FW: No End Of The World………..

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-01-03 09:29:00

Thought I’d forward this…. From: TerryMosel@aol.com [mailto:TerryMosel@aol.com] Sent: 02 January 2013 22:54To: TerryMosel@aol.comSubject: No End Of The World……….. Well, not only has 21 Dec 2012 passed without any incident, the whole of December 2012 has passed without any significant incident.   * No Nibiru collision or even near miss (whether ‘Nibiru’ was Comet Elenin or any other object). For the simple reason that Nibiru does not exist. * No Shift of the Earth’s Axis. * No magnetic pole reversal * No solar superflare * No sudden huge increase in radiation from the Sun, of any sort * No Alien invasion * No aliens popping out of a French mountain to save the chosen ones. * No major tsunamis * No major earthquakes * No major volcanic eruptions * No major floods * No nuclear war * No blast or gravity waves from the Galactic Black Hole. * No mass poisoning of the population by jet contrails * No mass mind control of the people * No major destruction caused by HAARP * N O T H I N G!   Even those bloggers etc who realised in the second half of 2012 that nothing was going to happen, and ‘moved the goalposts’ by changing their forecast to something like ‘there will be a major shift in human empathy with the cosmos’, or a ‘change in social consciousness’ or something similar, got that wrong too.   Just like all the other weird predictions and stories over the last decade or more. Take your pick from the following: HAARP caused the Japanese / New Zealand earthquake; the Pope will announce contact with aliens; The Gulf Stream is GONE!; the contrails scares; Hole to the Centre of the Hollow Earth discovered at North Pole – and the inside is inhabited by aliens – of course; the Face on Mars; the 1000 km long alien space ship discovered on the far side of the Moon, and so on, and so on.   So will all the doom-mongers and conspiracy theorists who prophesied these things with such confidence, mainly from about 2010 onwards, hang their heads in shame, and admit that they were totally and utterly wrong?   Don’t hold your breath waiting…..   Some who didn’t know any better, and couldn’t be bothered to find out, maybe believed it, but for many it was all just for self-publicity, or selling advertising on their websites, or films, books and DVDs, or selling actual ‘survive doomsday’ products or services. Charlatans is a kind word to describe these hucksters.   So, what will be the next scare story and conspiracy theory? The close miss by asteroid “2012 DA14” on Feb 15? (NB: It WILL miss us!) Comet PANSTARRS, which could get quite bright in March? Or Comet ISON, which will probably get very bright in November and December? NB: This comet will pass VERY close to the Sun, and may even get broken up by the Sun’s gravity, but it will NOT hit the Sun, and even if it did, the Sun would be totally unaffected. And it certainly will NOT hit the Earth.   Or will it be some other imaginary thing drummed up from the recesses of their weird minds?   It would all be great fun, if so many gullible people didn’t believe all this crap, with many of them parting with their hard-earned cash, or even committing suicide, because of all the hype.   If any of you feel that you were ‘conned’ by all the ’21 December 2012′ hype, you can let me know.   Have a Happy, Peaceful, and SENSIBLE 2013!   TM  

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