Re: Hurricane Sandy

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2012-11-01 20:25:25

Some notable points Andrew. May I also add that the timing of this with the final stages of the U.S Presidential campaign may indeed be no accident. Since landfall of Sandy, both Obama and Romney (especially Obama and Administration) have been masquerading as HUMANE candidates with the current Presidential team making darn sure the world gets to see how desperate they are for that emotional vote (see video) Obama Visits Storm Victims … which they know works every time. All of this is designed effectively to place Dr Ron Paul as a political irrelevance, especially in the eyes of the main stream ‘presstitutes’ and their doting viewers who may be on the verge of dissidence since ‘Obomber’s’  inhumane Drone war on civilians in Pakistan, Libya and Syria, to name but a few. Whatever anyone thinks of the NWO, we know that their control system is highly effective in the political arena, after all they have had nearly half a century (Since the murder of President John F Kennedy) to perfect it.  In light of this however, they are also very desperate as only an  intensive exhibition of Obama hugging Sandy victims streamed live to millions of homes could possibly rekindle any lost faith in America’s leaders and the American system as a whole. Whatever the outcome of this election, we know they have the tools for weather manipulation to hand and they’ll stop at nothing to use it as a weapon for political gain to meet the long-term remit of environmmental, economic and social control; whether this comes to fruition in the near future is up to us.   — In Cognoscence@yahoogro…, “Andrew Johnson” wrote:>> Several people have asked me about Sandy. A couple of points:> > 1) It has been nicknamed “Frankenstorm” by some – and called “A monster> storm” or a hybrid storm – how odd that it is coming in at around the time> of Halloween….> > 2) The warnings have been much different than with Erin in 2001 – why?> Skeptics would just put it down to the configuration of weather systems on> each occasion. However, the timing of Erin was extremely suspicious. (See> > or elsewhere)> > 3) Geraldo Rivera’s “if only a hurricane came on 911” was rather odd…> > >> > That was in 2010 he said that…> > 4) The storm could be being used just to acclimatise people to disaster> scenarios and to test how they react. The distraction of the whole thing> could also be used so they can “slip something else in” – something will “go> wrong” so that they can pass new legislation etc for disaster preparedness.> > 5) I caught a very small part of a BBC report on Monday night about the> storm and there was a reporter near New York saying the storm was due to> come ashore quite near him in the next hour or so. He was still standing up> – but was a little wet… very odd.> > 6) I was sent this link to a video about a Fox News story from when> Hurricane Sandy was in the Carribean. > > > > This is an interesting video – it doesn’t speculate as to how it might have> been steered, but it offers some very interesting observaations and> commentary.> > Also, I was sent this link to a video by former TV Weatherman Scott Stevens> who thinks that ongoing chemtrailing over the USA has been used to steer the> storm somehow> >>

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