Ireland – Link Between Fluoride and Pancreatic Cancer?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-09-09 23:37:41

Attachments : www.sovereignindepen…   Ireland – Fluoride is causing you higher incidences of Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer as well as more cases of Leukaemia, and your food is made using Fluoridated water and may be banned in other EU Countries! By Walter Graham EU Fluoride ruling, Disaster for NI Farming? An EU Court of Justice ruling could spell disaster for Ulsters’ farmers if Edwin Poots decides to fluoridate our water. This landmark decision in 2005, ruled that  fluoride is a medicine and as such must be tested as a medicine for safety. Further, “Legally any company making a consumable product using fluoridated water in its preparation or as an ingredient cannot now export that product to any other state in the EC, even if their product is permitted in their home state.” Warenvertirebs-Orthica vs Germany: European Court Justice Ruling (HLH Warenvertirebs and Orthica Cases C-211/03, C-299/03, C-316/03 and C318/03, 9 June 2005)   If the EU decides to uphold this ruling it could ban all dairy products, meat, drinks, etc. containing fluoride. If you don’t think this is likely, think back to the controversy over steroids in British beef. The EU ruled that the steroids could not be used in meat sold in the common market. The British refused to comply, only to find their products banned. In the end the steroids were taken out of animal feeds…who paid the price? FARMING! Here we are again. Farmers are going to be made to pay the price for an irrational government decision to add a drug to the water with the hopes that it might reduce cavities in developing teeth of adolescent children. If people are forced to drink fluoride it will be passing the teeth at 100mph…how does it find its way back to teeth only? It doesn’t come in with a little tag that says teeth only. It is water soluble. It has access to every cell in your body, but the only thing it changes are the teeth…how does it do this?Because if it is making hard teeth as the dentists claim and the teeth are the only visible part of the skeleton, then isn’t it possible it will also make hard bones? There are 13 international published studies that show higher incidence of hip fractures in fluoridated communities compared to non-fluoridated.  The Republic of Ireland, which has been adding fluoride for 45years, has 40% higher bone cancer than the North. I’ve read that the south also has  a 2x higher osteoporosis rate. There is a new scientific fluoride risk assessment study recently released in the Republic by an award winning scientist, Declan Waugh, which demonstrates the dangers of water fluoridation on human health, the environment and animals. It can be downloaded at: I would advise all concerned parents and farmers to take a look at this document. It is a 300 page report with 1,200 peer reviewed studies. Pay attention to these maps from this document showing the cancer rates on both sides of the border. As will see the Republic has a higher incidence of cancer than the North and what is most disturbing is that the cancers follow the imaginary border line so closely…WHY? There are 18 cancers that the South has higher rates than the North, as highlighted in this report. We are on the same piece of land, we breath the same oxygen, and we are the same genetic make-up, so what is it that the South is doing differently to the North on a huge scale? FLUORIDATION! Economically this makes no sense. The DOE admit to loosing 40% of the water in underground leaks…that’s 40% of our tax money wasted! Out of the 60% that’s left, industry and farming use 7/8ths of the water…more tax money wasted!  Out of the 1/8 that comes into your house, you drink 1%. The small target audience of children with the really bad teeth make up about 3% of the population. So, for every million pounds spent on fluoridation only about £22 makes it to its target audience, who don’t drink the water in the first place as they are drinking sugary, fizzy drinks all the time…that’s why they have a tooth problem! What have a small group of children, who don’t brush their teeth and take too much sugar, got to do with the rest of us?  NOTHING!  40% of the elderly don’t have their own teeth, so there is no point for them ingesting someone else’s drug. I can hear you thinking that this EU ruling won’t affect us in NI. Well, in 1983 there was a Scottish ruling, Lord Jauncey, that also declared fluoride in water is a medicine no matter what it is in.. You can not afford to do nothing and let the government implement this insane policy. It will be a lot easier to stop this going in than it will be to get this out. Remember the last time they tried to introduce this? We had 25 out of 26 councils vote against it as well as the two farmers unions and NIPSA. We can do it again…ULSTER SAYS NO FLUORIDE! Send this report into your councillors, MPs, PTAs, churches, etc. Tell friends and family to get active now, before Mr. Poots makes the decision to add this toxic drug to all our products. Once it is in it won’t be possible to get it out. And you know if the French figured this all out they would use it to force you out of the market. Why give them the chance. Why take any risks at all over a few cavities!

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