FW: No End Of The World………..

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-01-03 16:17:44

Some more thoughts from someone else! From: Sent: 03 January 2013 12:31To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Re: No End Of The World……….. A few more comments… Well, not only has 21 Dec 2012 passed without any incident, the whole of December 2012 has passed without any significant incident.   * No Nibiru collision or even near miss (whether ‘Nibiru’ was Comet Elenin or any other object). For the simple reason that Nibiru does not exist. * No Shift of the Earth’s Axis. or rather no major shift though pole shift is accelerating * No magnetic pole reversal the sun’s pole is reversing probably did around christmas day * No solar superflare * No sudden huge increase in radiation from the Sun, of any sort There have been flares on the other side of the sun. More problematical is the lack of flares on our side and the unusually weak cycle. This story is far from over. * No Alien invasion More etheric beings apparent here. * No aliens popping out of a French mountain to save the chosen ones. * No major tsunamis * No major earthquakes * No major volcanic eruptions * No major floods already discussed * No nuclear war Fukoshima? * No blast or gravity waves from the Galactic Black Hole. * No mass poisoning of the population by jet contrails already discussed * No mass mind control of the people already discussed * No major destruction caused by HAARP * N O T H I N G! noticeable energetic shifts here Also various world leaders suffering ailments – sign of a shift of power? What is not being reported I wonder … cheers  

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