Re: The Roswell Alien “Airl” Story and Barry King and PLF’s

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-05-06 11:06:50

#ygrps-yiv-1902275066 v0003a* { } A few days ago, I sent round a link to the account of a woman who said that she interviewed a surviving alien being from the Roswell crash.…   I started to read the document just after I got the link and, on a 6 hour train journey back from Penzance, I finished reading the account – and found it to be quite compelling. It really does have a strong ring of truth about it. Some of it ties in with what I was sent by Les Harwood – which he wrote in “The Esoteric Self”   www.checktheevidence…   However, I did have 1 or 2 reservations – which came from minor things like the alien mentioning that the pyramids were the centre of all land mass on the earth and stuff – and the alignments of the shafts. My point being that, I don’t think that was known/observed in 1947 (maybe I am wrong – I didn’t check the references used), why would the alien feel that was significant enough to point out? (i.e. was it a disinfo detail put in to make people say “Oh! That’s verification for Graham Hancock … whoever” then… – an “easter egg”) Anyway, my favourite bit was probably this: p125 – The paradigm of science is that creation is all, and the creator is nothing. Religion says the creator is all, and the creation is nothing. These two extremes are the bars of a prison cell. They prevent observation of all phenomenon as an interactive whole. This really is quite profound and could only have been written by someone really knowledgeable etc.   In the text, the idea that the aliens use “doll bodies” is described – they are not exactly robotic, but they are animated by the beings “spirit energy” alone – and they do not require food, they do not breath etc and so can survive in space as well as on the earth. This made me wonder whether, as well as the military trying to reverse-engineer the craft (which Airl alludes to), they would also try to reverse engineer her body (which they “kill off” as told in the account). This brings me to PLF’s – “Programmed Life Forms” which Barry King spoke about almost 20 years ago (see below for more information) – just imagine the uses for a biological robot…   Then, a sort of synchronicity – because I just had the message below from Miles Johnston – it is from none other than Barry King… (see links to hear more of his story which s brought out in the videos done by Miles all those years ago.)…   gypsyspeaks.blogspot…   A few years ago, I did speak to Barry King at some length and he was quite gracious in giving a lot of his time to me to tell his story. From: tmilesj [mailto:tmilesj@btinternet.c…] Sent: 06 May 2012 01:03   Subject: Barry King Statement: DISCLOSURE HAS BEEN CANCELLED….due to lack of interest     Message from Barry King     ——-Original Message——-   From: Barry King Date: 05/05/2012 20:56:06 To: tmilesj@btinternet.c… Subject: RE: London   DISCLOSURE HAS BEEN CANCELLED….due to lack of interestMedia Release May 3rd 2012To quell the rumours, stop the misquotes and set things straight I have to release this media statement.Firstly I have not been taken out, I have not sold out, I have pulled out from Disclosure in total for several reasons, and these I shall detail here. After many years within the research and investigation field, 46 to be precise, and 18 of those years spent tirelessly disclosing openly and publicly its about time to call it a day.I’ve done my job, did what was intended, to bring to the publics and alternate media’s notice the state of play regarding secret facilities, projects and black programs, the locations, dates, personnel. This I feel has been achieved. From 1994 to 2000 I disclosed Globally via The Voice documents. In 2000 I became one of Dr Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project Witnesses after supplying him with over 600 pages of documentation and agreeing to be filmed for his project.I was the first to bring the area of PLF’s, programmed Life Forms, to the Worlds Attention, and to Dr Greer.Dr Greer has spoken a good number of times in his interviews and conference talks of ARV’s and Stagecraft, and as he states as most important PLF’s, the area where he claims he receives the most threats!. Well Dr Greer think of the poor bastard whom brought this to you in the first place, do you think my life has been a bed of roses?. Time after time I have been attacked by individuals stating I was not even a Disclosure Project Witness simply because Dr Greer has kept me and my data hidden, in backgrounds and has never publicly admitted to the fact that I was a witness. He still proclaims long and loud at confs and in interviews though the importance of PLFs within the disclosure arena. Me? well i’ve been pushed so far into the background now, Dr Greer states he has others connected with that field, he does not need me or my data, even though I started it all!So, I’ve had enough of Disclosure especially with Dr Greer and his Witness program.The lack of interest is a global concern, the media, the public, in Disclosure, whether by initial or full blown, the World really does not care nor wants to be disturbed from their cosy lifetstyles of holidays abroad, sitting in front of giant plasma 3D TVs watching the dumbing down soap operas or sport or controlled and manipulated documentaries on their latest DFS credit purchased sofas.They do not want to hear stories of Ufo’s, aliens, underground bases, mind control etc unless it is via a glossy sensationalised hollywood blockbuster.The above gives you an idea of why I have dropped off the grid, wishing nothing more to do with trying to educate the World, its a thankless task anyways. I also believe I have a right to closure, I’ve got my revenge on the controllers, the USAF, NSA, CIA and countless others connected to my disclosures. I’ve made sure the World now knows of Peasemore, PLFs, the black budgets. After 30+ years yes I think I have my closure. Others have come forward, still more will do so in future. I look around and can say ‘yes, job done, now for a rest’.As I stated at the beginning, I have not been taken out nor have I sold out, I’m simply closing the book and putting it back on the shelf. Thankyou for your time.Barry M King

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