FW: Airl interviews – Roswell Alien Document – Further Comments

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-05-09 08:02:34

Attachments : #ygrps-yiv-1202162731 v0003a* { } I received a few more comments from people – pointing out a few obvious problems with the document (see below my spiel).   Of course, some would declare the thing a complete hoax – but as the author said, he never met the person who sent him the documents. He gave himself a “get of jail free card” by not claiming they were accurate/truthful   This adds to the reservations I had regarding the note about the pyramids and alignments of shafts. Basically what we have are statements in a transcript claimed to be from 1947 which could not have been known then.   One could argue that the alien “had knowledge of the future” – but remember this was communicated telepathically, so could these “new” words be communicated accurately?   Perhaps it’s another release of information – but again mixed up with the disinfo needed to be put out at this time.   Some say that the Majestic Documents (majesticdocuments.co…) were also a fake – copies of the original documents were released – even on authentic paper – but certain parts were changed to conceal/confuse things – perhaps this is similar.   A few years ago we seemed to have a similar thing with “Isaac” and “CARET”   www.youtube.com/watc…   Hopefully, over time, we get better at analysing these things! Thanks to those who sent comments.   From: Woody Sent: 09 May 2012 02:51To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Re: The Roswell Alien “Airl” Story and Barry King and PLF’s Thanks Andrew. I stopped reading on page 90 at the reference to the income taxes. This is so man-made of this time. Geez,,,, Woody   ——-Original Message——-   From: Date: 07/05/2012 18:22:05 To: Miles Johnstone Subject: Airl interviews   Hi Miles   Thanks for passing on the comments from Andrew Johnson about the nurse interviews with an ET survivor from Roswell.   This is the ebook I told you about a few weeks ago. There were numerous anomalies throughout the ebook; both about the nurse herself and the comments made by the ET.   From the nurse’s viewpoint: # she was a nurse of no particular rank and yet she gets taken to an ultra top secret crash site instead of an officer doctor – I don’t think so, especially not back in 1947 when nurses were only allowed to do the absolute basic menial tasks. # she states that the only people who would have been allowed security clearance were “flying nurses” (I think she described them as) who were at least of lieutenant grade whereas she had to be promoted to the level of a sergeant to get security clearance to talk to the ET.   From the ET’s viewpoint: # “she” describes the use of nuclear weapons whereas in 1947 we only had atomic weapons – the term nuclear was not coined until at least the mid 50’s.    # “she” relates some comments to our computers. Whilst Bletchley Park had developed a “mechanical calculating machine” to help break the Enigma codes, the computer was not developed until the late 50’s/early 60’s by IBM and so the term would not have meant anything to anyone in 1947.    # “she” gives a list of the hierarchy of life in the universe during the interviews  [I think this is on Page 117] which is the same list produced by the “cabal” as part of Freemasonry beliefs. The list was first made in the mid 1800’s and widely released a few weeks ago. In other words, the list did not come from the ET.   There were quite a number of other anomalies I picked up on at the time but cannot remember them now. My feeling and conclusion was that this document was a hoax, like so many others that have been recently released.   Best wishes Chris     FREE Animations for your email Click Here!  

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