Bill Gates – BBC Richard Dimbelby Lecture

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-01-31 11:50:09

This regular lecture is a good place for these sickos to “put stuff out”   Some interesting observations from a chap called Matthew here… a joke, or something else from Bill Gates? Others have described Gates as a Eugenicist… I haven’t read all the details myself though… From: Sent: 30 January 2013 15:16To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Re: Vaccines and Autism: US Court Awards Compensation Andrew,I don’t know whether you watched Bill Gates’ Richard Dimbleby lecture last night about vaccines – – but there were a couple of lines in it that seem to be an allusion to the biblical “behold a pale horse”. From 34mins 37s: “I met with the religious leaders in the palace of the Sultan of Sokoto.  They heralded my arrival with blaring horns.  And the Sultan gave me a white horse as a gift.  I demurred because I didn’t have room on my plane, though my children do like horses.  And the Sultan and I got down to business talking about polio. The next day I met with a large group of state governors in the capital Abuja.  And at the end of this two hour meeting we all signed a document committing ourselves to the goal of eradication and spelling out personal obligations.” He also mentions the term “herd immunity” i.e. humans are the herd, and also the “rumour” that the vaccines lower fertility, which still persists despite their best efforts.  I wonder why.You’ve probably already seen this TED presentation by Bill Gates –… – where he’s talking about bringing CO2 down to zero, and he basically says that the population will have to go down and the vaccines can achieve that “if we do a really great job”.  

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