Re: {Disarmed} [Cognoscence] FW: Is this “Deceased” Emilie Parker Wi

From: Vetteljus

Date: 2013-01-25 17:47:14

That looks more like her younger sister (think her name is Madeleine or something) in the very same dress.   Ingerun   —– Original Message —– From: Andrew Johnson To: Andrew Johnson Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 12:13 AM Subject: {Disarmed} [Cognoscence] FW: Is this “Deceased” Emilie Parker With Obama?   For those that didn’t see this in the video I forwarded earlier (sent by Pete and another chap within a few days of each other, by the way…)   The photo seems to show, at the very least, another Psy-Op… From: Kathy Roberts [] Sent: 17 January 2013 21:49To: undisclosed-recipients:Subject: Is this “Deceased” Emilie Parker With Obama?… Is this “Deceased” Emilie Parker With Obama? January 17, 2013 (Updated from 21/12/12-)  Up to Seven Shooters (Incl Lanza) according to New Video (45 min) Mysterious van with suspects masked and nun costumed. Principal interviewed by local paper. Yet she was supposed to be dead.

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