A strange alignment and the Connecticut School Shooting

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-12-16 19:48:30

Attachments : The author of this website, who has been supportive of the research of Dr Judy Wood and myself contacted me yesterday to advise that he had posted articles on his website:   911truth.ch/   I verified the alignment myself:   www.checktheevidence…   Please read on below, if you wish (reproduced from the website above)   911 truth Switzerland : Ritual murder of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, direct evidence and proof 2012/12/15 23:39:53 “One can get the same effect with dancing and drum-beating; that’s what is called a ‘primitive’ religion. Use drugs, nowadays, and you’re a hippie. Do it with sex, and you’re a witch, or one of the Knights Templar. Mass participation
in an animal sacrifice has the same effect. Human sacrifice has been used in many religions,
including the Aztec cult everybody has heard about, as well as in Satanism. Modern psychologists
say that the force released is Freud’s libidinal energy. Mystics call it prajna or the Astral Light.
Whatever it is, human sacrifice seems to release more of it than sex or drugs or dancing or drumbeating
or any less violent method and mass human sacrifice unleashes a ton of it…”
*Father James Augustine Muldoon from the novelThe Illuminatus trilogy by Wilson Robert Anton and Shea Robert,* the original source that inspired the 1995 Illuminati card gameThe definition of terms I will use should be comprehensive, but I will have to assume the correct meaning is understood, including its discernment in case of synonymous, colloquial, historical variations etc.This proof is that a satanic sacrifice ritual was the intent of the massacre in Connecticut, a logical argument would be that if there is no proof about the “satanic realm” existence, there cannot be proof about a conspiracy incriminated for its “involvement in it”, but this is faulty logic, regardless of the existence of a satanic realm, satanic rituals and brutal, cruel sacrifices are documented and proven to take place in reality, in this very dense and concrete material realm of the world. More over I will provide direct access to documents, books in pdf and references. That is, Christmas takes place regardless of the existence of Santaclaus. To prove that a particular gathering took place with the intention to celebrate Christmas is perfectly possible, and even easier if regarding the existence of Santaclaus as irrelevant for this case.  Introduction and familiarization with termsYou can also download an excellent introduction at this linkDavid Antigravity and the World Grid-1987 Hatcher Childress (Right click and Save as pdf if you wish to download)The copyright issues are assumed to form part of the constitutionally guaranteed right of dissemination of urgent public concern and freedom of information in Switzerland, so eventually please buy a copy of the book.Feel free to skip to Ley lines if familiarized with these terms: earth grid, anti-gravity etc…From almost all extremes of secular, scientific and religious perspectives, including modern gnosticism and new age collectivism, spun by Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley,(who dwelt and purchased property in locations significant to such the alignments in question), and pseudo scientific morality of the kind of Jung, Freud, or Reich, (who in turn were fed Rosicrucian clever systems of mind and spiritual control by the Venice secret service of the 16th century), from all those perspectives although I am not an expert, I am broadly familiar and have been surrounded by specialized people who know such perspectives well.A retired physicist from CERN, told me about the symmetry of the collapse of the twin towers, I looked down on him condescendingly and sympathetic for my friend was one of those geniuses so smart that had apparently snapped and was now uttering stupid conspiracy theories. I went to have a look at my computer to “help him” as I poured coffee in a cup that I have not put down in 7 years.What changed in seven years? everything, and quite quickly.One shock that destroyed my preconceptions of reality followed another, when the worst had passed I only realized it was a warm-up for the next one, the last one came just yesterday during the Connecticut Sandy Hook massacre and the ley lines it encompasses. Ley lines:In a broad sense, are electromagnetic paths of currents if one consider the base of this universe reduced to electromagnetism, that is an electric universe. This view is increasingly corroborated by quantum physics experiments, the discovery of plasmoids and their patterns and behaviors and many other findings in a recent history short steep curve timeline.The planet has by itself a geometrical pattern of currents that has been called the electromagnetic earth grid even when the ideas rested as mere hypotheses and speculation. It is not the purpose of this article to provide exhaustive information about this field for by now it is a huge field of investigation. But I will refer to sources of information when I see necessary. The same thing when I deal with the dealings and information regarding witchcraft, ritual sacrifice and its history, what I see as the context. But I will link to articles and make books available in pdf, many aduio files and documentaries, because as far as this article, which I maintain as sufficient document of proof.The context of such proof is found immersed in such very broad context, and one that could not possibly include even a superficial synopsis without distracting my goal.But if in the end I have contributed in creating interest and reasonable doubt in such field and to exhort readers to follow along those lines of investigation, I will have consider that alone already a success. Ley Lines on 9/11 and 14 12 2012As I progress in the writing of this article I will show what ley hunters will see as the longest, most accurate and most significant ever, this was drawn just yesterday, and the alignment spots are no less disturbing than the horrors of yesterdays massacre, and you will agree, to call it by name, a ritual sacrifice.During these days I will also expand the significance of it all and in what ways investigators and prosecutors can find light into fighting this evil, if not successfully, at least with growing clarity and determination. For this is not the first time, it takes only a few hours searching for the right terms online to realize the magnitude of this issue.But already, I give you the basics, and continue the 16th of December, brace:The Google earth.kms file with the vector and locations: The Pyramid of the Sun, Sandy Hook Elemetary, and Stonehenge perfect alignment.  