Madness in the Fast lane – Motorway Twins Incident – Additional FOIA

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-08-05 11:36:35

Attachments : I came across this blog a while ago – the formatting is a bit messed up and it seems to go on to a different topic before the end of the post, but there is quite a bit of info here that may be of interest to those who followed this case.……   Colin Andrews also has a page,…   it highlights, near the bottom, a video anomaly that someone spotted – I had a look, but it’s really not clear what it is. It could be raindrops or bird muck – who knows… some have suggested it could be something else… but it is interesting that Sabina cannot now be traced.     Super Strength Soldier – MKULTRA – Clone – Best Evidence To Date! Where is Sabina Eriksson-M6 Moment of Madness Killer?© Posted by Trapped in a Masonic World on March 14, 2012 at 11:30pm View Blog Man gets chased and ripped apart Beware many of the videos contain horrific scenes. This is the most up to date details about Sabina and Ursula Eriksson. – This is the most disturbing of cases I have every looked into.  I didn’t know then at the time of the motorway madness, that Sabina went onto kill someone within 48hrs of the first incident, and what had really happened to these “twins”, – whom in my eyes and as the evidence seems to indicate, they could quite possibly be Super Strength Soldier Clones, or enhanced human beings whose bone structure has been partially replaced with a much stronger super high-tech material I present here.         There’s been many a wild speculation and comment made about who these soldiers are. – What tends to happen when something like this is leaked, as this came from a Russian security company, – the first thing you must do is debase and ridicule it that best you can.  So you get your 50 center shills and trolls to come up with as outlandish theories as possible, the more wild and crazy the better.  I’ve heard them being described as Zombies, or Nephilim hybrids.  Some have taken this very same video and even re-titled them with; “Satanic Super Soldiers” – “Zombie and Nephilim Cover-up” etc., so helps detract from any real evidence that may be presented and they are hoping you go away and start thinking of something else, other than the actual truth.   Though saying that, there are people who believe such things, and not meaning these girls are hybrids or zombies, – but there are those who are into Nephilim hybrids, and by going by some ancient texts and other evidence, there well could be something in that, though I really cannot see it being here in this case.         And that’s why it’s so important you share this article, the world has to know what’s going on.  As the more you read on, the more sinister it gets.     When you see such a horrific film of a man being ripped apart by other men, it’s truly disturbing. They distinctly tear away the limbs and hold them up to the night sky in a primeval act, as they let out a glorifying and triumphant roar. – It appears the very last super-soldier was struggling with ripping both his head off and the poor fellows backpack.  This was filmed on heat-seeking infra-red cameras, their bodies glow due to all the heat they have built up running, – and it is here where you can see – as the body is ripped apart, internal organs and blood gets scattered everywhere and the camera clearly picks this up.  Manufactured army of cloned soldier
 Further on we will look at Stalin’s half-man, half-ape super-warriors and cloning. The following video is about cloning, it’s a taster to prove this is far from “Star Wars”, and I return to the subject as well as Super Soldiers lower down page. Part 1 of 5 – Cloning the first Human – BBC Horizon [BBC] Motorway Cops: Madness In The Fast Lane (Full) Where is Sabina Eriksson? Before I proceed with Sabrina the Secret Super Strength Soldier, I like to point out something is not quite right about her sentence. I’ve been to prison and know how dates in custody are worked out.  It’s been widely publicised that Sabrina was to be released mid 2011, this appears to have never happened, and this looks like a case of silence of the lambs. The programme mentioned an anomaly in our legal system, which is that if someone is “insane” at the time when they committed the crime, but sane when they are tried for it, they have to receive a fixed-term sentence, not an indefinite sentence or commitment to a secure hospital. Which means that there is no way to insist on Sabrina seeing a mental health professional after she is released next year, or of keeping her inside if she appears to be a danger to the public. Sabina was arrested on the 20th of May 2008 for murder of Glen Hollinshead, she was charged and held on remand in prison until she was sentenced on the 1st September 2009. Let’s allow for an error of judgement, due to weekends and leap years etc. so I am going permit 3 days