FW: Near Collisions of Commercial Planes with Chemtrail Planes?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-12-03 12:13:49

Additional info/thoughts on the video from Kathy Roberts From: Kathy Roberts [mailto:khr@sonic.net] Sent: 03 December 2012 11:46To: undisclosed-recipients:Subject: Near Collisions of Commercial Planes with Chemtrail Planes? In forwarding this email, from Andrew Johnson, about a YouTube on chemtrails I’m adding a lengthy comment on top. Andrew notes, “This video is a bit of a mixed bag (the claims of blood being sprayed being unfounded), but the near misses seem pretty unusual to me!” I agree with him and I noted that the video displays the website, www.saive.com and www.coalitionagainst…, which are websites for Harold Saive. I recently began viewing a chemtrail video and when I saw that Saive had made it, I backed off because I remembered him as one of the slicker disinformers on a 9/11 list. Subsequently, I posted the following blog and within it was a comment about Saive: mazeinamirror.blogsp…

My internet searching led me to a YouTube posted by Harold Saive on October 27 and several sites all ready running with it. I want to say, right off the bat, that I consider this another example of people yelling “Proof!” of sinister goings-on, when there’s no proof at all. Having said that, I, too, strongly suspect that the devastating nature of Hurricane Sandy is a man-made artifact...


Aerosol Geoengineering and Hurricane Modification Program Run by Homeland Security

The video that Harold Saive had posted had some very intriguing and valuable content, but he had whipped it into a sensationalistic conclusion, making unfounded assertions. He seems to be doing likewise with the claim that a plane in his video is spraying blood. If you look at the video at 6:12 you’ll see that the camera pulls back to reveal that the red or orange chemtrail is being sprayed at sunset. In this blog mazeinamirror.blogsp… I embedded a video of a plane spraying an orange chemtrail. My comment, “That’ s right, it’s just water vapor. Either that, or chemtrail metal particulates reflecting the setting sun” was inspired by an observation by the video uploader, to the effect that what we’re seeing is metal particulates in the chemtrail reflecting the setting sun. Unfortunately, I can’t retrieve the uploader’s comment because the video’s been removed from YouTube. That observation seemed plausible to me because there are metal particulates, particularly aluminum, in chemtrail leavings. Researcher, Russ Tanner, proposes that some chemtrails create a halo effect around light sources because of reflective particles in the spray: globalskywatch.com/s… I’ve seen a bright, unnaturally glowing sky many times after chemtrailing.  If you Google “red chemtrail” you’ll find videos of, or references to, red chemtrails at sunset. This person refers to seeing both a “red chemtrail sunrise” and a “red chemtrail sunset” in one day: rense.com/general20/… As for a red chemtrail being evidence of blood in the chemtrails, I looked in literature by well-known researcher, Clifford Carnicom, who, indeed, claims there is laboratory evidence of dessicated red blood cells in chemtrail effluvia, but neither he nor anyone else I could recollect, claimed that these samples were visually red or came from red chemtrails. Also, Saive comments, at 4:58, “Bazaar [sic] chemtrails. New formula?” and made some remark, to this effect, elsewhere in the video. I don’t know if it’s bizarre, but it does seem extra thick. I can’t recall, offhand, if there are other videos of chemtrail plumes this wide. It is disquieting to see the thickness of the spray. Saive shows us photos and footage of an Air Force KC-135 tanker plane, implying that these are the chemtrail planes involved in the near-collisions and red chemtrails, but this is hardly proof. Anyone resorting to such tactics is inherently untrustworthy. As Andrew Johnson noted, the most remarkable aspect of this YouTube is what appear to be scarcely-avoided collisions between whatever aircraft is recording and multiple, near-simultaneous chemtrail aircraft. Saive concludes that these chemtrail planes must, therefore, be flying without the knowledge of Air Traffic Control, and, thus, without transponders. That does seem likely or how else would these encounters be happening? Plus, what kind of traffic control would allow planes to pop up, one after another, like video game targets, in the path of another plane? Saive may be justified, therefore, in saying they’re on a “TOP SECRET mission”, but it would be nice if he didn’t always resort to presenting his sensationalism as proof. So, once again, Harold Saive has given us very intriguing material, but the viewer should be mindful of his headlong gallop into tabloid certainties. Disinformation is usually a generous helping of truth salted with lies and/or misdirection. ——– Original Message ——– Subject: Video of near miss with planes leaving trails Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 20:08:10 -0000 From: Andrew Johnson Reply-To: To: Andrew Johnson www.youtube.com/watc…   This video is a bit of a mixed bag (the claims of blood being sprayed being unfounded), but the near misses seem pretty unusual to me!

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