is available for download hereIf you have google earth installed, simply double click the file.There is a negative value of margin of error, that is less than zero for the areas to consider are no factor, only the big distance, which is at odds in the order of billions to one. This is so because the width of the line which is what reduces the odds according to the method proposed by Alfred Watkins in 1921 is the width of the line, which in this case can by reduced to infinity, the odds are also astronomical in the ridiculously unforgiving equation of antagonist science’s equation to whitewash such odds:Perhaps because as Watkins was gathering a degree of attention in a few months that most other Newtonian determinism oriented scholars of the time would not get in a lifetime, German archaeologists that simply couldn’t be modest enough to accept that their math couldn’t explain the evidence came up with : (Don’t worry about loosing your time with the above monster)I will later show a more honest and simple way to calculate such odds of random alignment of points. But even their formula would show the astronomical odds without even considering human intent.But first lets have fun with “human intent”, consider low odds 1 to 10, if you are sitting alone in a bus with 19 other places available, the chance of the next passenger to sit right next to you, you can argue that he randomly picked to sit next to you at odds 1 to 20(he can sit at either your right or left available seats), and perhaps you had nothing to do with his “random” choice, but if you are an atractive woman and an old drunkard is the one that sits right next to you, you are rather likely not to consider it an unintentional 1 in 20 coincidence and think out loud, “he’s got the whole damn bus!”Now consider the situation in a 40000 empty seat stadium? well: “hes got the whole stadium!!!” A German archaeologist might calm you down:” relax!, maybe it was a 1 to 40000 coincidence”. Granted, yes it is possible, but ridiculously improbable. The 9/11 ley line between flight 93 crash site, ground zero, and oklahoma building bombing is 1 to (4000 to 10000) Sandy Hook Elementary odds would be as hundreds of empty stadiums together and the punk greeting you: ” OH!,… high there!” Check back soon for many other ley lines, kms files and kms file with vectors of the whole planetary grid. Of particular interest is from Ground zero 9/11, to flight 93 crash site, to Oklahoma building memorial, with 500 meters separation making it still beyond chance, at odds of 1 to about 4000.I will also inculde auschwitz, Chelmo, Darfur massacre, Pretoria stadium, 4 points, 1 to about 1600000( this writting is being completed and in current progress) 911 truth Switzerland : School shooting massacre of children in Connecticut, prediction and the satanic ritual conspiracy 2012/8/23 16:50:00 Please read the article:www.911truth.ch/modu… school shooting coincidences are beyond chance, even secular prosecutors will be shocked, from trivial to bizarre incriminating evidence encompassing broad levels of complicity, including apparently unfortunate coincidences such as the cameras installed at the school shortly before the horrors. The door, and the cameras are the key. while this one which is being worked at, and should be online soon including proof and evidence of: mind control, foreknowledge on high UN, mainstream media and US authorities as well as involvement in ritual sacrifice for this date. Some sensitive information will be available after tomorrow the 15th, or the 16th the latest, this to take measures to protect myself, even in safe Switzerland.b draft currentChilling memories of the latest exorcism movie come to my mind as the possessed woman’s demons and devils utter: Connect,cut,connect,cut,connect,cut….But enough with the comforts of fiction and back to the horrors of reality: 20 little children shocked in an hour of terror, one by one they witnessed their own fate as they waited to be shot with those painful and long-lasting agony small caliber ammunition wounds and die, then loving mothers, and mourning sisters, grieving brothers and fathers experiencing so much longer pains than their little loved ones.Then going to Church and hearing about God?… yes, peace be with you, and while we are all God’s little children, God is not mocked, and may God have mercy on us all. For today it is them, tomorrow we will carry our own cross.This is the second real-life tear-jerk political pornography episode in 2 days in the US.CNN’s Piers Morgan, who took over after the retirement of Mr. Larry King, has been heavily invested on one sided propaganda against the right to bear arms in the United States, their second constitutional amendment. Since the begining of the week Mr Morgan seemed particularly pushy on one sided diatribes more commonly expected in used cars sales than in even high-school gossip level journalism, that even a couple of days prior to yesterday’s shopping-mall rampage shooting. Just guessing: Perhaps not incriminating himself blindly, he seems smarter than that, I suspect though he is not ill intended, only dangerously childish, naive, and suborn for someone his age and position, but anyway, as anyone not hibernating for the past decade or more, he should have connected the dots already after his superiors handed him over the general scrip to follow that early Monday’s closed door meeting. After the shopping-mall shooting, and hearing a response in favor of the second amendment, Piers short interruptions were met with insistence on finishing answering the question, and Piers ended up screaming at a reasonable line of argument something