Higher Knowledge -or- “Flowers of Evil”

From: eagleucsteve

Date: 2012-09-23 04:01:24

That which exists independently of both the carrier and the shaped charge within itself. This is a metaphor relating to a specialized language referring to instruments and processes which are employed in the fracking and perforating of deep wells, the profession of wireline operations, in which Chivo (one of Swarts’ ‘I’s) plays a role. The carrier is the “gun”, oftentimes a simple pipe of various diameters and lengths. If law enforcement were to run across one of these devices lying loose in the street, media would report that a “pipe bomb was found” at such and such a place, and a specialized team was deployed, a robot was sent in, and the device was later “harmlessly destroyed” at an unspecified location. Amongst those who work in this field of wireline including Chivo, there is a common lingua of the hands, but these same hands are taught never to refer to these devices as “guns” when dealing with the uninitiated, because when they (the uninitiated) hear the word “guns” they tend to get a little froggy. So the hands are taught to speak only about “perfor- ating devices” – mystify them with a few extra syllables, works like a charm btw. A “shaped charge” is the same explosive device used to kill our American soldiers in Afghanistan and elsewhere, where it is referred to as a “roadside bomb” or IED (improvised explosive device). The higher knowledge in wireline is the same higher knowledge necessary to arm one of these IED’s in Afghanistan. The only difference is that one is placed near to the surface of the earth and is intended to perforate the human body, releasing the flow of the body fluids in our soldiers; and the other is sent deep within the Earth, is intended to perforate the casing of the wells and release the aged and fermented body fluids of dinosaurs. They even call some of the shaped charges by their trade name – “dinosaur hunters”. Now we have to talk about the role of the engineers. High above the ground, perhaps in some ivory tower someplace, these engineers envisioned all that might occur, might need to occur and, and what could go both right and wrong deep within the earth. It was these engineers that constructed the plans for the every single detail of the rigging, drilling, perforating, steam injection, wireline, and all the other operations of the ‘fields. As it was created in minds before constructed in matter, there were many false steps and blind alleys to go down, because everything is a blind alley deep within the earth, isn’t it? Then another group of engineers constructed a whole seperate class of instruments and devices that allowed them to “see” at least partially, deep within the Earth, where no human eye has gone before or since, but the instruments made by these engineers utilizing science was so advanced as to make the sound of the doppler effect like hands passing rapidly over the heads of the common man. It always astounds Chivo when hillbillies and barmaids want to argue with Pi or Einstein or these engineers of science. Chivo says, ‘God bless Pi and Einstein and Science and these en- gineers’. Raise a glass and let the dinosaur blood flow like rain. Drink up, you bloody children of Chivo’s loins, for tomorrow you die! Ha Ha Ha Steve Swarts (“Chivo”, and “eagleucsteve”, et al)

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