Cancellation of Alternate Cancer Therapy Conference by Devonshire Co

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2012-05-07 14:34:24

The BBC report states [21 March 2012]:”Totnes cancer conference venue withdrawnA conference featuring a former doctor who has claimed cancer can be treated using baking soda has been barred from using a council’s meeting hall”…The rest of the article is here I learned of this news whilst reading a group email sent to Eileen Dannemann of the National Coalition of Organised Women.Anon writes:“Surreal.Alternative cancer conference barredby local councilA local council in the UK has banned a conference on alternative cancertherapies—and government officials are also investigating the conferenceorganizer, an alternative health clinic.The Arcturus Clinic in Totnes, Devon, called off the conference that wasplanned to be held at the local civic centre after the town council withdrew itspermission to hold the event there. The conference was to feature Italianoncologist Tullio Simoncini, who has postulated that some cancers are fungalinfections that can be treated by sodium bicarbonate.However, local MP Dr Sarah Wollaston, a GP, believes that the views ofSimoncini and the other invited speakers are dangerous—and theconference falls foul of the 1939 Cancer Act. The act forbidsanyone to publicize an offer to treat cancer, prescribe aremedy or give any advice concerning treatment.After Dr Wollaston lodged a complaint, the TotnesCouncil withdrew its permission to use the town’s civichall for the meeting, and the local trading standardsofficials are now investigating the clinic, which offerscomplementary help to cancer patients”…Seems the owners of the cancer industry are working hard to preserve their monopoly on ill-health, but they are beginning to lose their grip on the alternative treatment infowar.

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