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I have been meaning to sit down and write a few words and paste in a few links following Dr Judy Wood’s visit to the UK in Nov 2012, and now I have finally got some time to do that.


I would like to thank all those who helped make the tour a success and the list of people includes Jeroen, Sabrina, Rob and the other folks in the BEM team in the Netherlands, as well as James W, Ollie, Steve C, Debs & Steve, Debs and Eddie, Nicky and Faheem, Mark A, Stuart and his folks, Richard D Hall (again!), Hilary K, Iain and Laura and the folks, Alex B, Hilary C, Tony and Anna.

Also thanks to Morris Herman, Joanne Summerscales and Miles Johnston for doing the interviews at Northampton (more information below). 


 Dr Judy Wood and myself had both been invited to speak at the Global BEM conference ( in Hilversum. The original timetable was for Dr Wood to speak for 2 separate hours on Friday 9th Nov with a meal in between. However, as the earlier talks had overrun slightly, and a Q & A session had been planned, Dr Wood’s 2nd hour was cut short and so some extra time was made available on Sat 10th Nov in the evening, so that all the material could be presented.

Since 2011, several additional things had been added to Dr Wood’s presentation (all of which is/was already in here book  “Where Did the Towers Go?”. Perhaps the most significant of addition was the discussion of the Tritium evidence – in short, tritium was found at approximately 50 times the expected abundance in water collected from near the World Trade Centre. Dr Wood’s presentation also included a discussion of the role of Steven E Jones in “voting” on the validity of the LENR research of Pons and Fleischmann. As I have noted elsewhere, this is important for people to understand because it was the same Steven E Jones who originally promoted the (bogus) theory suggesting the use of thermite as the primary means of the destruction of the WTC. From the energy effects documented in the WTC evidence, and the involvement of Steven E Jones we can see the fundamentally important relationship between “cold fusion” (LENR) and the “directed free energy technology” used on 911. (I have written extensively about how the cover up has been maintained and managed to divert people away from this sort of evidence and discussion).

Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland from Breakthrough Energy Movement on Vimeo.

Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland from Breakthrough Energy Movement on Vimeo.


These additional items in Dr Wood’s presentation were well-received – and linked into to parts of my own presentation about the energy cover up (in general), which I gave on Sun 11th of November – and for which I was given an extra hour, thankfully (based on what was shown on the GlobalBEM website, that is). A version of this presentation has been available online for some time. We were also able to meet up with a couple – Tony and Anna – who offered to organise an event in Cardiff later in the month (which they then did).

Dr Wood and I were also interviewed together by Mel Ve – and also as part of a small “press conference” (I am not sure exactly which “press” were there, however). Thanks to Mel and her partner for editing and posting these videos (see below).

It was an excellent event – and I will probably post a follow-up article later, on some aspects of the conference.

Dr Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson speak to Freedom Central at the BEM (aspect ratio of video is not correct).…

Press Conference @ The Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference. (aspect ratio of video is not correct).……

Dr Judy Wood interview by Anne Hess at Global BEM – Edited/Posted by Miles Johnston… 

Penzance / St Ives

Dr Wood gave a presentation hosted by Penzance Truth Action at the Tyringham Arms, Old Coach Road St Ives, Cornwall. Even though this place was “out in the sticks” (boondocks), it was very well attended (standing room only!). Thanks to James, Ollie and also everyone who supported this event! Ollie has posted a number of segments from this presentation here:… 

Here a couple of segements:………;…

Brighton / Lewes

The event at Zu Studios was well attended and well-received. Thanks to Debbie and Steve also everyone who supported this event! 

Gravesend – Kent Freedom Movement

The event here was organised by Debs and Eddie who had both read Dr Wood’s book and realised how important it was – the venue was packed out and as ever, the reception was good and the information well-received. Morris Herman travelled down and filmed a short interview with Dr Wood (at the hotel).

It is hoped KFM will post a recording of this presentation at a later time.  

