David Richards – “Russia Today” is an Illuminati Proxy

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-09-08 13:20:27

Attachments : So, how does RT get onto UK screens, looking every bit as “flashy” as BBC, ITV or Sky?   www.henrymakow.com/r…   “Russia Today” is an Illuminati Proxy September 6, 2012left, Bill Ayers, Obama ghost writer, and like Obama a CIA operative is interviewed on RT 
 Annals of False OppositionRT portrays a conflict between Russia and the West, or Left and Right, when in reality it’s a Punch & Judy show. They are all puppets of the Judeo Masonic Banking cartel. The Kremlin-funded propaganda channel Russia Today indicates that Russia itself is an Illuminati proxy. The station promotes CIA assets and Co-Intel operations. 

by David Richards
 Russia Today is an English language channel that is widely available in Western countries. It is a regular feature on American satellite packages and is included on Freeview, the digital terrestrial network in Britain that reaches 55 of the country’s 70 million people.RT is aimed at people who distrust the mainstream media. The majority of coverage is devoted to opposition to Western crimes. This entails a broad range of issues, from the American wars to the emerging police state, the democratic deficit to bank fraud. The coverage has struck a chord with people: the Russia Today YouTube channel was the first to reach 500 million views. The purpose of false opposition is to define the parameters of discussion so people don’t realize who is their real enemy. RT portrays conflict between Russia and the West, or Left & Right, when in reality, it’s a Punch and Judy Show. They are puppets of the Judeo Masonic Banking cartel. Where,for example, was Putin when Ghadaffi needed him? A Google search for ‘RT Freemasonry’ brings up only two matches. ‘RT central banking cartel’ – no matches. The same bankers who run the Fed run the Russian Central Bank.A large portion of the people given airtime are sincere activists who spend a great deal of time and energy running their own websites. They are selected because they fit into the station’s paradigm and don’t talk about the New World Order.COUNTER INTELLIGENCEThere is however a more sinister side to the station: a concerted effort to promote counter-intelligence.RT promotes psy ops, fake protest movements and intelligence assets. This reveals that Russia’s External Intelligence Service (SVR) collaborates with the CIA to advance the NWO.   The KGB is an Illuminati instrument and works closely with the CIA.Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov revealed that 85% of KGB activity was the promotion of communism (aka liberalism) in America. The CIA promoted the very same movements, e.g. feminist-icon Gloria Steinham received CIA funding. These collaborative projects are still ongoing.Occupy Wall Street – RT heavily promotes Occupy, which focuses on economic disparities in the USA: the one per cent versus the 99%  RT has gone so far to provide an iPhone application that allows you to track where other activists are congregated, so you know where to stand.Occupy is false opposition, a left-wing version of the Tea Party, featuring communists, hippies, anarchists, and socialists spouting vague slogans. George Soros funds seven of the main groups in New York to the tune of $3.5 million. These groups have been calling for pro-NWO policies. Adbusters, the anti-capitalist group that initiated the movement, call for a global carbon tax!Soros  has ties with the Russian power elite dating back to the late 80s. He worked with the Gorbachev regime to engineer glasnost:  the liberalization movement that was designed to bring down the Soviet Union.Glasnost (Eng: openness) was the loosening of censorship in the Soviet Union, which allowed the media to expose and mock the government. The social actors of glasnost – journalists, historians, artists’ -were trained at The Cultural Initiative Foundation formed by George Soros in Moscow in 1987.Soros crony  Mikhail Gorbachev recently came out in support of OWS, describing it as the start of the American perestroika (Eng: restructuring) that will help bring forth a ‘New World Order’!Julian Assange – RT recently broadcast the Wikileaks leader’s 12-part television series, The Julian Assange Show.Wikileaks is a ‘left CIA’ psyop: Webster Tarpley has revealed that the most incriminating revelations found in the Wikileaks data dumps were directed against CIA enemies with the intention to foster color revolutions.Assange used his show on RT to promote Tunisian President Marcef Marzouki, who recently came to power via a CIA-backed color revolution. He also did an interview with Abram Ibrahim, the head of the CIA-backed pro-democracy movement in Malaysia.One episode was a round table discussion featuring Assange and the main organizers of Occupy. Why is RT promoting a left-CIA operative? Bill Ayers – RT has conducted multiple interviews with Bill Ayers. Ayers was the leader of the radical leftist terror group Weather Underground in the 60s and 70s that bombed government buildings. Despite his hand in these attacks, Ayers was never never prosecuted for any crimes! In 1971, The Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI broke into an FBI office in Pennsylvania and found files revealing the Weatherman to be part of COINTELPRO. The role of the group was to discredit the anti Vietnam War movement by committing acts of mindless violence.Despite obviously being an intelligence asset, RT portrays Ayers as a sincere activist who cares deeply about the American people! In his most recent interview with the station, Ayers lauds Occupy as a democratic awakening in America.CPUSA – RT recently conducted a 25-minute interview with Sam Webb, the chairman of the Communist Party of the USA. A recent book, The Secret World of American Communism (2003), based on opened Kremlin archives, reveals that CPUSA was a puppet of Moscow. The CPUSA must still have links to Russian Intelligence; why else would RT give so much airtime to a defunct political party?During the interview Webb mentions that his troops are on the group at Occupy, which raises the possibility that the SVR are actively involved in the protests.Bin Laden PsyOp Book – RT.com recently published a PR piece for ‘No Easy Day: the autobiography of a navy seal,’ a pentagon psyop that ‘re-counts’ the fake capture and assassin of Bin Laden.  The book was promoted with the spin that the Pentagon didn’t want it published!United Nations Propaganda Film – RT recently broadcast an anti-gun documentary titled Gun Fight! focusing on gun murders in America. It was made exclusively for the channel by two-time Oscar winner Barbara Kopple. It was broadcast on July 25th, designed to chime with the UN Small Arms Treaty that was being put to a vote at the same time.  This is evidence that Russia works to forward the internationalist agenda. CONCLUSION  The purpose of RT is to act as a ‘limited hangout’ dissident movement in the West. The channel mixes genuine (if, low level) intelligence with psyops to mislead people who are beginning to ask questions.  Bezmenov said the purpose of KGB psychological warfare was:’To change the perception of every American to such as extent, that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions to defend themselves, their families, their community and their country.’ This statement accurately describes RT’s  modus operandi, showing us that the KGB never went away. Russia Today is evidence that Russia has remained an Illuminati proxy since the fall of the Soviet Union. This shouldn’t be surprising considering that the Soviet Union was intentionally dismantled by Mikhail Gorbachev, who is known to be a high Freemason.   There is much debate in the truth movement as to Russia’s role regarding the NWO. Vladimir Putin often appears to oppose the NWO. He offers resistance to American wars, promotes Christianity, bans homosexual propaganda and kicked billionaire oligarchs with links the Rothschild’s out of the country.   Indeed, Mikhail Gorbachev supported Putin when he first came to power and brought stability to Russia, but has recently said that Putin is a dictator and should be forced out of the Kremlin. It seems that Putin has overstayed his welcome and the Illuminati want him out. On the other hand, Putin could be playing his role. Perhaps the anti-war, anti- liberal and nationalistic Russian stance is an attempt to provide false opposition to elements of the NWO. One purpose of RT could be to define this role to a global audience. Whatever the case may be, we shouldn’t lose sight of the big picture: despite fallings out and bickering, all these guys are part of the same club. Even the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran said in a recent speech he wants to form a ‘New World Order.’ The Illuminati encounter no genuine opposition in the international arena. If you need persuading of this, simply switch on your television and spend an hour watching Russia Today.

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