either way, i.e. she was sentenced on the 1st September, so the dates could be from the 29th, 30, 31st August – and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th September. This means from the 20th May 2008 until 1st September 2009 that equates to 1 year 3 months and 1 day. She was sentenced to 5 years, – all sentences in excess of 4 years, are entitled to a 50% reduction in sentence, and can be paroled on licence. If you fail to get parole, then after 12 months from the last rejection, you are reassessed for parole, – however if you have less than 13 months remaining of your sentence, then you are not entitled for parole. And this could be the case with Sabina, for she was not [or should I say it’s not been announced] released last year mid 2011. In fact there has been an error, and it must be a deliberate one, for Sabrina was in fact eligible for parole on the 19th November 2010.  If you calculate from the 20th of May 2008 to 19th November that equates to a two and a half years spent in custody. 1 year = 365 days – 5 years = 1825 days 50% Reduction in sentence = 912.5 days From 20th May 2008 until 1st September 2009 = 468 days – which means she had 444 days left to serve before she was eligible for parole on licence. 1st September 2009 to 1st September 2010 = 365 days – with 79 days remaining. 1st September 2010 to 19th November 2010 = 79 days and her correct and “legal” eligible date for parole. So if she was not released on that date, – and not the widely and incorrect time period of mid-2011, then she couldn’t have been granted parole. Which means she would have had to have waited another year for the second chance for her parole, but because she has already served 3 years 9 months and 16 days, she missed out because of the 13 months remaining clause. The 20th May 2012 will be the 4th year Sabina has been in custody, and means she could be held until 20th May 2013, meaning she would have done the whole 5 year sentence, which is virtually unheard of, and the only way someone doesn’t qualify for parole, means you must have been getting into a lot of trouble in the prison to keep losing so much remission, it’s quite difficult to lose all your remission, as everyone is entitled to parole, they might not get, but in Sabina’s case the judge didn’t ‘recommend’ a minimum term, she got 5 years for pleading gulity due to being ‘insane’ at the time of the offence. So she doesn’t come into the same category as someone who may have got 5 years for stabbing someone, but had pleaded not gulity, and was found guilty, as this person most probably didn’t show remorse due to their not guilty plea, – and is continuing inside prison to maintain their innocence, so therefore continuing not to show remorse, and would very much likely lose their chance for parole. – Yet even then, they’d likely find they would have got out on the second application for parole, meaning they would have served around 3 years 9 months as opposed to 5 years. So this is why I ask, where the hell is Sabina? I telephoned Bronzefield Prison the other day, and ask if she was still being held there.  They told me they couldn’t reveal such information due to the data protection act. I asked how do I go about trying to locate her? The gentleman gave me a telephone number and I contact it, a message came up;“Sorry there is not a voice mail box for this number, push 0 to return to switchboard”, which I did and it goes dead. I then contacted the Home Office, and they gave me a website address of the prisoner location department, – ‘you can write in or email a request’, and I did so. You have to give your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth and what is your connection, i.e. a member of the family etc. – and reason as to why I was wanting to know. – I told them that Sabina was due out according to the media mid-2011, and that we haven’t heard anything, so was wondering if she got her parole or not, for I can only assume she must therefore still be in custody.  And to my great surprise, I have just received a reply, and I am astounded, as what this seems to mean is that Sabina was released secretly, as surely this should have been front page news, so why wasn’t it? The media had a frenzy with it, first with the original news footage of when it first happened, then the BBC’s 40min documentary, which covered the murder no one knew about, and then her sentencing at court in 2009. Dear Mr McCann RE: Sabina Eriksson Thank you for your enquiry concerning the above named person. It is with regret that we are unable to assist your with your enquiry, as according to records held by NOMS this person is not in prison custody. I am sorry that I could not assist you. Prisoner Location Service PO Box 2152 Birmingham B15 1SD Email:… Fax: 0121 626 3474 Information Privacy Policy – The Ministry of Justice uses and retains the personal data of enquirers to the Prisoner Location Service for the purpose of  the safe and secure provision of Prison Services.  