Ammach EXPERIENCER Conference 31 Aug – 2 Sept, Nottingham UK

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-06-08 16:45:48

Press Release below Joanne’s main text.   You can download fliers from this link:   www.checktheevidence… ———- Forwarded message ———-From: Joanne Summerscales Date: 8 June 2012 16:11Subject: Ammach EXPERIENCER Conference 31 Aug 2 SeptTo: Andrew Johnson   Hello there Thank you kindly for sending on information on our conference, to be held at the Britannia Hotel Nottingham NG1 6BN www.britanniahotels…. details on our website  or www.alienabductionuk… on the Events page.  Tickets also available now on line.  Ticket prices include all refreshments and a light buffet lunch throughout the weekend, except  Friday evening where there is a charge for a light buffet. This 3 day event begins on Friday from 7pm until late, opening with welcome from Ammach, and The John Mack Memorial Lecture’ presented by Veronica Keen, friend and researcher of John Mack, who was staying with Veronica at the time of his death.… The evening will continue with a light buffet, an opportunity to network, meet some of the speakers, and  enjoy our musical entertainment, dance if you feel like it, having time to socialise and time to relax, before two solid days of presentations. Saturday and Sunday speakers begin at 9.30am sharp, and end time will vary between 6 and 7pm.  On the Saturday evening from 8.30 onwards there is a film evening, presenting footage of some interesting and sometimes, never before seen publicly, material, all this until late. We are also initiating the Budd Hopkin Award for Contribution to the Field which will be presented during the conference. Follow on on Twitter… out for more interviews coming down the pipe!! We hope to see you at this exciting conference, the first of its kind in the UK, and look forward to a successful, thought-provoking event. Many thanks for your time, and if anyone would like to print off any of the flyers and hand them out, please do, we also have web banners on our Downloads page on the website for you to put on your own website, and if you need any flyers sent, please send an email or any other enquiries to     Kind regards,  Joanne  Summerscales  &  Miles  JohnstonAnomalous Mind Management, Abduction & Contactee HelplineA.M.M.A.C.H.ammach2011 / milagro77Skype  Contact  Addresses Press Release



Disclosure with Exposure – an Experiencer’s Perspective

The first AMMACH conference: August 31st to 2nd September 2012 Britannia Hotel, 1 St James Street, Nottingham, NG1 6BN Tel: 0871 222 0098 Fax: 0871 222 7728 AMMACH, Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline is a UK resource that began life on 23 January 2011. We are expressly concerned with research, support and reporting in the field of unconventional encounters, incidents and experiences, specifically related to areas extra terrestrial and extra dimensional, though not precluding any other facet that may not be currently on our radar in Behavioural Sciences or other fields. These events also feature on occasion, human involvement/collusion of a medical, scientific and military nature, another strange facet people have experienced as part of their overall encounters. Health matters arising as a result of these interactions are also an area of in great interest. ‘Experiencer’ is a broad term used to describe someone who has been through this challenging phenomenon visited upon many around the globe, under conditions that in the main, occur without conscious consent, in the dark, hidden from memory, that may be triggered at some point, indicating manipulation of the mind by some anomalous means, by officially unidentified others, that often leaves physical and psychological wounds. Experiencers have reported contact with a variety of races, some benign, others not so, whose technology indicates some order of magnitude in capability above ours. AMMACH is a project that funds a dedicated telephone number, as a first port of call. We follow up by email, telephone interviews, on camera interviews, Skype calls, meetings, and conference; there is a closed Face book group for general communication, and a website that provides a doorway to contact us. We also endeavour to provide support by connecting people who can support one another, and relevant links and advice. We provide a safe, empathetic environment for those who have been subjected to such interaction, either willingly or otherwise. Our work is to promote research, as scientific as is possible, (eg DNA testing), and to publish these accounts along with our 1-1 interviews, on camera, in a spirit of encouragement, to acknowledge this important, generally unacknowledged, part of human history, when many will not. By sharing these reports on camera, (usually 2 x 2 hour interviews), shot in HD, this material is uploaded on to such sites as You Tube, to provoke debate, discussion, and opening up of this very serious human experience, that has touched many people from diverse backgrounds, culture and demographics. In the year we embarked on the Ammach Project, although orientated to the UK, we have been contacted by ‘Experiencers’ in other countries; the US, Canada, France, Germany, Czech Republic. It is time for the truth about this obscure part of the human jigsaw of life. We welcome interest from health care professionals, therapists, scientific/genetics community, any one seriously interested in supporting us, our work, and the Experiencer.  

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