Why in the World Are They Spraying?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-08-20 13:27:04

Someone just sent me the link to this new 72-minute film:   www.youtube.com/watc…   I have just watched through and have made the following notes:   1)  G Edward Griffin is not involved this time – notably he “sponsored” Michael Murphy’s earlier film “What in the World Are They Spraying?”   2) There are some interesting parts about the various “weather records” (extreme weather) that have been seen over the last few years, although only a few specifics are discussed.   3) I think Scott Stevens makes to most pertinent remarks out of all the speakers regarding his own weather observations. For example, around the 20 min point – he suggests the trails are a “marker” for geo-engineering activities. I tend to think this is a big part of it – i.e. they can get planes to fly across certain regions, but there is no toxic material coming out of them – the trails just show where things are “happening”. A photo is shown that was in the Daily Mail recently, at around the 19 min mark.   4) Much time is given to the toxic effects of barium and aluminium and about 3 people are interviewed – 2 in Hawaii about their organic farm.   5) Very little, if any, specific evidence of “poisoning” by the trails is presented by this film which would stand up to scientific scrutiny, although results of some tests are shown and reference made to their website, but to me, it’s still a bit problematic.   6) Discussion of the “weather derivatives” etc is probably more relevant, I think, as is the discussion of how GMO seeds etc can be marketed to be resistant to extremes of weather.   7) Nick Begich is featured several times – but he seems to think bombing Afghanistan in 2001 was justified (see this page for audio clip www.checktheevidence…) I don’t trust this character   8) Mark McCandlish (disclosure project witness – www.youtube.com/watc…) appears, stating he has knowledge of geoengineering programmes through his top secret clearance, but he does not really discuss many details. He does discuss heating particles introduced in the atmosphere with a beam (making the comparison to a microwave oven) to create certain effects, but that’s about it.   9) Other than McCandlish and Begich, the film has most of the same people as in 1st film  and there seems to be little information that is new or any more compelling.   10) There is no mention of the work of Wilhelm Reich and neither is Hurricane Erin and 9/11 mentioned – which still appears to be the most compelling evidence I have seen for weather modification/control.   Overall, the film can make one feel helpless as to what is going on – and until more genuine whistleblowers come forward, or more people start to investigate ongoing geo-engineering

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