Batman Movie connection to CT Shootings?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-12-16 21:36:59

If someone can verify this does actually appear in the film, then again we can see something was planned as a complex psy-op ahead of time.…   Posted here: www.godlikeproductio…   fter all the weird coincidences with the Colorado Movie Theater “incident” and Batman… Now check this out.In this movie scene from Dark Knight Rises, “Sandy Hook” is about the only legible text on the whole map, and a guy puts his fingers on it. Someone in another thread says the dialogue at this point i “There are no coincidences.” But I haven’t verified that myself.Screenshots:[link to] [link to] Can anyone confirm that this isn’t photoshop?If real, that is simply too weird to be a coincidence. And we are looking at some more heavy handed hollywood/news PSYOP predictive programming tactics.   Lower down someone posted:   e: SANDY HOOK reference in BATMAN movie and then he says “figure out how to bring it down” and his 2 fingers go right over ‘sandy hook’.[link to] Don’t forget, THIS was in a preview for the “dark knight rises”:[link to

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