You have the right to request details of the personal information we hold about you; and subsequently request that we correct any personal information if it is found to be inaccurate or out of date. We will not share your information with other organisations unless it is required for the purposes of prevention and detection of crime; apprehension, prosecution, and management of offenders; prevention of terrorism; National Security; or if required to do so by law.  For more information please contact the Information Access Representative at the Prison or department where your personal information was collected or see our Privacy Policy on our website So there you go, the most up date news on Sabina Eriksson’s custodial status We know how the media work, they must of made inquries as it got nearer the time of her release, – what hack wouldn’t give his right arm to get the first ever photograph and story of the notorious M6 Madness in the Fast lane star and killer! So why all the blackout? I’m going to contact a national newspaper, and would appreciate it if others could start to make inquiries as to where is Sabina Eriksson?    Ask them why is it they think their companies didn’t cover her release? A story that would have helped shift three times or more the normal sales volumes of all their papers combined. It goes without saying, of course this case is a matter of “National Interest”. Let’s not forget the doctors have said it’s possible these women could have a relapse, – and if that’s the case I’d like to know before I go back on the M6 or A50. So this doesn’t add up, surely the media can’t have been given the order to keep quite, a sort of gagging order, because as I say this really doesn’t make sense, and indicating more that she is indeed a “Secret Super Strength Soldier”.  And because they have reacted in this way, and if the cat does get out of the bag and the international media pick-up on it, – then it’s always possible Sabina could raise her head, – though we can’t really trust that now, – and as much as this might sound crazy to some folk, though not to me, – as they could now simply produce a ‘clone’ or “sane” Sabina and we’d never be any the wiser.      What is known about Sabina & Ursula Eriksson is virtually nothing or solid to say the least, not even the Swedish authorities, the media, the police or the general public know much about these girls.  It was hardly reported in the Swedish press, though of course many got to hear about it because the film footage went worldwide.  3 years and 9 months have gone by since that incident that seems more like two years ago at the most.  That’s a long period for many things to have surfaced over this time, yet remarkable there has been virtually nothing other than what has already been known since Sabina was convicted of Glen Hollinshead’s murder on the 1st September 2009, which was almost 14 months after the motorway madness incident on the 17th May 2008.       All that seems to have been continuously reported, is that Ursula and Sabina Eriksson are identical twin sisters, grew up in Sunne, Värmland, in western Sweden with their older “brother”, and that their living conditions were apparently very poor.  Perceived to be odd by their peers, they were regularly bullied as children. You can read reports and articles that are completely unfounded, such as their father is dead, and that he was a Swish Banker, – and that if their mother is still alive why hasn’t she stepped forward? There are many other reports that again are totally unfounded, claiming certain things,and almost as if “someoene” is trying to get the picture across as if the Eriksson twins come from an ‘ordinary’ family, so you can read such claims like:Their older brother, whom just recently found out about the incident from his nephew, claims that they were running from maniacs that wanted to gang-rape them. “They would rather hit a bus face-first, then be gang-raped” He describes his sisters as sport fanatics (athlete maniacs) whom always have been active in sports and dancing..He also describes them as overactive. The other sister is apparently back in Sweden they had a difficult upbringing and Sabina was very protective of her twin sister who was born with a minor “injury”. As I remember they were always very close to each other and perhaps this can explain why Sabina run out in the traffic too, after her sister was severely injured”.   Who originally wrote this totally fabricated family scenario? There is no original source, and this has been reprinted all over the internet and since 2008. All it says is; ‘He this, and he that’, yet who is “he” and his “nephew”, which means there must be uncles and aunts somewhere, but where? – Whenever you normally read a similar story, one that can be cross checked, they always mention the name of the relative or friend they are quoting.  
