FW: General news and a bit more fun with Wackypedia.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-04-21 00:18:26

Wikipedia – try not to click on it – ever! From: Starchild Project [mailto:contact@starchildpro…] Sent: 19 April 2012 05:47To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: General news and a bit more fun with Wackypedia.   To give a general accounting of how things are going here….   ….let me say that on a couple of fronts things are developing that have the potential to create major news. One involves the Starchild, of course, and the other….well, it’s something else. You just have to trust me on this—it’s very important. I’m not asking any of you for anything. We think at this point that costs can be covered. If not, I’ll let you know. But something special is in the wind, and I’ll share it with you when a couple of “official” hurdles have been safely cleared. Please don’t ask for more information at this point. I’m sharing what I can with you, and when I can share more I will. Okay?   In the meantime, I have a great new slam on Wackypedia….   ….based on the last Byte I sent out directing you to information about the great book by Christopher Hardaker, “The First American,” which explains how mainstream archeology does all it can to sandbag legitimate evidence that shows humans inhabited the Americas vastly earlier than the Poohbahs of mainstream science are willing to accept. It’s not because those facts are in any way wrong, they are radically inconvenient and thus must be ignored.   I know you hear me complain about Wacky and how much damage they do to us, especially when we talk to potential investors and they become intrigued with the Starchild, then when we leave them, the first thing they do is go to Wacky to learn more. There, they read it’s all a bunch of hooey, and that, in essence, anyone who takes it seriously is a moron. Well, no investor wants to be thought of as a moron, so that is nearly always the last we hear of them.   When the history of the Starchild case is fully written, the biggest villain in the story, by far, will be Wackypedia. Nothing comes even close to doing as much damage to us as the countless STUPIDS (as in “Fight The Stupids”)who manage it.   Anyway, below is a letter from a friend named Steve, who read the last Byte, checked out the website, read the book, and tried to make Wacky do the right thing regarding one aspect of what he learned. And Steve is very well informed about science and how science is supposed to operate. Below is a letter I received from him two days ago. This really IS how Wacky plays…..     Lloyd -Some saboteur keeps editing the Wiki page on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, deleting any facts he doesn’t happen to like, while slamming the majority of factual evidence that supports it.I spent 6 hours Saturday night correcting the page, and bringing it up to date with highly relevant published papers.  In my Edit Summary, I mentioned who the guy was and asked the Wiki Administrators to please look into his sabotage of any presentation of scientific facts.What did they do?  They BLOCKED me ‘Without Expiry’.  As far as I understand that term, it means FOREVER. Why?  Because I mentioned the saboteur’s name! NOT in the page edit, either.  Only in the Summary of what my edit was about.  And no one but Administrators see that.I appealed on the grounds that an Edit Summary is not for the public. Also, on many top-quality sites it is laughed at to post without using your real name, because anonymity is the refuge of liars and thieves and cheap-shot con artists.  However, on Wiki even YOUR NAME is considered ‘personal information’.  HUH???? Since then, my entire edit has been replaced by his earlier lies. And NOW they have frozen the page WITH ALL THE LIES ON IT!!!In the middle of the appeal, I emailed the arbitration committee and pointed out how HE DID IT AGAIN, and I told them if they wanted to keep him as an editor, I would withdraw my appeal. Here is the relevant portion of my letter to them: Here we are, people like me trying to keep Wikipedia up-to-date on the peer-reviewed evidence of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, and there is a total saboteur at work preventing comprehensive, well-referenced discussion of it – and you all are letting him get away with grinding his axe to whatever extent he pleases!

LOOK AT YOUR RECORD OF EDITS!  The guy tweets and brags about deleting material on the page, FACTUAL MATERIAL! If you want to keep him as an editor, I can only withdraw my appeal.  I don’t want to be associated with an online encyclopedia that has no interest in VALID SCIENTIFIC FACTS, as presented in peer-reviewed journals.  The paper from last month had no fewer than SIXTEEN scientists as co-authors.  So where is it now?  I edited it IN!  Where is it? It was deleted by a self-confessed knowledge CRIMINAL, an information saboteur. If you want him, you don’t want me, or people like me.  I actually respect facts, and it is blindingly clear that you don’t.

Very sincerely, Steve   Your donations allow us to continue providing free public information about the Starchild Skull, maintain the StarchildProject.com website, and fund ongoing work with the Skull. Thank you for your support!   Books From Lloyd Pye Starchild eBook: www.starchildproject.com/Starchild_eBook.htm Starchild paperback book: www.starchildproject.com/Starchild_paperback.htm Everything You Know Is Wrong: www.lloydpye.com/eykiw.htm Mismatch (hi-tech spy thriller): www.lloydpye.com/fiction.htm A Darker Shade Of Red (football novel): www.lloydpye.com/fiction.htm     This message was sent to ad.johnson@ntlworld…. from: Lloyd Pye

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