Morris Herman Interview with Dr Judy Wood (2012)……



This event was organised at very short notice by Nicky and Faheem. We drove through Friday night rush-hour traffic to get there – not knowing how many people would attend. After a 2.5 hour drive, we arrived just in time for me to set up the projector and audio equipment!! Nicky had organised some refreshments and so these were appreciated by everyone. A lively crowd of about 50 people filled all the seats and we ending up staying longer than we should in the hall as people wanted to ask questions, of course – but thankfully the owners didn’t seem too upset. We felt warmly welcomed at this venue and I was glad we were able to do a presentation in the Manchester area, as quite a few people had contacted us to ask about seeing the presentation. 

Northampton – Sunley Centre

Stuart Pound had agreed to organise a venue for us and, after the initial venue withdrawing their agreement to host a talk, Stuart was able to book the Sunley Centre at Northampton University – and this was a perhaps the best venue we had on the tour, with a fully-equipped lecture theatre. We arrived in the afternoon so that Miles Johnston and Joanne Summerscales were able to record an interview with Dr Judy and myself. Miles went to a lot of trouble to bring and set up all his equipment and the Sunley Centre were very accommodating in letting us use a corner of their café/restaurant area for the interview.

Morris Herman came and filmed the event, though he had to leave before the end to catch a train.

The lecture hall was about ¾ full and again we stayed till about 11pm and tried to answer as many questions as we could. We even managed to make it to the nearby pub and stayed there until it closed – we enjoyed chatting with the folks there too. 

Miles Johnston and Joanne Summerscales Interview – Part 1… 

Miles Johnston and Joanne Summerscales Interview – Part 2……

Part 1 of Morris Herman’s recording……

 Other parts posted here.



Gateshead / Richard D Hall

We met up with Richard D Hall where he filmed another interview with Dr Judy Wood. We stayed at the Beamish Hall hotel – which was extremely well-appointed and very reasonably priced. It was great to meet up and spend time with Richard. It was an ideal stopping off point on our way up to Aberdeen. 


It took about 4 hours to drive up to Aberdeen and we hit the rush hour traffic. Nevertheless, the weather was kind to us, overall and we arrived in good time. Hilary had booked a hall in the Airyhall Community Centre in Aberdeen for us and went to some trouble to provide snacks and refreshments – for which we were very grateful. We had to wait for the aerobics group to finish using the hall, but it didn’t take me long to set up the projector etc – nearly all the 40 or 50 seats were full by the time I’d finished. The group were again very receptive and interested and we stayed as late as we could to answer questions (again over-running the allotted time). We were extremely grateful to Hilary for all the time she took to organise this event and the effort she put in to making it a success. 


Iain and Laura had asked us to give a talk for their “Awakened State” group and they did an excellent introduction to their very well organised event. All the seats were full and again the group was receptive. Unfortunately, we had a problem with the projector at the venue and so there was a long break in the middle where I went to the car to get my projector and set it all up. We had to cut the presentation short so that we could allow time for questions at the end, and unfortunately we had to vacate the venue at 10:30, so we continued to talk to some people in the bar upstairs until very late. We were gratified to have Richard D Hall film part of the event, which should hopefully be featured in one of his later programs.

We had a bit of time to look round Edinburgh the next day and we very much enjoyed our time there. 


Alex Burke had kindly contacted us to offer his a room in his own premises – Well-Beings, Auchinairn Road, Huntershill Village in Glasgow – which he had decided to use to host presentations. Again, this was venue and event was organised at short notice, but again we had a warm reception and about 40 people attended. We were able to stay till late to answer all the questions and Alex also showed us some of his massage machines and equipment – which was very interesting – so if you want to find out more, contact him!

Thanks to (a different) Hilary for not minding us turning up at her house at about 1:30am so we could get some rest!


After a long drive back home on, Dr Judy departed for Cardiff where Tony and Anna had organised the Crown Plaza Hotel as a venue for Dr Wood to speak. This event was also organised at short notice, but about 20 people were in attendance – including the youngest of all the people who came to listen! 


Again, I was very grateful to all those who offered help and support – it has helped greatly in opening things up for this information to become more widely known – and it is my hope it will ultimately change the world in a most positive way. I was glad that Dr Wood was able come on the trip and we were able to cover our expenses for travel and accommodation, due to the kindness and generosity of those who organised and attended the events.

Here’s to 2013 and beyond… 


If anyone has their own photos, please send them to me and I will post them here, with permission. 

Click on images for larger versions.

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