Can you buy a “free energy” generator?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-09-22 22:09:00

Following my sending round of the link to the 1st of 2 programmes I recorded with Richard D Hall, someone asked me if I knew anyone who was selling a free energy generator.I wish I did know of someone selling alternative energy generators – but my conclusion from researching is that 1 or 2 might get made and when someone finds out and it goes no further. For example, I put together a presentation in 2010 (which is essentially where I compiled the material we spoke about in the programme) – a couple of guys were making a water powered car/truck using a similar design to Stan Meyer.   Here is the Peswiki Page (see note about this site below)…. Here is their website in April… Here is the website now: www.FutureEnergyConc…   I also covered a couple of guys who had built a generator in is there website from 2010:…   Here is there website now: Here’s what has been kept from us:…   And what did we get from the “Cold Fusion” (I actually should’ve pointed out more clearly it’s more properly called LENR or CANR)…? Peswiki Site   This comprehensive site is run by Sterling D Allen – and it features a page on Steven E Jones…   Here is Peswiki’s page of 9/11-related Websites…   Now look for a reference on the main site to Dr Judy Wood’s website, my website or find a page about Dr Judy Wood like the one about SE Jones. You will find a link to Ken Shoulders and from there a link to one of the articles on Dr Judy Wood’s site

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