Ringmakers Of Saturn-Dr. Norman Bergrun – PDF Download Link

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-06-10 23:38:34

Attachments : I stumbled across this the other day – the books itself is no longer in print, I don’t think. 2nd-hand copies are expensive…   www.divshare.com/dir…   I think this one is worth a read… the guy seemed to know what he was doing…   Ringmakers Of Saturn-Dr. Norman Bergrun – PDF  At NASA Ames Research Laboratory over a period of years, Norman Bergrun took the photos of icing conditions experienced by the Curtiss Wright C-46 test airplane in natural icing environments. Photo laboratory professionals tutored him prior to the first flight. On returning to home base, he specified photo development requirements and analyzed the images obtained.   For the Navy Polaris Underwater Launch Missile System Project, Bergrun established a closed area to receive and catalogue all photos and films obtained by test-range cameras. Its purpose was to provide assistance in the analyses of telemeter tracking data. During his years as manager of planning and analysis, he scrutinized miles of photo-coverage film of Polaris flight tests…successfully correlating these data with inception of malfunctions recorded by telemetry and thereby pin-pointing where hardware improvements were needed.  Soon after publication of “Ringmakers of Saturn” in 1986, approximately four trips annually have been made from the West Coast to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. During this time, beginning with the early missions, many thousands of images have been examined of Mars, the Solar System Planets and Satellites, the Moon, the Sun as well as Hubble Telescope and Shuttle images. This process is an ongoing activity of Bergrun Research. Website: http://www.ringmakersofsaturn.com/

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