     It’s said Sabina had settled in Mallow, County Cork, Ireland, and Ursula had settled in the United States. It’s said the two met up in Ireland, – and on 16th May 2008 travelled to Liverpool, England.  Sabina apparently left no note behind for her husband and two children.  Was Ursula fleeing someone in the US, got to Ireland, and relised she was being followed, and then flee with Sabina, as whoever this ‘someone’ she was fleeing, if of course she was, it would no doubt be connected to Sabina.  Here’s a photographs taken of Sabrina in the police station just after the M6 dash, as we can see, – even more so in the video, – that apart from the odd red flush, there are no cuts, grazes or bruises to her face.
It was reported in a local newspaper called This is Staffordshire: A MOTHER-OF-TWO has appeared in court charged with murder. Swedish national Sabina Eriksson, aged 40, of College Wood, Mallow, in County Cork, Ireland, is accused of killing Glen Kevin Hollinshead at Fenton on May 20. Eriksson answered only to confirm her name, age and address. She was sent to Stafford Crown Court for an early hearing on Friday, February 19, and was remanded in custody by North Staffordshire magistrates.  Source:…      In Swedish papers, it has been questioned; is their “brother”, with ‘no name’, adopted or their biological brother?  Like just said, their father alleged to be deceased, who is he? And with no mention of their mother’s name either, so who is she? Any mother whose children had been involved in something as dramatic and horrific as this, would have surely come forward by now.  As would her brother, or nephew perhaps would of written a book or given an interview, – like that of Ursula and ‘her story’, or even Sabina’s alleged husband, yet why haven’t they?   They didn’t kill anyone, so couldn’t be accused of gaining from a crime.  – Besides something like this ought to be written about, as who knows and as doctors have already said, no one can say for certain [apart from their handlers], whether they will have a ‘relapse’ and do it all over again? Image Detail
     What about Sabina’s children and the social services in Ireland?  Like I say what about her husband, why hasn’t he written a book or been on shows such asDaybreak, Oprah or Ireland’s Late, Late Show to talk about this most unusual of occurrence?       Yet despite after all this time 3 years and 9 months later, we are none the wiser about the ‘true’ identity of the Eriksson twins.  For the same must be said about Ursula, we know nothing about her or where she lives in “America”. Is she there as reported? – Does she live there at all, and if so, what town does she live in the USA?  If so, is she married? Does she too have any children?  – When did Ursula depart the US and arrive in Ireland to meet Sabina?  Why did they go to a police station in Liverpool to allegedly report Sabina was worried about her “two” children in Ireland, what was she worried about?  What did the police make of it, and was a record logged? Because it sounds as if they had to flee without seeing the children, or were they trying to say they think her children could be in danger? And if none of this hasn’t already surfaced in all this time, then it never will, and if it does, then it’s without doubt fabricated, – that is of course unless it can all be proved and verified.
These women seem to have false-backgrounds and perhaps even ID’s, their histories just don’t add up, no one allegedly connected to them has actually come forward and been identified as being who they proclaim to be or who they really are.  As just mentioned, and excuse me if I’m repeating myself, but we really have to consider the serious implcations I am putting forward.  We have heard so called quotes by her “brother” and “nephew”, but where are they and what do they look like? In what paper or any other media have we actually heard or seen anyone connected to the twins, Sabina’s husband, her mother, cousins, aunts, neighbours, anyone, yet not one person has been identified as being who they are meant to be other than some “quote” of a person being reported as her “brother”. Why is there no one worried about Sabina’s sentence and release date?  
