Richard Hoagland Muddles it… Again!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-01-20 22:02:01

Sorry if you got 2 copies… Thanks to Rob S. for alerting me to this, though he and others might think I am being too critical of Hoagland (but he is “science advisor” to C2C, right?)   www.checktheevidence…     UPDATE – 19 JAN 2013 – ANOTHER COAST TO COAST APPEARANCE FOR MR HOAGLAND WHERE HE TALKS ABOUT 9/11  On Jan 19 2013, Mr Hoagland appeared with John B Wells and he seemed to again demonstrate he has either not read the book he is advertising (thanks Rich!) or he’s not bothered about the details… Have a listen (thanks to the person who sent me these 2 clips, joined together:   www.checktheevidence…   We can hear that Mr Hoagland Muddles together Joseph Farrell’s work, Dr Judy Wood and the Philadelphia Experiment. thinks planes hit the towers (they did not). thinks the building “dematerialised” – it did not, though he then says more correctly “it dustified” thinks the debris was shipped to China – it was not. repeatedly mentions “torsion fields” (buzz words) rather than carefully discussing the actual evidence. He can’t even quote Khalezov’s story correctly (not that this is important really). Not bad for 10 minutes of air time… for a science advisor! Well, at least he mentioned the name of the book correctly!

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