not more cordial than “Shut up!!!! …Its my show!!!”, and proceeding to interview the person on his own side of the issue, with an appearance of cordiality and decency well restored.But after this Connecticut massacre, will he dare to continue on that position of such obvious coordination implying an unfortunate coincidence at best, complicity and foreknowledge at worst?Please do not read in this an anti gun control stance, the issue here is the opportunistic and pushy propaganda and the blatant partial and biased reporting.Gun control is necessary, the issue is not governing and procuring security by authorities, as with the bailouts and fiscal cliffs mongering, the problem is not free market, the problem is stealing, fraud, printing counterfeit money, lies about depressions being normal, and using that advantage for power-grabs and influence, to buy impunity and destroy legal obstacles. The problem is that a crime was committed, not the tool, random killing of innocent people is not that hard to accomplish with any uncontrolled tool once the intent is set. But in a situation where agents provocateur are making people terrified of their government, it is obvious that the plan here is to provoke militias to suspicion and revolution, to spark a crisis for profit. It wouldn’t surprise me, yet I don’t seem to get used to the constant new lows. When I was younger I used to enjoy in pride their shooting at their own feet, not anymore… its too low: I thought zombies were as low as this behavior in most of us humans could get, rock bottom… but this new lower level of sleep-walking-zombies is making me uneasy, worried, uptight and even tired.Videos, websites, murdered whistleblowers, unearthed books, banned documents, presentations, movies, even miracles will not wake us up. Whats left?Perhaps back to basics, Faith as our shield and the Word as our sword:
“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”
KJB Matt 18:6 I pray that these very same people who finally realize themselves as instruments of wickedness wake up and stand up, turn to whistle-blowers, demand the most righteousness of yourself and others as if never before had mattered most, as if good intentions paved a way to hell.This is a timly bounty event for the CNN Guns 2d amendment propaganda that started a few weeks ago, controversy.But an uncomfortable event in China will not be covered by CNN, for their agenda U.N. would suffer conflictive evidence, should be reported: The weapon used in china to kill children was a knife!Indeed gun-controlled, and all-controls China’s big thing this year has been killing kinder-garden children, with whatever weapon, or “hand” at hand. Hand control may be the next step for red China control freaks, what will the next blanket policy be for these proudly ignorant Americans?Preemptive mental diagnostics for all? Back to the Nazi days when the Swiss infamous Dr Ernest Rudin was asked for advice, preemptive killing of potential carriers of “mental” disease.So shame on the first instance you hear gun control debated on CNN or FOX or CNBC, BBC etc for that alone will imply policy making coincidence, shame the moment that next bloodstained paycheck is cashed in and that credential worn.Yet this may be even worst than simple stupidity and power greed, this is within the week of the kidnapping and sacrifice preparation of Dec. 21 St. Thomas Day yearly Illuminati fire festival, the great Sabbat.This, in other words, may be your personal invitation to the ritual sacrifice of children, today made possible as a snuff reality show. But take heed, God is not mocked.The first suspect “body” name has not been revealed, the second suspect was 24 Ryan Lanza who followed the usual program to kill himself ( read article on Denver Cinema shooting) hypnotized? but, was he part of a cult? was he in contact with DHS or CIA?, these are pressing urgent questions that will fade away in only a few days for things will get worst and this might dim into the background, as all those killed daily in Mexico.Other questions are not that urgent but still important, such as, was Mr President Obama weeping as, “ok, it is perhaps appropriate to shed a couple tears now”,….? Did it work for our own shock indoctrination and shed a tear in kind? As I listen to CNN, a sad violoncello has just been added to adorn their emotional orgy. When the decent behavior is silent respect for the mourning, Wolf and “experts” simply will not shut up. Isn’t it about time that CNN personnel and DHS agents who know what is already out, corroborated time after time, and blow the whistle to the authorities of their countries, if they know anything about CIA MI6/5 and NATO’s involvment in mind control? How about the psychiatric “experts” that Wolf Blitzer turns to for enlightenment, what is within the history of MK ultra, Project Phoenix, Project Monarch, and their links in the medical view of reality linked to policy making?How about covering deeply the blatant catre blanche for all impunity in every kind of crime, mass murder, torture, cruelty, perjury, war crimes and criminal wars as long as they serve the agenda of this so called “world community”‘s agenda for world policy?How about Anderson Cooper, perhaps his Rothschild handlers think its too hot to handle his shedding tears these coming days? But going so low might hit to close to home. Most of those dead are children, at the Sandy Hook elementary school, before anything and to put shame where it is due, as I listen to CNN and mr. Wolf Blitzer stuttering, I want from SantaClaus this Christmas:Dear Santa, I want all their staff,through their online monitors that hate us, “perhaps fairly in return”, including most other mainstream media, especially those links administering their propaganda programs within free-masons, like Wolf and his dumb and deaf devils, … to hear the following Word of God, again, and again:
“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”
KJB Matt 18:6 ——————-drafts are on work, you may save at different times of the draft to follow changes and integrity.to be completed, updated and edited continuallyas of 20pm Geneva SwitzerlandFernando Tognola

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