So the evidence seems to amount in proving the Eriksson twins  are probably undercover ‘special agents’, from an elite rare squad of Super Soldiers.  I’m not being insulting to the women, but you only have to look closely, and her face and nose looks like it has received many years of being punched and knocked about, – she has the looks of a female boxer, and most probably trained in kick boxing and other martial arts. And because these twins cannot be truly indentified, – they have probably been living among us, with others in other parts of the world doing exactly the same. Don’t forget the Russian spies or police officers over here in the UK, where the Russian spies had blended into the community and got themselves secure jobs, and where Mark Stone, whose real surname is Mark Kennedy, [who lives in Ireland], – lived within a group of “Peace” activists in the UK, and for more than 5 years, he even had two children, and like I say, who too so happened to live in Ireland. From Russia with Love – Spies – They’re everywhere… Undercover Cop – Mark Stone [Masonic or what?], real name Kennedy; …or is it? These kinds of “cells” or “Lone Wolfs”, are there waiting to be called on or to be activated in a Derren Brown style of hypnosis, and where all it takes is for the person under the state of induced hypnosis, is a telephone call with a ‘key-word’, that will trigger off the brain for them go into automatic pilot, it’s even possible they have micro-chip-implants and can be controlled remotely. When these girls where first spotted by the coach driver at the service station, and when he reported them to the manager there, – and as the CCTV footage confirms, the women seemed very scared, they were looking all around them as if looking out for someone specific, they held their bags close to their chests, and why it was said by the service station manager; ‘that she thought the twins might have had a bomb on them’.  So she called the police, – it was an armed response car that attended the scene, and apparently after questioning by the police officer, they were happy and left them alone and drove away.  Though we don’t know what took place immediately after that, as the next thing we see is that the women are caught on CCTV walking down the central reservation of the M6 motorway.  Why would anyone make their way down to the motorway and just walk? It’s an action as if they were trying to escape from someone? As staying at the service station and arranging alternative transport would have been the best thing.  Were their lives in danger? Was Ursula fleeing the US, and went to Ireland and had to flee with Sabina?  It’s been suggested they were on their way down to London on a covert operation and was disturbed, thrown off course by the coach drivers decision to not let them back on the coach. Did they have some kind of sensitive or damaging evidence and proof on the laptop they could be seen holding tightly up to their chests? Why did they have multiple of mobile phones? All the traits of a secret agent or at least someone into some kind of illegal activity, such as fraud.  As we know phones can have multi functions and purposes, cash transfers is one, for messaging another and the data they can hold etc. If one phone fails you have back-ups, with a laptop and the right kind of software, then you can almost achieve anything in the realms of what can be done with a computer.  SPY EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS FOR CELL PHONES  AN EXTRAORDINARY SELECTION OF CELLPHONE TRACKING & MONITORING PROGRAMS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE THAT HAVE BROAD RANGE OF FEATURES AND OPTIONS.   WANT TO KEEP UP WITH TECHNOLOGY TRENDS? HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH FAMILY OR STAFF? THE LATEST PHONE MONITORING SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS MIGHT OFFER AN ANSWER FOR SPY EQUIPMENT.  WITH SPYPHONE SOFTWARE YOU MAY EVENINTERCEPT CALLS TO HEAR MOBILE PHONE CALLS AND SPY CALL CHANGE THE SMARTPHONE RIGHT INTO A COVERT ‘REMOTE LISTENING DEVICE’. THE RECENT ADVANCEMENT IN SMARTPHONE SURVEILLANCE HAS TAKEN A GIANT CHANGE IN TECHNOLOGY WITH A DIVERSE RANGE OF FUNCTIONS. HTTP://WWW.CELL-PHONE-TRACE.COM/MONITOR/HOW-TO-SPY/SPY-EQUIPMENT/ Let’s look a bit deeper, as most people know Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were allegedly born as twins in 1967 in Sweden, and who came to national attention in the UK in 2008 after an apparent episode of what has ridiculousy been termed a ‘folie a deux’ which is the English legal way of saying they haven’t a bloody clue what really happened, or like most things, – are in on a cover-up.  Which resulted in unique footage of this moment of “insanity” on the M6 motorway, and when 48hr

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