Crop Circles – Robbert van den Broeke, Chorley Family and Colin Andr

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-08-20 11:58:38

I received the message below regarding the matter above. Some time ago, I posted information about the unusual case of Robert Van De Broeke…   He has now claimed to have received direct contact from 2 deceased crop circle researchers – Paul Vigay and Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews has found the messages received to be, based on his personal knowledge, inaccurate. Nancy Talbot of BLT research has been a big supporter of Robbert van den Broeke, has put her oar in and so we now have some more nastiness swilling around in the Crop Circle research scene.   Here is Colin Andrews’ page about the affair:…   I suspect that there is some form of interfeerence going on here – I am perfectly open to the idea the Robbert van den Broeke indeed ahs some form of Psychic ability, but he has been “messed with” in order to create confusion and turn people away from looking at the very important aspects of the Crop Circle phenomenon (which, to me, involves issues of both advanced technology and higher conscioussness – 2 areas they don’t want people thinking about – see this shorter video… this long one www.checktheevidence…).   —–Original Message—–From: visions […]Sent: 20 August 2012 01:16To: UFO UpdatesSubject: Legal Threat to Robbert van den BroekeFrom: Dave Haith…: UFO UpDates Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012Subject: Legal Threat to Robbert van den BroekeThe family of Dave Chorley, of ‘Doug and Dave’ fame, havethreatened to sue Robbert van den Broeke, the Dutchmedium who has published photos and messages fromdeceased circlemaker Dave.A statement from Dave’s eldest brother Richard appears onColin Andrews website on this… statement includes:”I have spoken at length to my brother and other familymembers and they are quite bemused and surprised to learnof this gentleman’s claims [Ed: Robbert van den Broeke].They are completely at odds with our Father’s beliefs andpersonality.They are patently absurd and my family share the distasteof PAT DELGADO’S loved ones, in heartilyand utterly dismissing the credibility of such tales.We also find certain other factors of this gentleman’sconduct, in relation to threats made towardsCOLIN ANDREWS and others of grave concern.We are not the type of family to take that type of thinglightly and if the gentleman persists in suchbehaviour, we will take whatever legal actions neededin order to ensure he refrains from doing so.The naive technology and amateur style aspects of thevideos posted on ‘Youtube’ concerning thesematters are frankly, embarrassing and simply not funnyeither.At this moment in time, we are publicly requesting thatthe said gentleman ceases from any more ofthese ludicrous claims and that he stops claiming to haveany contact/relationship/channel of communication withour Father unless he can of course, provide genuine scientificproof, the nature of which would be judged as conclusive insidea legal framework.If he wishes to communicate personally with us, or meet todiscuss his claims we are more than ready to discuss theissues face to face with him at any timeFor the record, this statement has been constructed bymyself and my brother with no encouragement or coercionwith any other individuals or groups. It is our position on amatter we take very seriously.”Richard Chorley, Southampton, England  August 19th 2012Full statement at above linkDave Haith

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