EASTENDERS? Says it all really. Nice reply you sent back to them. I hope one day they are brought to justice for promoting such lies. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

Sent: 03 April 2012 12:28
To: ‘Andrew Johnson’
Subject: RE: Renegade Productions doing 7/7 programme – hmmmmm

Hi Andrew,

Yes I have seen this. The fact that they ask for “people who think that 7/7 bombings cannot be explained by the official report” and not “people who have evidence about what actually happened on 7/7” tells you they are not interested in finding out the truth.


Sent: 03 April 2012 12:35
To: ‘Andrew Johnson’
Subject: RE: Renegade Productions doing 7/7 programme – hmmmmm

It also tells us that 7/7 is a major concern to them. I really makes me angry that they can just throw a few hundred thousand pounds at a problem and get a hit piece made and put on mainstream TV. Fucking bastards.

How about we write to the producer/director saying that if and when criminal proceedings are brought against MI5 and those involved that people in the media will also be getting prison sentences. As producer/director of this work they are aiding and abetting terrorists?



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