Upsurge of anti-chemtrails activity in Athens, Greece

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-05-09 10:06:04

  From: Wayne Hall [] Sent: 09 May 2012 04:39To: Wayne HallSubject: News from Athens, Greece     Upsurge of anti-chemtrails activity in Athens, Greece Recent developments in Athens, such as the Syntagma square demonstration of April 29, television coverage, a public meeting in the Kolonos quarter of Athens, the formation of the Attica action group and similar activist groups in other areas, have led to an unprecedented upsurge of public discussion of chemtrails, coinciding with the political deadlock induced by May 6 elections and the huge drop in electoral support for the mainstream centre-right and centre-left parties. Government agencies have been deluged with telephone calls demanding explanations, and the Hellenic Air Force General Staff responded with an announcement of 7th May. It translates as follows: Athens  07 May 2012   PRESS RELEASE Aircraft Contrails                                                                                                                                                                In response to queries from a considerable number of our fellow citizens concerning trails that have been observed in Greek airspace, the Hellenic Air Force General Staff announces the following: No flights spraying chemical substances are being conducted in Greek air space, with the exception of a small amount of spraying over crops from a very low altitude, which in any case has not yet commenced for the year 2012.  The white trails that are being observed and are evidently arousing anxiety are comprised of water in the form of drops or microscopic ice crystals and are attributable to condensation of the water  vapour that is present in the exhaust of the civil aircraft that fly in the air corridors of our country.  The condensation of the water vapour in the exhaust gases is a natural phenomenon and is caused by the low temperature of the air at the high altitudes at which these aircraft are flying.  The same phenomenon can be observed with automobile exhausts on very cold days. The time at which the condensation trails are visible changes depending on the ambient temperature and humidity at the height at which the aircraft is flying. The flight of these aircraft is approved and controlled at all times by the Civil Aviation Authority  of our country, and the Hellenic Air Force ensures that no other trails for any other activity will be present in Greek air space.  Lieutenant Colonel Constantine Grapsas                                                                                        Press Spokesman                                                                                                                          Hellenic Air Force General Staff  This press release did not pass entirely unnoticed in the media.  Even the journalists of throwaway rags like the Greek version of the Metro newspaper (page 6) were not impressed by the Hellenic Air Force General Staff statement.  The reactions continue.  Perhaps it would be good for there to be an international response also to Lieutenant Colonel Grapsas’ insult to our intelligence.  His e-mail is:    

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